Self Help Is Not The Holy Spirit

Some people say, “there is nothing that the mind cannot do.” The Word of God says, “ there is nothing that the Holy Spirit cannot do if our hearts and minds are completely centered and focused on Him, His power and His word.” The former promotes self and self help and the latter promotes God and God – help.

With God all things are possible and with self, some things are impossible. Human power is limited. This seems obvious but it is not really obvious to a lot of self help addicts. Self help addicts have been swallowed by the more you look, the less you see and the more knowledge they think that they have by chanting, “I Can, I Can” and “I am, I am,” the more confusion and darkness they drink. God can and God is the only I AM.

Psychology, positive thinking and self help are useful but they can never replace God’s power. The Christian’s positive thinking and help is the word of God. The word of God should order our steps and thoughts and the word of God does not encourage negative thinking. Anyone who is filled with the word of God and the Holy Spirit cannot be negative minded. The fruits of the Holy Spirit are all positive,

Jesus and Paul were positive minded, however, they depended on the power of God and were filled with the word of God and the Holy Spirit. Some people’s definition of positive thinking is restricted entirely to self and human help without God. Life is all about definition. Two concepts can be defined differently by different people and have different meanings, explanations and interpretations.

The word of God transforms and renews the mind by God’s grace and power as we meditate on it and dwell in it, however, power is of the Holy Spirit. When it comes to incurable illnesses and demonic problems, psychology and self help will fail. Even head knowledge of the word of God without the Holy Ghost power does not cast out demons. Medical science with all its benefits is limited, and sometimes doctors sadly pronounce the judgement of ” Your illness is incurable.”

They can even estimate the likely date of departure from this world with some incurable illnesses. What next when all else fails? The self help champion begins to see the limitations only then. If he does not encounter that kind of challenge, he remains blind and ardently clings to his little god.

Everything has a plaice, an order and a purpose. Everything must be placed in the right perspective. Man is spiritual, not mental. Good mental qualities are very helpful but cannot cast out demons or cure incurable illnesses. Power on the other hand is spiritual not mental. It is better to be a God addict than to be a self addict. Jesus and Paul were God addicts. We need God.

They knew that human power is of no use at all. Paul knew the reality of, “His power is perfected in weakness.” His thorn happened so that he would always be dependent on God’s grace and not get carried away by pride because of the great visions and revelations that were given to Him by God,

May we never forget that the Holy Spirit is our helper. May God’s great grace be upon you as you worship Him and seek His face.



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