A Holy Fight



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Captain of Warriors

Jesus Our Heavenly Bridegroom

5. Captain Of Warriors

You are the one that defeats princes

And take us on journeys beyond the physical eyes

You are the captain of warriors

The fierce Lion that destroys evil

You are my golden sword and spear

The eternal presence that enlivens my soul

You are my beauty and my decoration


You are my all in all

My everything

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My Golden Cloak

Poems To The Heavenly Bridegroom

4. My Golden Cloak


You are the one

That holds the key to my heart

My passion and my hunger

My thirst and my food

You are my companion

And best friend

The shower that washes away my dirt

My golden clock when I walk

Through a fiery evil village

You are my all in all

My everything!

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The Admiration Of The Saints

Poems to the Heavenly Bridegroom

3. The admiration of the saints


You are the admiration

Of the saints

The crown of virgins

The beauty of the consecrated and sanctified

You are the light

That lives in me forever

The golden bridge that leads to heaven

The narrow way that worldly men despise

You are the one I long for

My hope and my inspiration

My excitement and my peace

The source of heavenly consolation


You are my all in all

My everything!

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Eternal Prince

2. Eternal Prince


You are the eternal prince

The hope of the saints

The endless water of life

The aroma of virgins

You are the one

That invigorates me

My flavor and spice

My hope

My life

My salvation


You are my all in all

My everything

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The Unseen World

Visions, Messages And Revelations

The Unseen World

There is an unseen world. All the spiritual events, battles and activities that control this world happen first in that unseen world. This unseen world is made up of kingdoms. Many religions, orthodox churches, and fake Pentecostal and evangelical churches belong there. Each religion is a kingdom within the kingdom of darkness.

From time to time, I will write further on those religions and churches as kingdoms in the kingdom of darkness including the Catholic Church and Anglican Church. Darkness is in hierarchy, level, and degree and the Catholic and Anglican churches top the list in fake dark churches camouflaging as Christian churches. Fake Christian churches are cults. The Lord has told me that he will rescue churches from the hands of men and evil princes.

Yesterday, I worshipped God all day and most of the night. Also, I prayed prayer of petition which was specifically given to me by the Holy Spirit for close to six hours. The remaining time which is close to twelve hours was used for composing poems and worship to the Lord. I started the poems from 5am to 1pm in the afternoon all the while, listening to praise and worship songs. The poems were about Jesus, the Heavenly Bridegroom and I posted just a bit of it yesterday on this blog.

Immediately I closed my eyes to sleep, the Lord spoke to me and added to my poem. He said, “I am your brightness and sanctification, I am the light at the end of a dark tunnel.” Then, later on in the night I saw myself wearing a glorious white garment. The Lord Himself is the one that transforms my inner garment depending on how faithful I have been in seeking His face and waiting upon Him.

Then suddenly, the Lord came upon me and I was in the Spirit. My spirit started worshiping the Lord. I said with my spiritual mouth, “Lord, I love you. I love you so much and I have missed you.” I thanked Him for His presence and lamented about the time that His presence was not present. Like a mighty wind, He carried me off to a Kingdom.

There, I saw mighty beautiful structures like structures on earth but more beautiful than the ones here. It looks like the earth is just a copy and prototype of creations, structures and models already existing in the spiritual world. I saw great high rise buildings made of beautiful brick designs of different colors and other materials. Humans are deceived into belonging to those kingdoms but the Lord has told me that He will destroy all those kingdoms at the appointed time. Their citizens know and they live there and dread that terrible day of destruction.

Then, I saw a woman I knew a long time ago, and she was walking beside me. At the time I knew her, I did not know that she was a mermaid who belonged to the mermaid kingdom but some years later the Lord revealed to me what she was and at that time I was no longer in contact with her. I turned to her and said, “mermaid what did you gain from being a mermaid, belonging to the mermaid kingdom and from all your exploits. Now, you are trapped here looking for deliverance. Do you know how many of your kingdom members that have pleaded with me for deliverance? I am an Evangelist, come let me pray for you.”

She came and I was surprised that she knelt down in front of me. She must have knelt down for the Holy Spirit that was beside me. Because sometimes when the Lord takes me to the world of the dead for battle, they see me and start screaming in terror and pointing at me and shouting light! Light! Fire! The light causes them great agony and harm and they can’t stand it. Then, I wonder why they are pointing at me, and screaming and realize that they are shouting and screaming in terror because of the Holy Spirit with me. He is the light and the fire.

So, this woman knelt down in front of me and I placed my hand on her forehead, and prayed for her and led her through the sinners prayer and she gave her life to Christ. I told her that she had been good to me when I was a teenager and had been like a mother to me then. She was so happy that she was saved and I said to her, “the other woman that is your friend will soon give her life to Christ and we will all meet in heaven.”

Then, before I left that Kingdom, I saw souls in heavy afflictions. There was fierce torrential rain that beat them. The rain was heavy, rapid, violent and fierce. The noise from the rain was another thing altogether.It was unbelievable and simply indescribable. There were many of them – young and old crying and screaming for help. I can not describe the kind of rain and flood I saw there. It was so terrible that I desired to quickly leave that place then I came out of the vision.

