Walk Right With God

It is so very vital and important for us to always walk right with God. There are so many benefits and rewards attached to walking right with God and pleasing God. Even though we should walk right with God because we love Him not because of benefits, however. God is a rewarder of those who […]

The Perfect Will of God

God has a perfect will and He wants us to be aware of that and walk in it. The perfect will of God might sound elusive but that does not mean that we should give up. We can pray for grace to walk and live in the perfect will of God for our lives and […]

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In The Will Of God

Sometimes, there are things and even people that come between us and God’s will for our lives. The truth is that you cannot complete your assignment and destiny with the wrong people in your life. Also, you cannot be a mature believer or get to sonship with wrong things in your life like sin or […]

Pray Always

Be constant in prayer (Romans 12:12 ESV) Pray without ceasing and never give up or loose your faith, trust, patience and perseverance. Persist and keep waiting upon the Lord. The Bible instructs us to ask and pray. Prayerlessness is disobedience. Jesus started with prayer and ended with prayer. He was a man of prayer. Paul […]

Let Love Rule

Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good. (Romans 12:9 ESV) We were created by love and we live to love. All our actions are empty and useless if they are devoid of love. God is love. He has demonstrated His love for humanity when He sent Jesus to […]

Persistence Leads To Victory

This video message is about a revelation from the Lord about persistence and why you should persist and be a Christian warrior. I hope it shows on the reader. I have noticed that some of my videos do not show on the WordPress reader but show on the website. Beloved, persistence in prayer is very […]

Perfect Will

Most of the time, we struggle because we are not living in the perfect will of God. We also do not fully know or understand the perfect will of God. Jesus lived in the perfect will of God and He knew the perfect will of God for His life, that was why He said to […]

Poems to The Heavenly Bridegroom 4

Jesus You are the one I long for My hope and my inspiration My happiness and my peace The source of heavenly consolation Lord I will sing of your grace And mercies forever “Break every Goliath in my life with a rod of iron; Dash them to pieces like a potter’s vessel.’ ” Related Images:

Pursue Peace And Holiness

Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord (Hebrews 12:14 NKJV) It is very essential and vital for us to always pursue peace. Regardless of our personal differences, we should always show peace to others. Peace will come when we show love and justice to others. We must […]

Message To The Church At Ephesus

My video message of the message of Jesus Christ to the Church at Ephesus. Related Images:

Be Filled With The Holy Spirit

Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit.Ephesians 5:18 It is God’s desire for you to be constantly filled with the Holy Spirit. Spend time with God in worship, praise, thanksgiving, petition and Bible reading, and desire the Holy Spirit’s infilling. Also, crave the gifts of the […]

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