I was plunged

Into a battle

I did not understand



The sun seemed to disappear

And the moon dimmed

And lost its alluring beauty


Suddenly I could not admire

The stars any more

Or gaze at the clouds

I love so much

From my bedroom


Suddenly my world

Became a battle field

As legions of demons

Roared, bellowed and beckoned


A fierce relentless battle

Enveloped me

A naive, sweet little girl



It was as if the light was

Switched off

And it was complete utter darkness

A darkness that made

Me scream out

To the Lord


That was when I grew wings

And horns

My fingers were taught to fight

And my spirit became very tall


I lost every trace of fear

And was made bold

Like a lion

I was given

A shiny white garment

Studded with beautiful precious gemstones



Never, ever fear trials


They lead to promotions


Our faith which is

More precious than gold

Must be tested

By fire

And be purified


May the Lord

Be with us. lead us

Guide, us and counsel us

In times of trials


May we get to the

Mountain of all grace

And taste the sweet love

And fragrance

Of His great glory



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That Day

O to see the day

In Heaven

To worship with the angels

And see the face of my King


O to see the love

And glory emanating from His face

To walk on streets of gold

And see the golden city

With its mansions


O that creation

Will begin to rejoice and dance

Clap and sing

At the though of the great

Beauty and love

That awaits the saints


King of glory

King of love

May your Kingdom come




As I race towards destiny

I know that

The best achievement

Of man

Is the fulfillment of his destiny


As I race towards destiny

I am aware that so many

Did not finish their race

And some giants of face finished


Paul finished

And Jesus finished

Living in God’s plan

And walking in it

Is all that matters


No matter how successful we are

If we derail from our own calling

And our own race

And pursue our dreams, desires and worldliness

We have indeed failed the assignment


Our ultimate goal in life

Should be to please God

And walk in His plan

For our lives

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Brighter Than The Sun

Therefore it is also contained in the Scripture,

“Behold, I lay in Zion

A chief cornerstone, elect, precious,

And he who believes on Him will by no means be put to shame.“ (1 Peter 2:6 NKJV)

He who believes in Christ

Should imitate Him always

Because He is righteous

He loves righteousness

And hates sin

The righteous will

Never be put to shame

They will never be forsaken

And their children

Will never beg for bread

Righteousness is holy

Righteousness is regal

It is elevated and pure

It is clean

And can never attract shame

The righteous will

Shine brighter than the sun

They might experience trials

But shame will not overtake them

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If I Still Pleased Men

For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? For if I still pleased men, I would not be a bondservant of Christ (Galatians 1:10 NKJV)

What a wonder it is

To rise above

The approval of men

To rest in

And to desire

The approval of God

The true mark of deadness

To the flesh

Is when we

Stop being men pleasers

And become God pleasers

Those who strive to please men

Are not pleasing God

They are pleasing themselves

And their ego

With the comfort

And satisfaction

That comes from the

Admiration and approval of men

We must search within us

To constantly evaluate

Whom we are pleading

Men or God

May we reject the pleasures

And ways of the world

In order to rest

In the arms

Of God’s love


His Reward

“He who is unjust, let him be unjust still; he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous still; he who is holy, let him be holy still.” (Revelation 22:11 NKJV)

And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work (Revelation 22:12 NKJV)

All you weary

And discouraged

Groaning and laboring

In the fields of love

The Lord says

‘Put off the filthy garments

Of weariness and discouragement

Keep on doing good


At the fullness of time

There is a great reward

For the righteous.’

Children of light

Keep marching and never give up

There is great peace

In showing love

It might be painful

It might be hard

Never give up

Because love is the only way

And it is a very narrow


Filled with thorns and thistles

With golden pathways

Stretching up into heaven

May we never give up

And firmly cling to Christ

And His love

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Gold In My Belly – Chapter 2


I can remember that day so well

Very long ago

It was summer

And I had fallen asleep

On my garden sofa

In my back garden

The blaring sound

of siren woke me up

And I though to myself,

“Police! Police!”

As I jumped up from my sleep

Startled and dazed

Wondering if something bad

Was happening on my street

Then the sound

Gently receded and retreated

Slowly fading away

And there was sudden calm

The soft evening breeze

Caressed my cheek

And I felt more alive

Than ever

I stretched myself on the sofa

And immediately I put my head on the sofa

I fell into a trance

I looked and all I could see

Was a great sea

Within a hundred yards

From where I was

I saw a crowd of lovely ladies

The crowd was huge, so huge

Over a million

All waking on the sea

And emerging from the sea

With roses, tiara’s and crowns

“We must crown you.” They all echoed

Bowing as they said it.

“No I said, get away from me.”

The female leader of the group

Tall and perfect in beauty

Stepped into my garden and a regal looking man

Of authority accompanied her – he was obviously a prince.

“You are making a great mistake,

We won’t leave you alone

Until you yield.

