Don’t Look Back At The world – The Story Of Amanda

Message about not looking at the world and living in purity as a single Christian female waiting upon the Lord for her husband {Boaz}

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Unlikely Love

Life and Relationship Poems

A cold heart

I tied to love




I crashed

With bitter regret


Some people are not ready or willing to love. All they want is comfort and convenience. They come to exploit, use and abuse. Do not let people take advantage of you. Your heart is precious so you must guard it jealously. Do not give it away cheaply. Do not give it to those will never and can never love you.

Guard your heart with all diligence, for from it flow springs of life. Proverbs 4:23

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I Cried

I left you

I cried

I went back to you

I cried

I have cried

For you so often


I do not have the will

To leave you

And your abuse


Please help me

My mind is breaking

My heart is weeping


I simply can’t

Live this crying life anymore


Abusive relationships

Are toxic and dangerous

Do not endure physical

Or emotional violence

Do the right thing

And save your future

Do not be frozen

Pray and take action!

When You See Me Cry

When you see me cry

What goes through

Your mind?

Do you think I am weak

Pathetic and and unattractive?



When you see me cry

What goes through your mind?

Joy, power, glee

Tell me

What goes through your mind?


I know you love to

See me cry

And I have cried for you and

In front of you

Several times


I cried because I am human

I cried because

That was the only way

I could release my hurt, pain

And frustration

At your brutality and abuse



I no longer care

About what goes through

Your mind when I cry



I am taking back my dignity

And respect

I will no longer cry

To give you

Sadistic joy


I will leave your presence

And your life

And believe me

I will never cry for you again,


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You were taken

By a vow

And a spirit

That I could not understand

Despite knowing

That we could never

Be together

I loved you

Like my own soul

I inhaled your spirit

Until obsession took over

When I realized the

Danger of obsession

I cut off

And went far away

To another land

Where I would

Never see you

However the scar

Had cut deeply

Into me

And all my dreams

Were about

Me by your graveside

Mourning the loss

Of your presence

The cords of obsession

Fought hard

To resist the resistance

I put up

As I realized that

I did not have the strength

To pull through

Because the more I fought

The more I fell apart

And became physically


Because my heart

Refused to obey

My head and logic

I cried out to heaven

And I was saved

By the mercy of God

With one lesson

Etched deeply

On my mind

“Obsession is bad

For the soul,

Reject obsession

At its early stages

Before it sprouts

Horns and tails

And turns into

A destructive

Monster to the soul.”

My Own Happiness

As I climbed the Hill

At Rock-berry drive

I remembered Harry

My ex husband

So happy

So loved up

With His new family

I hissed

As I heard a loud scream

And I realized that

I had fallen

Because I did not see

The white stone

By the pathway

A tear slipped out if my tired eyes

As I struggled

To rise up

From the muddy path

I picked up

A gold colored

Dry leaf

And I made a silent vow

To myself

Never to remember

Happy Harry

And focus on myself

My life, my path and my way

In order to carve out

My own happiness

I Tried To Love You But…



I tried to love you

But I couldn’t

You were to me

The wrong man

That I married

It was an arranged marriage

That made me loose the man

Of my dreams



You loved me

You were the best

You lived for me


I could never forget

That you were not

My choice

I believed our marriage

Was an accident

That should never have happened



One morning in September

You woke up

And said

“You know what? I release you.”

And that was final

I was free

But an ache began

To eat me up

As I realized that

I could not live without you

I could not forget the way

You loved me


And I became convinced that

No man will ever

Love me

The way you did

However it was too late

Your heart had

Turned away from me



Here I am

Sad and miserable

Missing the years that

We spent together

And drowning in memories

Of our intertwined past life

That just won’t go away


I was such a fool

To let go of

A love so beautiful

But it is simply

Too late


I now know that

I loved you

I had to miss you

To realize that

When You Said Goodbye 

And that when I started to cry

When you said goodbye

When you took your love

And gave it

To someone else


I started to cry

When I remembered the home

We built together,

And our lovely kids

I started to cry

When you ignored your children

And pretended they

Did not exist


But I stopped crying

When I remembered

The goodness of God

And his mercy

He became

The father of my children

And I never lacked

He wiped away my tears

And brought David

Who loved me

And grew old with me

And I never remembered

You or your betrayal

Ever again

I Wrote On The Wall

I wrote on the Wall

After months of grief

I made a vow

Within me

Never to cry again

Never to mourn again

Like the souls

In the land

Of grief

Under the earth

I wrote on the wall

You will never haunt me again

After months of grief

I made Jesus

My first love

And shunned the

Love of the world

I wrote on the wall

I am over you

Each day I pass by my

Handwriting on the walll

And smile within me

It is certainly over

I wrote on the wall

Never again

Will my heart be broken

By a mortal

You were handsome

You were clever

You were rich

Every woman’s dream

And you chose me

And loved me

In mindless passion

And obsession

I was enchanted

And enamoured

By the weight

Of you desire

You seemed too unreal

In your beauty

And charm

Love for you took over my soul

And my soul cleaved to your soul

We were one

In love and life

After some time

You took my love

And cast in on a hard stone

You gave my heart

To the birds to eat

You became bored and tired

You cast me aside

And caused me grief

I prayed to God

For healing of the heart

One glorious morning

I clenched my teeth

Walking with firm strides

And uplifted shoulder

With a little smirk

On my weary face

In firm resolve

I marched to the sitting room

And wrote on the wall

A silent mutiny and vow

With myself

I wrote on the wall

Because I know that

Each morning I will smile

In victory

That I am indeed over you

I wrote in the wall

“You are my past

Jesus is my future.”