Know You More


Light and salvation

We want to know you more

Open our eyes

To see your love and mercy

Let your light

Be our constant companion

Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart

A love story

So sweet

So divine

You were to me

Out of bounds

Bound by the rules of society

I was forbidden

To you


I was so wrong for you

The Governor

And the maid

An unlikely couple

In a false world

Of appearances

And glamour

But you secretly

Wooed me and sent me

To the best medical school

To become a surgeon 

Years later

Before you became

The Vice President

You married me

A distinguished surgeon

Fit for society

Your love is pure

Your love is real

I am so blessed

To have a husband like you

His Delight

Baptised by fire

I stand tall

In a world

Of weakness and fear


Baptised by fire

In Him I reign

Against the forces of hell

Becoming an untouchable

Baptized by fire

I become His beloved

By experiencing His love

I become the apple of His eyes

I become His pride and delight


Baptised by fire

I fulfil destiny

The owner of my soul

Will indeed be  pleased

That I have fulfilled

The purpose of my

Existence on earth

Come, Holy Spirit

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I Gaze Into The Waters

I gaze into the waters

With you by my side

Thinking a million thoughts

About our love

I gaze into the waters

With you on my mind

Wishing you will always hold me

Hoping you will always love me

I gaze into the waters

Consumed by love

With just one prayer on my mind

Be mine forever

Let this love never end

Because I am convinced

That I will never find another love

Like you

Without You

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Without You
I am lost and helpless
I am lonely
I am sad

Without You
I can do nothing
Favor seems impossible
Fear rules
Mercy is distant

Without you
The world will stop in its axis
The demons rule
Darkness reigns

Without you
We can do nothing
And we are nothing



I am hidden
From the world

But I was born

To be a star

To shine

Brighter than diamonds

I am hidden

From the world

With a veil

That I despise


I cry out to God


Tear this veil apart

And reveal my royalty

Let the princess in me


For the world to see

That I am the daughter

Of the greatest King

My father rules over all

I am a royal princess

A blue blood

With a golden crown

On my head

I refuse to be


May all the hidden

Never give up

Under The Mango Tree

We held hands in the moonlight

Under the mango tree

You were twenty

I was eighteen

We vowed to take the vow

In Church

And embrace

For better for worse

You travelled abroad

On scholarship

To become a doctor

I waited patiently

And you came back

After ten years

But with your bride

And two children

And all you said

Was I’m sorry

I hid my new life from you

And made you wait

For me

In vain

May God Help Us

May God help us
When we are weak

When we are sick

When we are frightened

When we are in doubt

When we are lonely

When we are poor

When we are wrongly accused

When the darkness overwhelms us

When trials abound

When we want to give up our faith

May God help us

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