America Is Teaching The World Nakedness


Revelations and Messages 6

6: America is teaching the world nakedness

I was waking up some days ago and went into a trance after many hours of prayer, praise and worship throughout the night. The Lord said to me, “There will be a bang and a massive earthquake. America will be destroyed, UK will be destroyed.

The Roman Empire will take over again. The world will shrink back to the size it was before Jesus came. I was boggled and was pensive, pondering what I had just heard and the Lord knew I was disturbed and further clarified by saying to me, “ America is teaching the world nakedness.”

This vision highlights the seriousness of an offense that we do not really know is highly offensive to God, especially when it is exported round the world and is polluting the world with a deadly offensive stench.

Nakedness stand for:

1. Powerlessness and no protection or covering

2. Shame and disgrace

3. Darkness, death, confusion and destruction

Points To Note

1. This revelation can happen in our lifetime or many years after our lifetime.

2. Souls that go to hell are naked.

3. Adam and Eve became conscious of their nakedness after their sin and subsequent judgement.

4. Adam and Eve realized it was evil to be naked and tried to cover themselves.

5. Physical nakedness can by a symbol of spiritual nakedness.

6. Mad people and some mentally unstable people go about naked because they are not well. It is a sign of ill health and deep spiritual problem and confusion.

7. Spiritual nakedness is total depravity and perversion of man who was made in the image of God.

8. In some parts of the world, criminals are stripped naked before jungle justice is given to them. There is a reason for that – it is the ultimate disgrace.

9. There will be no nakedness in heaven.

10. I believe the naked celebrities are spiritual prostitutes that have received favors from Satan to destroy humanity in the pit of nakedness. Nakedness stands for judgement, death and destruction- it should not be celebrated or embraced, it is worship of death and helplessness of man.

For those who love to watch nakedness and follow and idolize naked celebrities. This is food for thought – A serious Judgement is coming. I do not know when, but it will surely happen.

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Judgement On Catholics Bowing Down To Statues

Revelations and Messages 5

5: Judgement of death on statue worshippers

In this vision I saw a group of Catholics bowing down to statues and I said them, “show me in your Bible where it is written that you should worship statues. You made and molded this thing and you are bowing down to it.” They looked at me with confusion in their eyes and searched the Bibles that they were holding and saw nothing like that there. Then it looked as if they were just realizing that they had been deceived and I decreed, “Judgement of death is upon you.”

There were about four adults and two children. One after the other I stood in front of them in turns and made the decree. I went over to the two children in their midst and I said to the first child, “because you are a child, the Lord has pardoned you. You will not be affected.” then, I moved over to the second child and said the same thing. The two children were not judged and they escaped death by God’s powerful wisdom and mercy.

Points to note

1. There is an unseen spiritual world made up of humans and spirits. Whatever happens there must manifest physically. We all live in that unseen world and also live here.

2. I only decreed what the Lord moved me to decree

3. I was not in control, the Holy Spirit was in control

4. What ever I decree by the Spirit of God in a dream, trance or vision always come to pass. In the natural, it can come to pass immediately or after a while.

5. Idol worship is a very grievous offense against God and humanity because it is worship of death since idols are vain imaginations that do not really exist. The foundation of idol worship is human blood, witchcraft and cultism. What is being worshiped is destruction of human beings clothed and shouldered in the lies and smokescreen of idol worship.

6. We will all die but what matters is heaven. The judgement of death they received is both physical and spiritual. Now, spiritual death is really really horrible.

7. We must all shun and flee idolatry. It is just like consuming the worst poison that man has never been capable of contemplating or imagining.

8. We must exalt the word of God above man and doctrines of man. In this vision they were judged by the Bible that they were holding which they had scorned, looked down on and despised. The Holy Spirit who is the living word and also the Spirit of Jesus Christ – the word of God judged them.

The word of God is what will judge us. We are free but we not free to reject the word of God. Rejecting the word of God is death. The freedom is between life and death so if we reject the word of God which is the source of life all we have left is death.

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The Lord Is Not Happy With The State Of The Anglican Church

Revelations And Messages 4

4: Separation Of The Anglican Church from Royalty

The Spirit Of The Lord was upon me this morning and I was in a trance and saw the queen, Elizabeth with her face covered with what looked like strips of cloths or scarves. I marched towards her and stood in front of her to make a decree from the Lord.

She looked very skinny and refused to open her face and I decreed and said, ‘the Lord is not happy that the Anglican Church is together with the royalty. He wants total separation of the Anglican Church from the royal family.’ I continued , ‘your son Charles will soon take over but he will be too stubborn to separate the church from the royalty so he will not rule for long. William will take over and will comply because lots of things will happen to demonstrate the anger of the Lord. The power of the Royal Family will be reduced to 1/100. Then I heard a woman shouting, ‘sorcery!sorcery! we’ve been under a spell! It looked like some blinders left her eyes. I looked at her wondering to myself, ‘Did you not know all this while?’ Then I came out of the trance.

The Lord wants the dissolution of that unholy marriage and alliance because it was never from Him in the first place. He wants to take over every Church that calls the name of Jesus before the second coming of Christ. It is extremely vital and necessary. The Churches that refuse to comply and try to be stubborn will experience severe and unprecedented judgements from the throne of Grace.

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The Unification Of The Church

Revelations and Messages 3

3: The Unification The Church

The Lord has been consistently telling me that He wants the unification of Christian churches all over the world. He said to me ‘this needs to happen before the second coming of Christ. It is vital and extremely necessary.” As part of that future event, He told me that He wants the Catholic Church to give up its idols and He wants the Anglican church to be separated from the royal family.

He also wants the fake and false Pentecostal pastors leading their members into idol worship and magic to surrender or He will rain down mighty Judgement on them without any drop of mercy. If they want to continue, they must stop calling the name of Jesus and baptize their idols with other names. They can adopt another name but as long as these Churches are naming their idols “Jesus” and calling the name of Jesus and using His name to deceive and entice men into magic, worldliness and idolatry, they will experience severe judgement from the Lord.

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He Gives Families To The Lonely

God sets the solitary in families;

He brings out those who are bound into prosperity. (Psalm 68:6 NKJV)


God will give

Families to the lonely,

Because loneliness is against His will.



The lonely will once again,

Have companions,

That will lead to great happiness.


God will wipe away

The tears and sorrows,

Of the lonely and unloved.


Those who were once called unloved

Will be called loved, blessed and cherished.

The blessings of God

Will overwhelm them.


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Dry Things

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Dry things will rise again

Dry life

Dry marriage

Dry career

Dry health

For God did not make us dry

He has giving us living water

To overflow in our lives

May your cup run over

As dry valleys

Become pools of living water