Visions, Revelations and Messages

Revelations and Messages 

  1. The Atheists Are Strangling America

Visions, Revelations and Messages 1 – The Atheists Are Strangling America

Some weeks ago, I was lying down and suddenly the Lord said to me, “ the atheists are strangling America.” I was not thinking about America, atheists or anything related to this revelation. Sometimes I would be thinking about something and the Lord would speak into my mind concerning that very thing I was meditating on but this was not the case in this revelation.

I believe the Lord wants the atheist to hear this message. Their ideologies have taken over a lot of things including entertainment, media and politics and their constantly increasing arrogance is unmatched. They might think they are wise and smart but they are causing harm and bringing judgement on America.

The atheists need to know this – they cannot reject and spit at the face of their creator without repercussions. They insult God daily by their utterances, practices and validation of sins and abominations.

The Lord is on His Holy Throne and sees all that goes on, on earth. I pray that more people reject atheism to love, honour and cherish God. I also pray that the atheists in America realise that they are strangling America and causing harm to God’s own country. God loves America and all that America is today is because the Lord decreed it.

Atheists and all men are breathing because God permits it. May the atheists in America and all atheists realize this truth and learn how to be grateful and loving towards God.

Revelations and messages 2

Visions, Revelations and Messages 2 – My Name Is Grace

2. My name is grace

A very long time ago, I was in a dream and was trying to climb over a wall. The wall was very high and difficult to climb. I became very frustrated and gave a tired sigh before giving up. Suddenly, a man walked up to me and said, “ I know the way, I will help you.” Surprised and pleased at the man’s magnanimity, I looked closely at him as I queried, “ Who are you?” He replied, “Grace, my name is grace.” Then I woke up.

His name is Grace

Jesus is the grace of God and the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of grace. A lot of Christians have forgotten about grace and are doing things their own way. I know because I was once like that. As a human being the temptation is still present and I constantly watch my back and examine myself and my doctrines. Also, a lot of false doctrines focus on one thing – self dependence.

Self dependence is not very far away from the devil because the devil is the god of self. self dependence, self promotion self satisfaction at the expense of others is a foundation for devil worship.

Most Churches including orthodox and non orthodox believers have fallen into the error and trap of self dependence without even being aware of it. Most of the visions and revelations that the Lord has given me is for correcting errors and false doctrines in His Church.

Do not let all kinds of strange teachings lead you from the right way. It is good to receive inner strength from God’s grace, and not by obeying rules about foods; those who obey these rules have not been helped by them. Hebrews 13:9

Guard against turning back from the grace of God. Let no one become like a bitter plant that grows up and causes many troubles with its poison. Hebrews 12:15

The Lord Himself kept correcting and teaching me until I became much more submissive. It is certainly human nature to forget about grace and rely on ourselves but that is not the will of God. If we could do it and experience God by our own effort, Jesus would not have died for us and we would not have been given the Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of grace as a gift.

What, then, of those who despise the Son of God? who treat as a cheap thing the blood of God’s covenant which purified them from sin? who insult the Spirit of grace? Just think how much worse is the punishment they will deserve! Hebrews 10:29

Jesus as the grace of God is a need that we can never deny. Everything comes by Him and through Him and without Him – the grace of God, we can do nothing. We can continue trying to climb high walls and mountains by our own effort but that is a road to futility.

I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. John 15:5

He went on to say, “This is why I told you that no one can come to me unless the Father has enabled them.” John 6:65

God wants us to depend completely on Him for our needs because we have a high priest that is able to meet our needs. He made and designed us that way. Paul had this secret and he utilised it to get to become the mature believer that he was on earth. God even permitted thorns to afflict Paul in order to make Him more dependent on His grace.

But to keep me from being puffed up with pride because of the many wonderful things I saw, I was given a painful physical ailment, which acts as Satan’s messenger to beat me and keep me from being proud. Three times I prayed to the Lord about this and asked him to take it away.  But his answer was: “My grace is all you need, for my power is greatest when you are weak.” I am most happy, then, to be proud of my weaknesses, in order to feel the protection of Christ’s power over me. I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and difficulties for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong. 2 Corinthians 12:7


His grace is all we need

His grace is all we need and it is only the wisdom of God that will teach us and make us realise this. The Bible says that we should ask for wisdom is if we lack it. His strength is perfected in weakness because it is in the place of weakness that we hear God better.

