Thief In The Night

You crept into my heart

Like a thief

A lonely woman

Taking care of two children

Committed to Christ

And His gospel

You came in an unfamiliar way

Like a perfect brother,

Best friend and father.

You loved my children

Like your own,

You carried my emotional burdens.


I had lived alone

For ten years

Since the death of my husband .

Gradually, I became drawn to you,

Because you

Took away my loneliness

And became my pillar and support


You were married and

Knew that as a fervent


We would never be lovers.

You seemed fine with it

But I had unwittingly fallen

Into your trap.


One cold winter night

You came as usual,

To help with my sick child.

All I wanted to do was say

A quick thank you,

And it happened

We spent the night together

As lovers.

I cried all day

And all week after that,

Because I despised myself

For what I had participated in.

I subsequently blocked you

Out of my life,

And recommitted by life

To Christ and His word.

Thank you my Lord

For giving me strength

To overcome sin.

You are the husband of widows

And father of the fatherless.

I will wait upon you

For your own blessing.

If you bless me with a husband fine,

If you don’t,

I will not bow

To the idol

Of sin.

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