I Will Follow You


I will follow you

To the ends of the earth

In the rain

And the scorching sun

When I am down

And when I am happy


I will follow you

Against all odds

When the bees sting

And the scorpions devastate

In hunger and thirst

In plenty and full

In loneliness

And inner turmoil


I will follow you

For better for worse

In complete obedience

To your will

Because I trust you


I will follow you always

Because I know

That trials

Will only test my faith

And make me more submissive

To your will


I will follow you

Because at the end of the journey

Tested and trusted

You will crown me

With glory and power

To manifest your Kingdom on earth


I will follow you Lord,

I will follow you.

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A Love Like No Other

Now that I have found

A love

Like no other

In the great Prince

I walk on clouds

And bathe and dance in

Golden rains

And purple confetti


It seems like

The world is lit up

With bright sparkling lights

As heavenly songs

Pervade and wash over

My soul

Transporting me

Into the world above the galaxies

To heavenly glories

And pure delights


I am so happy

I cannot contain my joy

The Lord has become my delight

And song

He lives in me

And I live in Him


Heaven and earth

Have met in great joy

In Holy marriage


My heart has become His home

And secret garden

As He envelopes me and

Wraps me up

In His aura

And heavenly essence


May the virgins

Of our great Lord

Delight in Him

May we open up

Our hearts

As He stands outside

And gently knocks

May we dine with Him



May He become our crown

And glory


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Soul To Soul

Soul to soul

Meshed and entwined together,

Soul to soul

Breath to breath

We collide

Never to

Be torn apart

By the raging storms of hell


Soul to soul

Is music to my ear

Melody to my tired bones

How I love your thoughts

O Lord

Your mind and will

Is all I desire

As the food

That will ultimately

Lead me into your glory


Soul to soul

With the great Prince and King

Is a great blessing

May our souls become

One with His soul

May we think His thoughts

And be transformed

Into the brightness

Of His mind and glory

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Take Me Away

Take me away

Into the crevice

Of the mountains

Where I have built

A million mansions in my dreams


Take me away

To the place of solace

And love

Where the drumbeat is passion

And the melody is desire


My mouth is wide open

And my heart is panting

Be the King

Of my heart

And fulfill your promises to me


Take me away

To that place

Where we become

One soul

One spirit

One breath

Until I drink you and taste you

And drench myself

In your divine love


Take me away

To the point of no return

To mundane worldly pleasures

There we will feast and dine

And celebrate our love

A love that is unmatched

There I will dance

To your special melodies

And bask in the glory

Of heavenly consolations


Take me away

My love

Take me away

And bind my heart

To yours

Wrap me in your arms

And never let me go

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Pretty One

Pretty One

I see you everyday

In your hospital bed

Fighting for survival

Against a terminal illness

That is ferocious and unrelenting

In wickedness


Pretty One

Despite your weakness

I see you

On your bed

With bright haunted eyes

Humming low melodies of praise

Putting on your makeup

With uplifted shoulders

Determined to look good


Pretty One

You always smile

And you are always in control

I see no trace of sorrow

Or fear in you

You remain calm

Despite the fierce torture


Pretty One

You are the bravest woman

I know

You are one in a million

And you have taught

Me about courage

In the face of impending danger


Pretty One

I always pray for you

In my heart

And I also pray

That God will give me

A fearless and brave heart

Like yours


Pretty One

May God be with you

Till your very last breath

You are an example of courage

And I know

That heaven will celebrate you

As a true warrior of faith

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Echoes Of The Past

Echoes of the past

Take over my soul

As I remember

The sins of my youth


Echoes of the past

Torture me

As guilt wraps it’s ugly

Hands around my tired soul


I toss and torn

In my bed

On a cold winter night

In Cincinnati


Troubled and uncertain

I get up from my bed

To get some water


Then I heard Him say,

” You have been cleansed

From past sins,

Your sins are forgiven

And forgotten

Your punishments are cancelled

Cleanse yourself from guilty conscience

And believe

Just believe

And watch my glory come upon you.

I love you.”

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Let Me Fly



Let me fly

To the heights above

To dwell with the golden clouds

And sing with the Angels


Let me fly


Never to fall

Able to rise

Above circumstances

And situations


Let me fly

And embrace the Holy thoughts

Of the creator

Enshrined in His word

Never to look at circumstances

But focus on His ability


Let me fly

Father, let me fly

Because I was was created to fly

Surely, I will fly

Because I was created to fly

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