God permits weakness to give us the revelation of self awareness. It is a gift and a grace in itself. Most of the visions and revelations I have had, have been when I was in difficult places. As I matured and knew the way, God took away the difficult places because there was no longer any need for me to be in “ Spiritual Prison.”

The weakness that Paul experienced enabled Him to keep humble and remain in the place of self awareness – man’s power is of no use. A lot of deceived people are the way they are because they have not experienced the kind of weakness that leads to self awareness. They exalt themselves because of money, fame, power, success and influence. They keep thinking they are great and look down on God until they die and find themselves at the gates of hell. Hell is a place of absolute weakness. It is better for us to know our true condition as human beings on earth than to realise our true condition and powerlessness in hell.

Self dependence leads to frustrations

In the very vision that I described above, I stated that I became frustrated after a while. That is what happens in reality in our daily lives as Christians. If we are frustrated by failures in our Christian lives and lack of spiritual growth then God is trying to tell us something. He is letting us know that we need to depend more on Him and His grace to get the the pinnacle of the Christian Experience.

Self dependence is pride

It is pride that leads to self dependence and the Bible tells us that God resist the proud but gives grace to the humble. When we become humble by true self assessment and realisation of our need for God’s grace, we will keep praying and asking for more grace and God who is faithful will provide great grace. He is the God of all grace. No matter the level and type of grace that we need, God is ever willing and ready to meet us at our point of need.

But the grace that God gives is even stronger. As the scripture says, “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” James 4:

He knows the way

Jesus is the way and knows the way. He is the one that can tell us how to climb the tallest walls and mountains. He is the one that will tell us the root of our problems and the solutions to our problem. He will also tell and teach us us how to become mature Christians by His wisdom. He definitely knows the way and He is waiting for us to come closer to Him to learn more about “The Way.”

He can Help us

He is our helper. He said to me, “I know the way and I will help you.” All I needed to do was ask for his help and depend on Him completely. We all need to realise that the Holy Spirit is our helper. If we ignore Him, He will ignore us and if we invite Him, He is ever ready to help us.

Several times in the past I have found myself in visions and trances where I asked the Lord, “Lord, why are you ignoring me.” These were periods when I was not enjoying deep fellowships with the Lord and not hearing Him the way I was used to hearing Him. They were periods of spiritual dryness. The Lord would reply me and say, “you are the one ignoring Me.” I would come out of the trance and vision and admit that I was the one ignoring Him.

If we draw close to Him, He will draw close to us. I was ignoring Him by not depending on Him, spending long hours with Him or talking to Him. Yes, the Lord loves it when we talk to Him even if we think He is not hearing or responding to us. He loves it. This is a separate topic that I will talk about in another post.

Throne of Grace

Grace is so paramount that the throne of God is called the throne of grace. It is that grace that helps us to be victorious in our Christian lives. Grace comes from the mercy of God and Jesus is also the mercy of God. May we never ignore the throne of grace and keep approaching God’s throne in prayer everyday day.

Let us have confidence, then, and approach God’s throne, where there is grace. There we will receive mercy and find grace to help us just when we need it. Hebrews 4:16

We must continue growing in grace

Grace is in levels and we must continue growing in grace and not give up until we get to a place of all grace and great grace. The apostles enjoyed great grace upon them and Jesus was full of grace. If Jesus and the apostles needed grace, we also need grace and we must keep climbing the mountain and tower of grace until we get to the top. At the top of that Holy Mountain is where we will enjoy glory, power and touch precious stones.

We will swim and dance constantly in the living water. He will become our soap and perfume, constantly cleansing us, purifying us, protecting us and empowering us. At the holy mountain of great grace, we will constantly bathe and soak in the latter rain.

But continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory, now and forever! Amen. 2 Peter 3:18

Brethren, let us realize that Jesus is the grace of God and depend on Him – “God’s Grace” completely. That is the only way to victory in Christ.

Revelations, Visions and Messages 3

3. Lord, I am sorry I was angry today

Visions, Revelations and Messages 3 – Lord I’m Sorry I Was Angry Today

For us to become mature Christians, we must get to the place of “I don’t care.” I don’t care will save you from bitterness, anger and revenge. I remember a long time ago,  a boy I knew so well, who was just four years old was being persuaded to fight back nastily against a female bully in his class.

This four year old boy gave so many reasons why he would not do so. He said he would get into trouble with his teacher, but he was still being persuaded to treat his bully the way his bully was treating him – Nasty. Finally, he screamed, I don’t care, I don’t care, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter! I marvelled at this boys angelic nature.

This boy had super confidence and he was not going to change his nature because of a naughty four year old bully. Does it really matter? It does not matter and it does not matter who is right or wrong – we must stop anger, bitterness, ill-will, revenge and all manner of fighting.

Some people might ask if I am encouraging people to remain silent when bulled. No, I am not . I am simply saying that fighting back tit for tat and fighting dirty and competing with the super bully on who is the “bulliest” and “baddest.” is wrong and encourages revenge and ill-will. By the way I know that there is no word like bulliest and baddest. I am using the word baddest as a slang.

That boy is grown up now and he is a confident boy. That episode of bullying never changed him into a victim.

The key is to teach children and adults the importance of confidence and conflict resolution. Emotional intelligence is a great key to happiness and peace. They must also be taught interpersonal and coping skills. That way, they will not be traumatised. Children must also be encouraged to report bullies because some children are super sensitive and find it difficult to cope.

This post is not about bullying. I told a story to illustrate and emphasise a point. The point is we must try not to care too much about other people’s words and opinions when we do not have power as humans to control or change their behaviours and opinions.

When we care too much we loose power to the nasty. We must look inwards and up to God to be able to cope and react rationally to nastiness.

We must get to a place of complete resilience and mental toughness. I hope I don’t sound like I am boasting, but recently, I have noticed that I am never bothered by what people say to me, say about me, and do to me. I simply don’t care and I say it that I don’t care. I can’t be bothered. I even go out of my way to be nice to people who are nasty to me and I just don’t feel angry at them. I don’t care. However, I make sure I am not intimate with them.

The Lord taught me about the secret and principle of not being intimate with enemies or people who hate me or cause me to sin. I am not saying you should be sleeping with the enemy or wining, dining and dancing with the enemy – that does not fall under not caring, it is silliness. Jesus was never intimate with His enemies and the only enemy He was intimate with betrayed Him and sold Him and that led to His death. However, it had to happen so that the Scriptures would be fulfilled.

I am surprised that I am this way however, it is not by my own power. I spend hours everyday in the presence of God, so God is doing His work in me. He is the one that is sanctifying and purifying me. I just know that I don’t care about a lot of things that people cry and fight over.

Sometime ago, someone made me angry and I went to bed angry. The Lord took me in a trance to the first heaven to covert a human being who belongs to that kingdom in order to make her an Evangelist. I led her into the sinners prayer and I am waiting for her to repent. Everyone I have prayed for in visions, dreams and trances always became true believers.

As we were ascending up into the first heaven to enter into that kingdom, the first thing I said was, “Lord I am sorry I was angry today.” My anger had become a gap in our relationship and my Spirit apologised to the Lord before we could continue with the mission. When I came out of the trance I realised that when Paul advised us never to go to bed angry he was not joking. I realised that if we die with anger in our hearts, it is not good. God wants spotless purity and it is possible. He wants us to constantly put on our white garments. I am not perfect but I have realised that spending time in God’s presence helps to activate His cleansing, sanctifying presence.

May we all get to high levels of mental toughness and emotional intelligence and not care about irrelevant things. May God give us the grace to overlook insults and offences because our offenders are human and we too are human and not perfect.

Fools show their annoyance at once, but the prudent overlook an insult. Proverbs 12:16 NIV

When a fool is annoyed, he quickly lets it be known. Smart people will ignore an insult. Proverbs 12:16 Good news bible

A fool is quick-tempered, but a wise person stays calm when insulted. Proverbs 12:16New Living Translation

A fool’s displeasure is known at once, but whoever ignores an insult is sensible. Proverbs 12:16 Holman Christian Translation

Vision Of Buses Taking Believers to Heaven

Visions, Revelations and Messages 15 – Vision of Buses Taking Believers to Heaven

As I looked, some of the children at the refreshment center where I was, ran to me in excitement. I asked them, “What are you all doing here_” They replied,”we are on our way to heaven.”.png

I wrote about spiritual journeys yesterday and last night from midnight to early hours of the morning, as I was worshiping, the Lord began to give me more visions on spiritual journeys. I have noticed that sometimes, it is what I meditate upon that the Lord uses to give me revelations.

