Magnificent Obsession

Holy Spirit I love you I need you I long for you Let your presence Become my passion My hunger My thirst My yearning My need My love and my Magnificent obsession! Related Images:

Get Rid Of Meaningless Relationships – Surround Yourself With People Who Love You

Message about surrounding yourself with people that love you and getting rid of meaningless relationships. Related Images:

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The Spirit And The Word

Do not ignore the Holy Spirit. Be led by the Holy Spirit’s voice. Be filled with the Holy Spirit, and bear all the fruits of the Holy Spirit. If all we needed was the written word alone, God would not have sent the Holy Spirit. You need both the Holy Spirit’s voice, and the written […]

Refreshing Love

Jesus Your name is sweet Your love is refreshing Your breath is life I bow before your throne In adoration and worship I love you Never forget the love of God. It is His love that delivers you. It is His love that made Him sacrifice His only son for your salvation. Love is all […]

Good Fruits

Mary conceived Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. May you bear good fruits by the power of the Holy Spirit. May the mercy and glory of God rest upon you, and overshadow you, in Jesus name. Good seeds, thoughts, fruits and works can only be conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit. […]

Good Success

May the Lord make your way prosperous, and give you good success. May the word of God, become your daily manna in Jesus name. God wants you to constantly meditate on the word of God. You need to know the promises of God and the new covenant. You need to know the new law so […]

Forever Glorified

Father We love you You deserve all the glory You deserve the lifting Of our hands to you We thank you Be forever glorified Related Images:

Walk With God

You are not a spiritual orphan. You are not spiritually helpless. You have the Holy Spirit, so learn how to partner with Him, walk with Him and experience His presence. God wants you to go deeper with Him. He wants constant fellowship with you and He wants you to know Him more. If you draw […]

My Refuge

Jesus You are my refuge And strength I praise you I worship you Related Images:

Position Yourself

When walking with God, you need to concentrate on positioning yourself for victory and success instead of focusing on the enemy or your problem. The truth is that the battle is the Lord’s. He is the one that will fight for you so all you need to do is position yourself in prayer, praise, faith, […]

Pray For Grace

May God’s amazing grace be with your spirit. It is always good for us to pray for grace. A lot of people are struggling with pleasing God and walking in the Spirit because they are relying on the flesh. The flesh has no power over sin. It is only by God’s grace that we can […]

Related Images: