It’s Never Too Late

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It is better to say, ” I’m sorry,” than destroy a relationship. Sometimes it is only a sincere apology that can restore a relationship. It does not matter if it’s been a very long time that you hurt or offended someone. Reach out and apologize regardless of whether the relationship will be restored or not. Unfortunately, some relationships have been too poisoned to go back to what it was. However, you can get back to the place of civility and respect, devoid of malice and bitterness.

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True wisdom thrives in humility, repentance and love. It is always better to say “I’m sorry.” It’s never too late.

The Best Things In Life Are Free

Do you know that the best things in life are free?

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The list is endless – the life we live, the air we breathe, our spouses, the children we have, our parents and siblings, our friends, our health, the flowers that bloom ever so gloriously, the seeds we plant that grow, the mountains we love to gaze at, the seaside we just love to enjoy and gush over. The list is endless and yes – the best things in life are free.




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