Sometimes, He would tell me what to meditate on or pray for. He would say, “meditate about heaven, pray to me to see heaven, or pray to see me.” If I meditate about Him, He would reveal more of Himself. He wants our hearts and minds to delight in Him and think about Him, His ways, words and His works. We should not meditate about demons and demonic activities. They will only create fear, open doors to bad dreams and deplete your aura and spirit.

The Bus With True Believers

In this vision I saw myself running up a platform to enter a waiting train that would leave at any moment. I jumped into the train very happy that I did not miss it. As I strolled down the aisle of this very beautiful train, I struggled to go to the front seat of the train. I wanted to see the scenery very well. The front seats were occupied, so I sat on the row behind the front seat. I gazed out of the window and there were beautiful long buses flying past me.

The Children At The Refreshment Centre

I gazed at the long beautiful buses all flying past my wondering, bewildered eyes – they were all heading to somewhere.They are much more beautiful in size and appearance than the physical buses – they were very long.

They had the number of kilometers of their destinations written on the sides of the exquisite buses. I read and saw that the number of kilometers was so big that I wondered how a bus could travel that distance. In the physical world, it was not possible. That was when I remembered that I was in a vision in the spiritual world.

As I gazed at the number of kilometers, I realized that the buses were headed towards a spiritual destination- heaven. The train stopped, and I found myself on a bus. The bus was a bus that had believers and there were no children on the bus. Some believers had covered their hair with scarves and some did not. They were all dressed modestly. I sat quietly like every other passenger. I liked the look on their faces.

We travelled and got to a stop for rest and refreshments. The place was so beautiful and I found myself in a section of that refreshment center that had many children. I did not know these children physically but I recognized only one child that I know physically. That refreshment center was so big and beautiful with exquisite ultra modern structures better than most structures on earth. I looked out of the window of the refreshment center and saw a glorious modern scenery with water fountains.

The water from the fountain was purple in color, and I immediately thought that we were in heaven, but as I looked around, I realized that we were not in heaven. Heaven is much more glorious and beautiful than that. I looked up at the sky, and the cloud was purple. That was the presence of the Lord.

I knew that to get into heaven, we would have to pierce through those purple clouds to get to the Kingdom above. As I looked at the fountain again, the water changed back to normal water color. It was no longer purple. It seemed that the purple color had come from the purple cloud in the sky.

As I looked, some of the children at the refreshment center where I was, ran to me in excitement. I asked them, “What are you all doing here?” They replied,”we are on our way to heaven.” And as I wondered about them and their words they continued, “All children go to heaven.” They were all little children, so I believe that they were talking about little children. I was talking with three of the children. The children looked out of the window and saw the beautiful scenery and asked, “ Are we already in heaven?” They had become confused because of the lovely sight.

I replied, “no, but we are on our way there.” After a while, it was time for everyone to go back into their buses. Remember that I was in the section that had only children. The children started going through their gate to get to their own buses. I followed them and said to them, “when you get to Heaven, tell Jesus about me. Tell Him to remember my case.”

They said they would. Then I gave my full name to them. One of the children said my middle name and last name and another child said my first name and last name, but I strongly objected and said my full name to them again. I insisted that they must get my full name right and they did. They said the full name and I was glad. “Use my full name when you tell Jesus about me.”

Then they entered their gate and I started entering their gate with them and they asked, “have you forgotten that this gate is for the children’s buses only? You cannot go beyond this point.” I realized that they were right. I could not get into their gate or enter their buses. Then I came out of the vision.

Brethren, we are all on a spiritual journey. We are pilgrims on earth traveling towards Heaven.” We are all also traveling to a place of spiritual maturity, rest and glory even while still on earth. We can dwell in glory and in Heaven even while living on earth. The Kingdom of Heaven is within us. May we never forget that. May God’s grace lead us into His glorious manifest presence.

Visions, Revelations and Messages

Your Pain is My Pain

Vision, Revelations and messages 15 – Your Pain Is My Pain

He will bring justice to the poor of the people;He will save the children of the needy, and will break in pieces the oppressor. (Psalm 72:4 NKJV)

What a wonderful promise. Our God is an awesome God, He is not partial or complacent when it comes to protecting the weak and needy. When He looks at them, His heart gets filled with love and compassion.

