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Constantly Refill Yourself With God’s Presence

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The Truth Will Set You Free

And you shall know the truth ie the word ,the Spirit and Jesus. The Holy Spirit gives truth and wisdom. He reveals the written word and makes it make sense. By the Holy Spirit the meaning of the word will be revealed to you and truth will fill your soul. The Holy Spirit reveals Jesus

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God’s Power Is All That Matters

Demons are afraid of God’s power. Jesus is the power of God. You need Jesus/glory/grace/mercy/wisdom every day. Demons are not afraid of wishful thinking. It is your action that will activate the power of God. Open ur mouth n praise the Lord Pray without ceasing. Seek God’s face n wait upon Him Put on the

The Holy Spirit Gives Wisdom

1 Corinthians 2:15 GNTWhoever has the Spirit, however, is able to judge the value of everything, but no one is able to judge him. It is only by the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit that you can correctly judge the value of things. The more of the Holy Spirit that you have, the

Prince Of Peace

JesusPrince of peaceMighty GodGreat redeemerI worship you Related Images:

Holy Voices

The light beckonedThe heavens calledYou refused holy voicesAnd chose the way of sinBelovedFind your wayBack to ChristYour first love Related Images:

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Pray For Justice. Do Not Be Weak

Do not be weak to any Pharaoh or active enemy who had taken an oath of no repentance to destroy your life and make sure that you do not fulfill your destiny. Rise up and fight in prayer. Pray for God to give you justice against your adversaries. Pray for God’s judgement and fire upon

Live In God’s Perfect Will

Forget the errors and painful past. Pick up the pieces of your life, and rebrand yourself – reinvent yourself. Get up and keep moving. Determine that you desire massive success. Do not be deceived. Jesus came to give you abundant life. That is why He died. Anything that contradicts this word is not of God.

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Marriage and Destiny

Marriage is about destiny – partnership to fulfill destiny. It is possible to marry someone that will hinder ur destiny because you are not aligned to each other spiritually. Do not allow lust, passion and emotion to decide who u will marry. Let the Spirit, and your intelligence rule you and lead you into marriage.

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The Holy Spirt Fortifies Your Soul

You can get to a place where people’s criticism’s and judgements no longer hurt and afflict ur soul. When u are constantly filled with the Holy Spirit, your mind will be empowered to retain positive thoughts n the word of God. You will constantly enjoy the fruits of the Spirit and love, power n sound

Never Stop Learning

Never stop learning. Seek wisdom with all your heart. Pray for wisdom. Jesus was full of wisdom – He is the wisdom of God. You need knowledge of the word, and wisdom. The entrance of God’s word gives light to your soul. The more wisdom that is in you, the more light you will have.

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