If I Make The Difference

If I Make the Difference

When I strive and struggle

For a better world

When I preach peace

Instead of war

Love instead of hatred

Then, let God be glorified


If I make a difference

In my daily life

When I sweat

And toil

To make ends meet

When I reject Idleness

And laziness

When I donate to charities

And visit the sick

And take care of orphans

Then, let God be praised


We can all make the difference

When we embrace acts of love

And sacrifice

For the sake of humanity

Then God will be glorified

Because man is finally

Living in line with the

Purpose for which

He was created


When we make the difference

Peace will certainly reign

If we make the difference

Love will reign


If I make the difference

Then, I make a difference

And the world

Will be a better place

For you and me


A better world

Starts with you and me

So let’s all join hands

To make a difference

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I Roam The Streets

I Roam the streets

Begging for food

I am lowly

And despised

But I was not always like this

I mingled with the wrong crowd

Who introduced me to poison

To cope with life

And the drugs took over

I am ravaged

I am helpless

I am sick

Please do not despise me

I need help

When you see me

Or another me

Help me

Or say a silent prayer

For me

Or another me

But please don’t despise me

Because I already

Hate what I have become