He knows what it feels like to be poor because He is the creator. He can feel all things. Jesus said that whatever we do to the least of the brethren, we do to Him. That means, He feels everybody’s pain and injustice.

If you have ever been oppressed and needy you will definitely understand. I understand because I know what it feels like to be oppressed. It is not a very good feeling, in fact it is one of the worst feelings on earth.

An oppressed person cries many silent cries and his spirit is in a state of perpetual weeping and mourning. The Lord Himself counts those silent and hidden tears because He sees all. He is the God that sees all.

I remember sometime ago when a South London man that I became friends with out of pity dealt mercilessly with me. He betrayed my trust and friendship with great recklessness and irresponsibility.

The first time I met him, he presented himself as a victim, however, when he gained my trust and pity he became the hunter – the victim became the hunter and the helper became the prey. After this man dealt with me, I was in great pain, sorrow and turmoil.

The Lord had previously warned me about this man but I did not listen. I convinced myself it was the devil that spoke – how silly.

When the man became the hunter after his prey – me, the Lord appeared in a white cloud one afternoon and spoke to me saying, “he thinks he will get away with his actions but He won’t.” At this point, I had not yet understood the full extent of the evil intention that this man had for me. Then after a while, this mans true intention and the harm he intended became open. He hurt me and showed himself fully as someone that had the intention to harm me further. At this discovery, I was in pain and shock.

The Lord spoke to me again and said, ”you will face your judgement.” I still did not understand the reality of what He said until my stomach started burning like fire, and a great sorrow gripped me.

The Lord then appeared to me again, sitting on a chair. I threw myself on the floor at His feet rolling and crying and I could sense He was not happy with me. He scolded me and said I behaved badly. At that point I could not argue with Him or lie.

I was just making excuses but I felt that He was so right and my excuses were useless and lame. When the Lord speaks and you are wrong, you accept your judgement. I had taken wrong steps and I did not pay attention when He warned me about this man.

After some days, the Lord spoke to me and said, ‘Your pain is my pain.’ Remember that I had brought this upon myself through my disobedience. However, the pain was just too much. It was unbearable and the Lord became my comforter.

I always knew His love but that was a deeper revelation of His love that I had not known or imagined. It felt very personal and real. He felt my pain very deeply and I could feel His love through His words and voice. For those who doubt, God definitely has deep emotions and feelings.

After the great blow and pain the man gave me, I saw myself in a trance saying, “ Holy Spirit take me home, I want to see God the father and I want to see Jesus.’ Wow, I did not know that my spirit was traumatised.

Physically, I felt I was okay and the pain would just go away, but the Lord showed me the condition of my spirit. It was the first time that I realised that the Lord who had been having this wonderful, amazing relationship with me was the Holy Spirit.

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. 2 Corinthians 3:17

He had told me long before that vision that I would have a good relationship with the Holy Spirit but it was not deeply impressed on my mind. I always called Him Jesus and I never realised that it was the Holy Spirit until I said that.

May be I just never differentiated the two. Of course, the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus Christ so in that sense He is Jesus but to be more specific He is the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the manifest power and glory of God and He is at the right side of God.

The manifest presence of God is constant in heaven. The Holy Spirit is the one who manifests the presence of God on earth. The manifest presence of God is not constantly present on earth. However, we can experience the manifest presence of God by the Holy Spirit.

We can only experience Jesus who is life and glory by the spirit of Jesus – the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is also the Spirit of the father and son and He makes heaven real on earth.

Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them. John 14:23

The Lord said nothing when I told Him I wanted to go home. I was even surprised that I was asking the Lord to leave this earth – what about my ministry? I was simply shocked at my request but He rightly ignored my request.

Some days later, in a trance He appeared to me in a white cloud. Then next thing I knew, I was lying on the cloud and I expected the cloud to be soft but it was hard! I just lay on the cloud like a baby for some time and when I came out of the trance I felt good, comforted and consoled.

After that vision, my spirit was refreshed and healed and I was able to forget the pain. He saw and heard my silent cry, tears, sorrows and pain even though I had disobeyed His instruction. I was judged but He comforted me in judgement.

