Marching Forward

But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who have faith and preserve their souls. (Hebrews 10:39 ESV)

This scripture is telling us that those who shrink back from following Christ get destroyed. We are encouraged to have faith and preserve our souls. The only way to do this is to follow Christ at all cost – In plenty and hunger, poverty and wealth, sickness and health, sadness and joy.

God does not like the bad times but sometimes, we pass through difficulties as a result of inherited afflictions, trials, judgement or persecution.

In times like this, we must respond positively by seeking God’s help and grace but we must never give up or say it is God’s will. God does not enjoy evil or seeing people suffer.

All we need to do is be humble enough to wait upon Him and seek His face in prayer, obedience and worship. He wants absolute trust and dependence and as he sees our loving and positive response to difficulties, he steps in and rescues us.

We must not turn back but keep marching forward to spiritual maturity and heaven.

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Your Response To Trials

Trials are a part

Of everyday life.

They come and go

Leaving some wrecked

And damaged.


While some people

Respond positively

To trials

By clinging more to

God and depending

On Him,

Some are left devastated

And completely defeated.


Some even go into despair,

Loosing hope and faith

In God and humanity.


Trials only expose

How vulnerable

We are as humans,

Because no one

Is exempted from trials

It is only wise

For us to determine

That trials will

Not make us bitter.


Rather, we decide

That we will develop

Positive traits even

In the midst of

The trials.


Trials should make

Us develop patience

Perseverance, endurance

Fortitude, hope, faith

Joy, kindness courage.


Trials should make us

Become more hardworking

And energetic, giving us

That I can do attitude

That will make us more

Than conquerors.


Trials should

Ultimately make us

Victorious in Christ,

If our response is positive

And right.

I Will Follow You


I will follow you

To the ends of the earth

In the rain

And the scorching sun

When I am down

And when I am happy


I will follow you

Against all odds

When the bees sting

And the scorpions devastate

In hunger and thirst

In plenty and full

In loneliness

And inner turmoil


I will follow you

For better for worse

In complete obedience

To your will

Because I trust you


I will follow you always

Because I know

That trials

Will only test my faith

And make me more submissive

To your will


I will follow you

Because at the end of the journey

Tested and trusted

You will crown me

With glory and power

To manifest your Kingdom on earth


I will follow you Lord,

I will follow you.

The Tumble

Climbing up an annoying hill

On my way

From the grocery store

At plumstead, Greenwich

With heavy loads on both hands

I became angry

Because my husband had lost his job

And the fury rolled in

Bit by bit

Piling up into a heap

On my weary, discouraged mind

My frozen, clammy hands were aching

And I was so tired

And sleepy from exhaustion

A tear slipped down to my yellow scarf

Wrapped around my neck

To protect me from the freezing cold

“Mummy what’s wrong,”

My head swung towards my

Four year old daughter


“Nothing princess,

Mummy is just tired.”

As I said the word tired

I lost my balance on

The slippery slope

And found myself rolling down the hill

And I heard a piecing cry


The heart wrenching cry broke my heart

And it caused me more pain

Than the physical pain

Tearing and searing at me

From various angles

Like a wicked destructive storm

That ravages without mercy

I tried to get up

But I was in pain

As a nurse,

I knew I had injured my ankle

And knee

A while later

As the ambulance drove

Me away

And I watched my princess crying

And sobbing

I realized that

I had been ungrateful

I had so many things to

Be grateful about

But I had ignored them

So many blessings

But I had chosen to be ungrateful

And I counted my loss

And Peter’s loss

My husband Peter is amazing and loving

My job very refreshing

And rewarding

My daughter, a delight

And an Angel

My health was perfect

But I had forgotten

And counted my loss

“Gratitude is a choice Lucy,”

I said to myself

‘Never forget that.”

I was in pain

But somehow

I found the courage

To sing praises to the Lord

And a great peace like never before

Flooded my soul

Even in the midst of trial

And pain.

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I Walked Upon The Seas

I walked upon the sea

I never could imagine

That one day

I would walk upon the sea

And live above fear and doubt


I walked upon the sea

When I saw your perfect love

And greatness

I became calm

And rested in you

I walked upon the sea

When the winds and waves

Of trials and affliction

Threatened to drown me

They said to me,

” We will make your life so miserable

That you will wish you were never born

Denounce Jesus

Because we will never let you

Preach the gospel.”

I shrugged and replied

” I don’t care.”

I walked upon the sea

When I was given grace

To fly above trials

And circumstances

And Trust in

Him, my savior

Lord may we

Walk upon the sea


In quiet assurance and peace

Knowing that

You will never leave us or forsake us

Give us the strength to focus on

Your love and power

Instead of the sea of circumstances and trials

Yes, may we walk upon the seas


Trouble Does Not Discriminate 

Trouble does not discriminate

It is an illiterate

And very disrespectful

The rich also cry


Everyone has trouble

Big or small

Trouble does not announce

It’s arrival

It comes like

A thief

The brave overcome

Many troubles

And many waters


They remain calm

In trouble

You cannot buy your

Way out of trouble

A trouble free existence

Is fraudulent

It is a mirage

Trouble develops


If it is godly sorrow

Prayer is the voice

Of men in trouble

Prayer is a companion

Of trouble

Because when trouble knocks

All you can do is pray