We want you

Because you are a great asset

Your blood is gold and pure

And a delight to us

Come to us.”

She turned to the prince standing beside her.

“This is Del,

The prince of Nada Kingdom.” The prince was very

Striking and extremely handsome. The robe he had on dazzled with

Gems and unearthly beauty.

I starred at the prince in dismay

Wondering why they were disturbing my evening rest

I shook my head as I carefully examined him.

“Handsome but not my type.”

I muttered under my breath


The prince asked, obviously insulted and not pleased

“Oh you heard me? Well, I was talking to myself.”

“You dare to defy me me?”

My laugh was shrill and out of this world.

“Why not? I shrugged as I got up from the sofa, stepped forward

And looked straight into his eyes, not scared or afraid

of his power. I looked into His eyes with scorn.

Shafts of fire were beginning to proceed out of His eyes.

“What a mess, I am not gonna waste my time with you,

“Disappear or fire will swallow you.”

The prince moved closer to me and a golden cloud appeared and encircled me.

Prince Del was breathtaking in beauty

He was powerful

However I despised him

He was nothing compared

The Prince of princes that was around me.

At the sight of the golden cloud,

Prince Del instantly transformed into a beast, screened in terror

and evaporated into the air as thick smelly green mist filled the air.

I opened my eyes and realized I was very hungry. I went into my house and the doorbell

was ringing. There was smoke everywhere and the fire alarm shrilled into my perplexed bones.

The Tumble

Climbing up an annoying hill

On my way

From the grocery store

At plumstead, Greenwich

With heavy loads on both hands

I became angry

Because my husband had lost his job

And the fury rolled in

Bit by bit

Piling up into a heap

On my weary, discouraged mind

My frozen, clammy hands were aching

And I was so tired

And sleepy from exhaustion

A tear slipped down to my yellow scarf

Wrapped around my neck

To protect me from the freezing cold

“Mummy what’s wrong,”

My head swung towards my

Four year old daughter


“Nothing princess,

Mummy is just tired.”

As I said the word tired

I lost my balance on

The slippery slope

And found myself rolling down the hill

And I heard a piecing cry


The heart wrenching cry broke my heart

And it caused me more pain

Than the physical pain

Tearing and searing at me

From various angles

Like a wicked destructive storm

That ravages without mercy

I tried to get up

But I was in pain

As a nurse,

I knew I had injured my ankle

And knee

A while later

As the ambulance drove

Me away

And I watched my princess crying

And sobbing

I realized that

I had been ungrateful

I had so many things to

Be grateful about

But I had ignored them

So many blessings

But I had chosen to be ungrateful

And I counted my loss

And Peter’s loss

My husband Peter is amazing and loving

My job very refreshing

And rewarding

My daughter, a delight

And an Angel

My health was perfect

But I had forgotten

And counted my loss

“Gratitude is a choice Lucy,”

I said to myself

‘Never forget that.”

I was in pain

But somehow

I found the courage

To sing praises to the Lord

And a great peace like never before

Flooded my soul

Even in the midst of trial

And pain.

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Pretty Boy

You stalk me

You freak me out

You are my fear

And dread

Everywhere I go

I see you hidden at the corner

Ruffling your wild hair,

Staring at me

With your pale blue eyes

That always haunt me

And I wonder why

Why pretty boy, why

You have your whole life ahead of you

What happened to you

That made you this way

I see your eyes

I see your pain

And I know that you are lost

Tormented and helpless

When I close my eyes

I only see your haunted eyes

Haunting me, tormenting me

Refusing to let go

Everyday I pray for you

To find peace

However I need my own peace

So badly

And one thing I’m sure of is this

I will definitely

Turn you in

This night

All I Know

When you left me for Cynthia

I said to my self

“I am finished!”

I cried

And I was sad

Then I said to myself,

‘Don’t be silly

Divorce is not the end of the world

You have a lot to thank God for.’

I wanted to forget Ashley

But I could not


Memories are hard to abolish

And the memories

Just kept bubbling up

Into my consciousness

I knew I had to keep busy

And develop another passion

Then I picked up my Laptop

And began to write

I hit the keyboard really hard

And typed like I was expecting an award

Or a much cherished price

As I typed I would sometimes

Remember Ashley,

Wipe away the tears and continue

I never gave up

I was a recluse

For one year

Because I was determined

To be the best

That I could be

I made sure that I put in my best

After one year

The book was published

And it was a bestseller


The book was turned

Into a movie

Ashley saw me on TV

And called me

He wanted me back

And promised never to betray my love

Ever again

However I said no,

“No, Ashley

I don’t want you back

I love writing

I have a new passion.”

And hopefully one day

A new man

I don’t really care

All I know is that I am happy

And I am determined to be happy

And no one can take away my joy

One thing I know is this

I make decisions

Over my own life

And I am the only one

Who can give permission to others

To mess up my life

And I say no to betrayal and sadness

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