Love Is Light


Nothing can take the place of love in this life. We were created by love, in love and for love. Even babies are formed by the love of two parents. Love is a gift. It is a privilege for us as humans to be given opportunities to show love and acts of kindness. Love is indeed a miracle in itself.

The human heart was not made for hatred and darkness. Hatred destroys and leads to all sorts of mental instability. Love leads us into the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  Love creates balance in the mind and the human heart has not yet comprehended all the benefits of living in love.
Love is a gift and we owe one another love. May God give us the grace to keep growing in love daily.



Everyone Deserves Respect

We owe everyone love and respect. We are all special and precious in the eyes of God regardless of race, tribe, religion, education, wealth and other factors. It is very vital that we form the habit of treating everyone we come across with love, respect and dignity. That is what matters in life much more than all our dreams. If we attain to great heights and social standing and still treat others with disrespect and bias, we are nothing.

Women And Their Test Drivers

How will you feel if you are a car seller and a buyer comes to you and says “Hey, I wanna buy this car but I need to test drive it for 2 years in order to determine if it’s good enough for me to buy.” You will consider that buyer crazy and chase him out of your store. Fast. Continue reading “Women And Their Test Drivers”

The Love of God


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It’s Never Too Late

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It is better to say, ” I’m sorry,” than destroy a relationship. Sometimes it is only a sincere apology that can restore a relationship. It does not matter if it’s been a very long time that you hurt or offended someone. Reach out and apologize regardless of whether the relationship will be restored or not. Unfortunately, some relationships have been too poisoned to go back to what it was. However, you can get back to the place of civility and respect, devoid of malice and bitterness.

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True wisdom thrives in humility, repentance and love. It is always better to say “I’m sorry.” It’s never too late.

The Best Things In Life Are Free

Do you know that the best things in life are free?

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The list is endless – the life we live, the air we breathe, our spouses, the children we have, our parents and siblings, our friends, our health, the flowers that bloom ever so gloriously, the seeds we plant that grow, the mountains we love to gaze at, the seaside we just love to enjoy and gush over. The list is endless and yes – the best things in life are free.




Master Of The Universe