Mission accomplished. The Holy Spirit delivered her and transformed her spirit from darkness to light and translated her from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of light. Glory to God.

Beloved, let us pray often for souls lost and trapped in the different kingdoms that make up the kingdom of darkness. They are trapped and some of them want out while some of them have sworn to go to hell and never repent.

May great grace be upon us as we worship God, love others and pray for one another in Jesus name.

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Heavenly Bridegroom

Poems to the Heavenly Bridegroom

1. Heavenly Bridegroom

You are the one

That I was born for

The one that completes me

The one who saves me

My Heavenly Bridegroom

And my love

You are the only true source of love

The vast ocean in an endless space

The fresh breeze that wraps yourself around me

You are the light that lives in me

My resurrection and my life

My source of inspiration

Every time I feel down

You are the one that always sees me

My wine and my drink

My one and only true love


You are my all in all

My everything

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May This Dance Never End

I waited for you

And you came to me

You met me

At the Holy Mountain

The glorious spot

Where we usually meet

Your smile was sweet

Your look was captivating

Your face was radiant

Your countenance was charismatic

Your garment was sparkling

Your skin was translucent with light


Your fragrance was

The oil of heavenly love

You cleansed me

Washed me

And transformed me

You pointed towards my dirty grey rumpled garment

And in the twinkle of an eye

My gown was transformed to

A glorious heavenly white ball gown

Decorated with strips of gold

It was studded with diamonds

Rubies, sapphires, jasper, emerald, amethyst and onyx

I felt an itch

On my left arm

Just below my wrist

And I scratched

And felt something

Popping out from inside my body

And out of my skin

I pulled it out

And behold

It was a golden shawl!

You took it from me

And gently

Draped it

Around my neck and shoulders

In great ecstasy and shock

I exclaimed,

“Jesus! My Lord!”

I shuddered

And I wept for joy

I knelt before you

In great adoration

And worship

You opened your arms

Then, I got up and rushed into your strong, powerful arms

You held me close

And I held you tightly

Like a daughter

Lost and found

Then I got drowned

In your fragrance

And heavenly perfume

I felt rapturous praise

Erupting from my inner

Being like an unstoppable


Threatening to engulf me

In its awesome intensity

Of heavenly love and passion

I looked into your eyes

And I fainted

And fell at your feet

At your great power, love and glory

You picked me up

Like a little child

You led me to the highest mountain

And we danced

We danced and danced

As we became one

And you filled me

With your Holy Spirit

Heaven screamed with joy

The saints rejoiced

And angels sang

Sweet, golden Hallelujah

The melodious song

Of heaven


“You’ll never find another love

Like Jesus Christ”

Reverberated and filled the air

I whispered and groaned deeply

Into your diamond

Studded robes

Loving its feel

Hiding my face

In it’s glorious fragrance and warmth

“Lord of glory

May this dance last forever and never end.”

My eyes were pleading

And my face was bewildered

My breath was short

And gasping

My face was twisted

With the agony of

Knowing that

I was incomplete

Without your constant infilling

My groan was from

The pit of my belly

As my whole being shook

And reverberated

With a need beyond words

You raised my bewildered face towards you

To look at your face which radiated with great light

And my eyes shifted away from

Your eyes

In childlike shyness and confusion

I felt so unworthy

Because I was


Heaven on earth

And I felt ashamed of my awkward shyness

You smiled

and you said to me

“My child

I love your shyness

Wait upon me

Seek my face

Walk in my ways and will

Flee every appearance of evil

Rejoice in me always

Celebrate my love

Thank me in every circumstance

And pray without ceasing

And you will always dance

With me and in me

There is a price to pay

For my glory

Which is my dance

But when we meet in Heaven

You will

Always dance with me and in me

And rest in my arms

And love for all eternity

You bent your head towards my face

And kissed my right cheek

And said,

“I love you.”

Then you disappeared


You are fairer

Than ten thousand

And none

Can compare to you

May your Church

Delight to always

Dance in you

And constantly experience

Your great glory.”

A short story

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Lost In Time

She was so lost

In her problems

For several years

That she forgot

How to live


She woke up

To find that

Time had left her behind


She was so sad


She could not


The lost time


Then she vowed

That regardless

Of problems

She would live

Life to the fullest

She determined not to

Let problems steal

Her life, joy and future



She became so driven

And motivated

That she became

The best that she could be

And inspired millions

Around the world

By her outstanding success


She achieved all she did

In the midst of tough circumstances

Challenges and problems


A fictional poem


Never let

Your problems


Your life, joy, hope, faith

And future!


There is never a perfect

Circumstance for success


Most of the people

Who have made an impact

On humanity

Did so

Regardless of personal

Struggles, problems

And circumstances


Problems are not meant

To steal our will to live

And define us





And live again


You can never

Go back in time

And reclaim

Lost opportunities



The best use of


And tomorrow

Even in the midst

Of harsh



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