Friends of the World

Friends of the world and worldly believers do these:

1. Dress immodestly

2. Have loose tongue

3. Have no intimacy with God

4. Are obsessed with material things

5. Do not seek God’s Kingdom n righteousness first

6. Find pleasure in sin. They love n enjoy sin

7. Listen to worldly pastors and teachers

8. Yoke themselves with worldly people n even marry them

9. Are stingy with God

10. Engage in immorality without remorse

11. Allow lust to rule them

12. Fall flat in the face of temptation n trial

13. Allow the world to rule them

14. Engage in worldly entertainment

15. Receive godly discipline, judgement and sorrow

James 4:4 says, “Don’t you know that friendship with the world is enmity with God

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Pray Without Anxiety

Anytime you are praying and you notice
You feel overwhelmed
You get spiritual attacks
You feel anxious
You are worried
You are stressed
You are sad
You are agitated
You are tired
You are discouraged
It means that you are not praying right. Your focus is wrong

Switch to praise, worship and thanksgiving. Start thanksgiving God for all He has done for you resorcially His blood that set you free. Focus on the greatness of God and the littleness of your problem.

Shift your focus to God not self or problems. Once your focus is on God and His ability, you will be joyful as you pray.

God wants you to pray with calm, joy and gratitude

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