Little Girls Playing In The Moonlight

Little girls dancing, clapping and playing in the moonlight

The wriggles and squeakles

Under a huge mango tree

The quiet village is filled with innocent cries of laughter

I gaze up into the sky and my eyes are fixed on a star in wonder of creation

My heart mutters

“How glorious are you, O King of glory

You are pure and desire innocence

Cleanse our hearts and make us as innocent as doves

So that we can find joy in the little things of life

And gush out happy cries of joy

Just like the girls playing in the moonlight.”

Lovely Prince

Songs of worship

Songs of love

Flowing from my lips

Like sweet cascade

Of flavored water

Ascending to His throne

Lovely Prince

Handsome and pure

Capturing my soul

In waves of delight

As I worship

And glorify

Your beauty


Resplendent and Holy

Bless your children

With peace and joy

As they worship you

In relentless praise


Brighter Tomorrow

Brighter today

Brighter tomorrow

That is a great prayer

In an ever changing world

Where hope is dim and faith is weak

Jesus, Lord of my future

Shine your light upon my future

By your power

Heal, restore and preserve

Our future

Lord of Tomorrow

Ever present

Guiding and leading us

Hope of the nations

Tomorrow’s peace

With promises in your wings

Let tomorrow’s light

Be brighter than a millions suns

So that we may be crowned

With a brighter tomorrow


Never Forget

I can hear Him say

Never forget that I was the one

Who watched over you like a hawk

When no one else cared

You were rejected and abandoned

I took you out of the mud

And cleansed you

I healed you and gave you life

Never forget that the love I have for you

Can be compared to no other

You might not understand it

And you might doubt it


Your doubt does not make it less real

Never forget that I can feel love

And grief

When you reject me and disobey me

I feel grief

Never forget that

Without me you can do nothing

And that rejecting my love

Is great folly

Never forget

That all I want is love

Worship and praise

Those who make it their aim

To always please me in love

Will not be disappointed

Because I am a rewarder of those who

Diligently seek me

Never forget

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Lover For Life

Lover for life

So pure so good

You came into my life

And changed me

Lover for life

I love you

Because you love me deeply

You can lay down your life

A million times for me

Lover for life

Your love is so powerful

So strong, so real

So divine

It makes me tremble

Lover for life

You take away my breath

And you give me breath

With your staggering presence

Lover for life

My love for you will never end

Enthrone your love in my heart

And never leave


We are definitely lovers

For life

He Who Thirsts

And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely (Revelation 22:17 NKJV)

He who thirsts

Is the one who desires

And craves

For His divine presence

He who thirsts

Will keep seeking

For a fresh taste

Of Christ our bridegroom

He who thirsts

Will drinks from the wells

Of salvation and glory

Through persistence

May we always thirst, drink

And never run dry.

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You were taken

By a vow

And a spirit

That I could not understand

Despite knowing

That we could never

Be together

I loved you

Like my own soul

I inhaled your spirit

Until obsession took over

When I realized the

Danger of obsession

I cut off

And went far away

To another land

Where I would

Never see you

However the scar

Had cut deeply

Into me

And all my dreams

Were about

Me by your graveside

Mourning the loss

Of your presence

The cords of obsession

Fought hard

To resist the resistance

I put up

As I realized that

I did not have the strength

To pull through

Because the more I fought

The more I fell apart

And became physically


Because my heart

Refused to obey

My head and logic

I cried out to heaven

And I was saved

By the mercy of God

With one lesson

Etched deeply

On my mind

“Obsession is bad

For the soul,

Reject obsession

At its early stages

Before it sprouts

Horns and tails

And turns into

A destructive

Monster to the soul.”

My Own Happiness

As I climbed the Hill

At Rock-berry drive

I remembered Harry

My ex husband

So happy

So loved up

With His new family

I hissed

As I heard a loud scream

And I realized that

I had fallen

Because I did not see

The white stone

By the pathway

A tear slipped out if my tired eyes

As I struggled

To rise up

From the muddy path

I picked up

A gold colored

Dry leaf

And I made a silent vow

To myself

Never to remember

Happy Harry

And focus on myself

My life, my path and my way

In order to carve out

My own happiness

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