When Hagar cried her own silent tears, He appeared as the God Who Sees. He felt her pain even though it was Hagar who provoked her mistress. He still felt pity for her but asked her to go back and behave herself by submitting to Sarai. This is an aspect of God that I like so much – His compassionate nature.

When we hurt the poor, we hurt Him. When we oppress and cheat the needy, He feels it like it is His own pain and injustice. He is saying today and every other day, through this Scripture that He will bring justice to the poor and will save the needy. Glory to God.

There is hope for the neglected, abused and poor because our God sees and hears their cries for justice and mercy. Justice will rise up and meet them. God will break in pieces the oppressors of mankind and save the oppressed. Most especially, when we get to Heaven, He will wipe away every tear from our eyes.

He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” Revelation 21:4

The Ballroom In Heaven

Visions, Revelations and Messages 16 – The Heavenly Ballroom

I can remember

That night in London so well.

I had spent several hours

Thanking the Lord

For His precious blood

That set me free.

This thanksgiving was

In obedience to the revelations

He had given me

Several times

About the importance of gratitude

And thanksgiving and celebrating Him

For His great salvation

And redemption

Given to us

Through His precious blood.

As I made melody in my heart

To Him,

And thanked Him

With love and worship,

I fell into a trance.

I was suddenly

In a glorious and spacious ballroom

In heaven.

There were many of us

All dressed in extraordinarily beautiful

White garments,

Studded with indescribable


My gown was so breathtaking

In beauty that I still marvel

At the delightful recall.

We sat and waited

For that one special one

In eager anticipation

Of dancing with Him.


He appeared in that glorious


Breathtaking and powerful

In appearance and beauty.

Then I woke up

From my trance,


That the trance had lasted

A bit longer.

He appeared because

I obeyed Him,

And rejoiced in His salvation

With thanksgiving and love.

As a result,

The word of God

Penetrated deep into me

With His glorious presence

And cleaned my garments

Washing me

White as snow

Leading to intimacy and fellowship.

The word of God

Is glorious and powerful.

It is the word of God – the good news of salvation

That saves our souls,

As we accept it,

And cling to it

In thanksgiving, praise and worship.

May we constantly glorify

The word of God – the good news

Of our redemption and salvation


Hallelujah Jesus

Conquered death, sin, hell and the grave.

He has given us victory

Praise God!

We Landed In A Kingdom

Visions revelations and Messages 17 – We Landed In A Kingdom

Some time last year, I was lying down on my bed when the Lord came upon me and I suddenly fell into a trance. Immediately the Lord came upon me, I saw myself in a private Jet and I was in that Jet with the Lord. He said, ‘ I have something I want to show you.’ We landed very quickly in a kingdom and He took me to a place in that kingdom

When we got to that particular location, He said to me, ‘look at the thing that they call saint Jude on earth.’ He pointed at a being. I looked and I saw the most ugly creature that I have ever seen in my entire life. The demon was ugly beyond description and I put my hands over my face and exclaimed. ‘Lord, he’s disgusting, so disgusting!’ My eyes filled with tears and I was sad beyond comprehension.

The Lord was looking at me gently and he understood my pain. His pain was my pain and He knew I felt bad because He felt bad. My love for Him made me so sad to see the ugly thing that people were erroneously worshipping as saint Jude. On earth he transforms himself into a handsome man to deceive. The Lord took me back to my room and I came out of the trance.

Nevertheless I have a few things against you, because you allow that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, to teach and seduce My servants to commit sexual (Revelation 2:20 NKJV)

Dear children, keep yourselves from idols. 1 John 5:21

Therefore, my dear friends, flee from idolatry. 1 Corinthians 10:14

People are denying the Lord worship and that grieves Him. If we truly love Him, we will make it our duty to find out His will and what pleases Him. We will make it our delight to please Him. We will love Him above religion and tradition.

Brethren, idol worship is not a joke and the Lord did not show me that vision as a joke. We must flee idol worship. The Lord wants to cleanse the Church from idols and He has told me that the Church needs unification in preparation for the second coming of Christ. The purpose of the visions and revelations He has been giving me is for cleansing of the Church and making a pathway for unification of the Christian faith and Church.

Blessed be God, blessed be His Holy name. May we reject the so called saint Jude idol and every other idol and live in the love of God. May we always worship God and God alone. Amen.

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