The Afterglow

I yearn and thirst

For that one special price

That is more precious than gold


The longing for

The constant presence of my

Eternal bridegroom

Is ever fresh and hot

Engulfing me

In its intensity

It is a holy hunger

It is pure


I yearn and long

Yet, I have not touched

The substance of what

I desire so much – His constant manifest presence

I see Him and I hear Him

But the ultimate

Is to bask in His constant glory

And live in the afterglow

Of His great love


I will never give up

As long as I have breath

In me

For hope is my oil

And propeller

Towards what I desire


Desire is what takes us

Into constant prayer

And setting out time

To wait upon Him


Desire, hunger and thirst

Will propel us

Into basking in His glory

And shining in the afterglow

Of divine kiss and fellowship


Never give up

On your hopes and dreams

Even when it seems unattainable

Because it is better to

Keep striving for success and glory

And never give up

Than never to try all

Or try and give up along the way


As for me

I press on

Towards the great price – The afterglow of His glory

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You Laughed And Rejoiced


When I cried

You laughed and rejoiced

And celebrated my sorrow

You boasted,

‘She must be destroyed

Kill her.’


When I cried

You could not feel my sorrow

And my pain was your wine

My tears never stopped

As I prayed to God above


O fallen nation

Blessed and gifted

With a glorious destiny

The nations contrived

And plotted against you

They teamed up

And plundered you

But I can hear the Lord say,

“Continue your battle

And fight for freedom


I will surely

Set you free.”


Surely, God will deliver

All the oppressed

Who cry out to Him in faith

Worship and obedience

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If I Make The Difference

If I Make the Difference

When I strive and struggle

For a better world

When I preach peace

Instead of war

Love instead of hatred

Then, let God be glorified


If I make a difference

In my daily life

When I sweat

And toil

To make ends meet

When I reject Idleness

And laziness

When I donate to charities

And visit the sick

And take care of orphans

Then, let God be praised


We can all make the difference

When we embrace acts of love

And sacrifice

For the sake of humanity

Then God will be glorified

Because man is finally

Living in line with the

Purpose for which

He was created


When we make the difference

Peace will certainly reign

If we make the difference

Love will reign


If I make the difference

Then, I make a difference

And the world

Will be a better place

For you and me


A better world

Starts with you and me

So let’s all join hands

To make a difference

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Our Legacy

But as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, because it is written, “Be holy, for I am holy (1 Peter 1:15 – 1:16 NKJV)


Holiness given

Holiness decreed

Holiness cherished

Holiness craved

Holiness practiced


That is our

Divine legacy in Christ

Who redeemed us

And made us Holy


He also commands

Us to be Holy

As Holy people

Bought in grace


Grace must never be abused

Grace must be appreciated

And reciprocated

By acts of love and holiness

Because it is His own love and holiness

That inspires our Holiness

We love Him

Because He first loved us


We must never give up

We must never get discouraged

We must never get tired

We must constantly desire and practice holiness

And all its fruits

So that we will be

Decorated with

Garments of glory

And crowns of righteousness

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Found In You

Hold Me Close

Under the shadow

Of your wings

Until the raging storm is over


Hold me close

When the sun bites

And the moon stings

As they collude

And whisper

In silent mutiny

To tear me apart


Hold me close

Until I feel your very heartbeat

And breath

In the midst of the storm

And after the storm


When the storm is over

You will leave the imprint

And mark of your arms – your life giving presence

All around me


Then your presence will

Overwhelm and overshadow me

It will erase the memory of the storm

That brought me into you


Hold me close

Until I am lost

And found in you


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The Sting

I felt your sting

It was powerful

And painful

And it left me breathless

I felt your powerful sting

And went deep into myself

To meditate

On your deeds

I discovered that I had

Courted you

And romanced you

Then you gave me

That one powerful slap – the sting

Which subsequently

Woke me up from my slumber


You are cunning and deceitful

With your pleasures and lures

You blindfold

And you enslave

The undiscerning

Turning them into willing slaves

Your slap

Will only wake up the wise

While the foolish

Endure the slap

And keep romancing you

Making excuses for you

While dancing with you

And sleeping with you – the true enemy of the human race


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We Will March On

Though now you do not see Him, yet believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory, receiving the end of your faith – the salvation of your souls (1 Peter 1:9 NKJV) (1 Peter 1:8 NKJV)

We have never seen Him

Yet we believe

We endure

We persevere

We have never seen Him

However, we will march on

With persistence


And love

Knowing that sooner than later

We will receive the end of our faith

The salvation of our souls

Come Lord Jesus


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He Gave Us Life

He gave us life

He washed us

He cleansed us

He purified us

He redeemed us

He saved us

He delivered us

He healed

He justified us

O what a mighty God

We serve

It is by His great

Love and mercy

That He saved us

Our sins are

Washed away

He has declared us

Not guilty

And He is not

Counting our sins

Against us

We have been cleansed

From past sins

Thank you Jesus,

What a mighty God

We serve

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That One Dance

We were many

Dressed in royal garments

Studded with gemstones

Waiting for the bridegroom


We were all longing

To dance with Him

As we all searched

The great ballroom

In Heaven

For the great Master


Then He appeared

And we all fell at His feet

In adoration and worship

My face was facedown

And my mouth kissed the floor

And it seemed like my nose

Was stuck to the floor


Then I saw the golden sandals

Beside me

And realized He was

Standing beside me


I looked up

And He stretched out

His right hand to me

Smiling gently

With love


His blue eyes sparkled

And twinkled

And rays of light

Emanated from them

Enveloping me


I gave Him

My right hand and

He pulled me up

Into His arms

His gaze fixed firmly

On my face


I looked downwards

With great shyness

Because I felt swallowed up

By His mesmerising deep gaze


I hid my face on

His shoulder

And we danced


As we danced

He bent towards my face

And whispered into my ear,

“Those who wait upon me

And seek my face

Will dance with me

Eat with me

And experience my glory.

They will touch me

Taste me

Feel me

Eat me

And see my face,

As I come upon them.

To dance with me means

Intimate fellowship

And baptism of

My Holy Spirit and fire

It means drinking and tasting

My Spirit

And basking in my glory and fire

Tell my children that

I want to dance with them.”


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I Come To You

I come to you

With nothing

But my yearning, craving heart


I come to you with empty hands


That your hands are full

And powerful


I come to you

With humility, faith and trust

Holding and clinging to your

Glorious garments

With tenacity and persistence


Most especially

I come to you

With expectancy,

Peace and rest


Without anxiety

Resting in you

In sweet assurance

Knowing that

You will not disappoint me



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