The Blood Of Jesus And Holy Ghost Fire.

A video message about the greatest spiritual weapon of all – the blood of Jesus and Holy Ghost Fire. May the Lord give you victory in all things as you keep apply His word in your life.

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May The Lord Himself Be Your Crown And Beauty

There is nothing as great and glorious as resting in the Lord. When the Lord becomes your wall, protection crown and weapon, you will taste heaven and the reality of Christ. You will know it experientially, that Jesus is Lord.

The Lord wants you to press deeper into Him. He wants you to draw closer to Him, so that He can draw closer to you. He wants you to experience the reality of His love and power. He wants to be your crown, beauty and crowning glory.

Seek the Lord and you will know His rest. Keep pressing deeper into Him, and taste the reality of His love and power.

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Walk Right With God

It is so very vital and important for us to always walk right with God. There are so many benefits and rewards attached to walking right with God and pleasing God. Even though we should walk right with God because we love Him not because of benefits, however. God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him,

When you walk right with God, you will

1. Be protected

2. Experience the presence of God

3. Manifest the fruits of the Holy Spirit

4. Have long life

5. Receive answers to prayers

6. Have assurance of salvation

7. Have faith instead of fear

8. Be blessed

May the Lord of glory, help us to always walk right in Him and be quick to repent when we fall.

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