The Tumble

Climbing up an annoying hill

On my way

From the grocery store

At plumstead, Greenwich

With heavy loads on both hands

I became angry

Because my husband had lost his job

And the fury rolled in

Bit by bit

Piling up into a heap

On my weary, discouraged mind

My frozen, clammy hands were aching

And I was so tired

And sleepy from exhaustion

A tear slipped down to my yellow scarf

Wrapped around my neck

To protect me from the freezing cold

“Mummy what’s wrong,”

My head swung towards my

Four year old daughter


“Nothing princess,

Mummy is just tired.”

As I said the word tired

I lost my balance on

The slippery slope

And found myself rolling down the hill

And I heard a piecing cry


The heart wrenching cry broke my heart

And it caused me more pain

Than the physical pain

Tearing and searing at me

From various angles

Like a wicked destructive storm

That ravages without mercy

I tried to get up

But I was in pain

As a nurse,

I knew I had injured my ankle

And knee

A while later

As the ambulance drove

Me away

And I watched my princess crying

And sobbing

I realized that

I had been ungrateful

I had so many things to

Be grateful about

But I had ignored them

So many blessings

But I had chosen to be ungrateful

And I counted my loss

And Peter’s loss

My husband Peter is amazing and loving

My job very refreshing

And rewarding

My daughter, a delight

And an Angel

My health was perfect

But I had forgotten

And counted my loss

“Gratitude is a choice Lucy,”

I said to myself

‘Never forget that.”

I was in pain

But somehow

I found the courage

To sing praises to the Lord

And a great peace like never before

Flooded my soul

Even in the midst of trial

And pain.

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Gold In My Belly – Chapter 1


Absolute Madness 


I woke up in the middle of the night to pray for three hours – a habit that I had formed over the years.  I was singing,

“What a mighty God we serve.”

My heart and my soul was in the song, and I was suddenly filled with joy, as an unusual excitement took over me and my heart was pounding.

I felt like I was in heaven, and my eyes were drawn to my bedroom door.

And the Lord appeared in a glorious garment, covered with light. I could not see His face. He then spoke from the light,

“Child, come and see.”

Immediately, we appeared in a kingdom that I will call the kingdom of madness. The gate was made of rusty metal and dry leaves, the padlock was weak and made of wood.

I giggled within me because it was so weird.

“What kind of padlock is this?” I thought.

I immediately remembered that the Lord could hear my thoughts and disciplined my thoughts. He turned his gaze sideways and threw a glance at me.

His hair was gold, His skin was pure white and His eyes were blue as they pierced me to my bone marrow.

I trembled.

His firm grip on my left hand, reassured me that he was not angry. I could not read His thoughts, but my childish giggle evaporated quickly.

In the land of confusion, the citizens were putting on elegant, great regalia, and seemed to be very wealthy, but the activities and mood there, stank of confusion and spiritual madness.

The dusty tree lined streets were dirty and the leaves of the trees were very dry. The grasses were black, brown and red in colour. I also observed that different kinds of animals were living with the inhabitants unlike on earth where animals stick to their enclaves as their natural habitat.

Some distance away was a very wide black river spreading out into three different directions that seemed like three hands.

I looked into the sky and the colour was brown and red, with red and yellow moon even though it was daytime.

The wind blowing was dry, cold and crisp, howling with waves of dust moving fiercely and stubbornly in different directions.

The air quality was very poor and I felt myself gasping for breath. The Lord blew out purple cloud from the breath of His mouth and I was instantly invigorated and enlivened with potent oxygen -The Lord is our breath and life.

It was like a never ending circle of great confusion and I marvelled at the great chaos – it seamed like the disorder would wrap its ugly unwanted tail around my neck and overpower me,

and I whispered, “what is this, Lord?

He replied,

“Child this is the land of confusion, where error rules and darkness intoxicates. As you can see, they seem very wealthy and sophisticated. They are very comfortable and secure in their delusions and false wealth and are not aware of their true spiritual state.

As I stared at the crowd, grey contact lenses fell out of my eyes. My eyes were opened and I could differentiate between the believers and non believers.

The believers had marks of very dim light on their foreheads and  my mouth widened in shock because I never expected to see a believer living in this dark land. However, I could not scream for I thought they could see me and hear me.

I was an alien in their land.

“Daughter,” the Lord continued,

“Confusion is darkness and darkness is confusion. It is a spirit and those who yield to it become captives. Anyone who rejects the word of God loves darkness and anyone who is lukewarm in faith partners with darkness.

A professing christian who loves error, loves darkness and must wriggle his way out of captivity.

They are unaware of their true spiritual state because they are putting on false beauty, false garments, false doctrines and beliefs.

However, they are naked and immediately He said naked, everyone within my vision became naked.

It was like a great Hollywood movie.

The believers tried fruitlessly to shield their nakedness with their arms bending and stooping as they did so. They  scampered and ran into tiny huts to hide. Inside the huts they stumbled on each other in blindness and confusion. They were give black garments by their false leader to cover their nakedness.

The Lord said to me,

“These are the ones who have taken refuge in false churches and embraced false doctrines to hide their shameful nakedness. they have been compensated by physical wealth and success and are satisfied.

His face mirrored His displeasure but the Majesty exuding and radiating from Him was astounding and staggering. I swayed and felt myself falling but His firm hands on my shoulders steadied me.

He looked beautiful beyond comprehension as I struggled to concentrate on His words without getting carried away by His Excellence. I could now see His eyes through the light and it was full of love and mercy. Goosebumps went through me like electricity.

As the Lord was speaking I noticed that the dim light they had on their foreheads had disappeared – it was as if someone switched off the light on their foreheads, and the darkness in those Churches swallowed them up and their spirits slumped.

Some died, some were in coma and some were simply unconscious. Some woke up and shouted within the dark church,

“Lord, help me!”

Immediately I saw Angels of various kinds with astonishing weapons, especially warrior angels fill the church to rescue the pleading victims.

However, giant demons in form of pythons and black dogs resisted the angels and  a voice thundered from heaven,

“Release them!”

The Lord beside me spoke at the same time as the voice from heaven and a sharp golden sword proceeded out of His mouth and fatally wounded the demons.

They lay helpless on the floor whimpering like puppies and totally defeated as the Angels carried away the saved ones to a place of refuge and recovery.

The Lord waved His right hand and a screen appeared and I watched as the saved ones ended up in Churches with sound doctrines who delight in healthy words instead of poison.

The Lord continued,

“These demons are the idols of deception and death worshipped in those churches. If My people humble themselves and pray for light, that is, wisdom and revelation of the word of God, they will be given light, truth, wisdom and revelation.

However, if in their pride they believe that they do not need light and persist in their own understanding, they are building their lives on sand instead of the word of God and will crash.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth and without Him all that remains is darkness.  The truth is what sets you free.

You need the helper and it is those who call on me that will be rescued and those who call upon the name of the Lord, shall be saved.”

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