Stubborn Memories


When you left

I cried


You travelled far away

And married another

I cried


I grieved

And prayed

That you would come back

If not for me

For my children


When you left

I cried


I could not let go

I lived in the past

And tormented my weary mind

With the beautiful and stubborn

Memories we had formed

Together in the past


You left

But the memories did not leave


I tried to shake them off

But they remained


I tried to let go

But I couldn’t

Until grace found me

And changed me


Power from above

And time

Healed me



I am so happy

It’s unbelievable


I have found another love

Another joy

And another life


I cried


I cry no more


There are times

And seasons in life


I guess my season

Of sadness is over

And my season of joy is now



May it last

By your grace

Till I meet you in glory



A fictional narrative (story) poem



God heals broken hearts

No matter how gloomy it is

After a bitter and harsh separation

God’s grace is bigger

He heals hearts, emotions, homes and families

I Tried So Hard


Please Forgive Me


You were the best

A man could be


I tried so hard

To love you

But I couldn’t


Please forgive me


I was frozen

I was wounded

I was damaged


Please forgive me

For being the one

Who broke you

And turned you into

A monster

Who only

Wants to break, hurt and punish

Innocent women


A fiction




Perfecting Holiness

Therefore, having these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God. (2 Corinthians 7_1 NKJV)


Therefore, having these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God. (2 Corinthians 7:1 NKJV)

God wants us to perfect holiness in the fear of God. A lot of people think that it is not possible to perfect holiness but it is. If the Bible demands it then it is possible.

To perfect holiness does not mean that we will be as perfect as God. It means that we can walk in an acceptable level of holiness which is known as Christian maturity. It means that we constantly desire to please God always. Even when we make mistakes, we quickly correct ourselves and continue hungering and thirsting after righteousness.

The truth is that when the hunger for righteousness is there, the grace will be available. Those who are spiritually mature put God first in everything, they put other men second and put themselves last. They serve others in love instead of wanting to be served and worshipped. It is what you want that you will get. If you are a minister and you want to be worshipped, you will attract worship and at the end of the day you only have yourself to blame because you could have disciplined the human nature in you by the power of the Holy Spirit. However, you loved the pleasure of sin better than Christ.

Paul and Moses were mature in their walks with God. They put God first in everything. Jesus Himself was mature and perfect and demanded that we should be like Him. He came in the flesh to prove to us that someone putting on flesh can be perfect.

Jesus instructed us to imitate Him but a lot of people will still grumble and say that Jesus is God, so His divinity enabled Him when He was on earth. That way, they convince themselves that it is impossible and get discouraged. They cleverly forget that Jesus came in the flesh and was tempted just like us. He struggled and fought. Those who choose to think that way, think that they are clever, but that is not the godly kind of cleverness.

Paul was focused and He kept imitating Christ. He said, “imitate me as I imitate Christ.” For me, I try to imitate Christ but if you are more comfortable with imitating Paul, that is fine. Paul is a great Christian role model.

As we desire to imitate Christ and keep imitating Him, God will keep supplying more grace. May great grace be upon us in Jesus name.

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Jesus, My Love

I love it most when we are simply enjoying each other’s presence and not asking anything from one another. That is what I love the most.”.png

Visions, Revelations and Messages.

Did you see Netanyahu?

For the past two days I was spending sixteen hours a day on digital painting and art. When I start, I just can’t seem to stop until I finish. This particular painting was really complex and would take about 5 days to complete. I am a qualified accountant so my work involves complex financial forecasts and analysis with financial engineering and mathematics. However, I love to paint, write and produce music. I am still going through a learning curve in the art, writing and music world. I painted from 7am to 10pm for two days, while playing praise and worship. I also do another type of work at night and get just a little sleep. I did not pray and fellowship with the Lord as usual with Bible study, pouring out my heart to Him and singing to Him. I only listened to praise and worship as I painted. Then I developed a bad headache.

I simply took a break and stopped the painting to give my eyes a break from the bright invincible rays coming from my MacBook Pro screen which I believe was causing the head ache.

Then, from 7pm yesterday night, I went into prayer. I knew that all I needed to do was to relax and refresh myself in His presence. I then talked to the Lord and sang praises, thanksgiving, love and worship to the Lord. I apologized to Him for ignoring Him when He had commanded me to spend a lot of time in His presence daily for fresh infilling and glory. I said to Him,

‘Lord, I know it was wrong of me to ignore you and spend so much time on digital painting, Please forgive me.”

I kept fellowshipping, worshipping and praying. After about three hours, the Lord came upon me and I went into a trance. He said to me. “I love you. I love you with the greatest love of all”  This made me very happy. The Lord expresses love so easily. He is never shy. I am shy with love but the Lord has taught me how to be more expressive with Him. He loves tender and sweet names. He continued,

“My love, no amount of pen pressure (His code name for digital painting) is worth my presence, I love it most when we are simply enjoying each other’s presence and not asking anything from one another. That is what I love the most.”

I said to Him, “ Jesus my love. I love it when you come upon me. I love it when you move, I love you.”

He talked to me about future events that would happen in my life.

He showed me the map of an African country and what would happen to it.

He said to me, “Did you see Netanyahu? He is a strong man. He is stronger than eight Western leaders put together. I had read an article with a picture of Netanyahu during the day. After about an hour the Lord came upon me again and continued talking about Netanyahu, He said to me. “I am with Him. “ Wow, I was shocked. But I should not have been shocked. Even though many Israelites are not Christians, God made a covenant with them.

Then, I saw the cloud that represents God’s glory. This time around, it was blue in color. After that, I saw myself up in the sky and I went  into the cloud above that houses a kingdom. The Lord was with me. I was now in the middle of the clouds just like when an airplane is flying in between the clouds. Next thing, I was in a kingdom.

The Kingdom was in the cloud and mixed up with the cloud and part of the cloud was still visible. Then the clouds disappeared and it was just the Kingdom. This kingdom was beautiful. I observed the structure of the buildings, streets, topography, hills, landscape and trees. We were on a street above looking at a street below. It was spectacular. I turned to the person beside me and she is someone I know on earth. She was also staring around her in surprise. I said, “ We are just behaving the way someone from a third world village who just came to America for the first time would behave.” That place looked like earth but the leaves of the trees and the buildings were just more sophisticated.

Then I saw some Reverend Fathers and I also saw people of many races. I saw three old white women and two young black women. They were all wearing white. I wondered what the white signified in that Kingdom. I approached one of the young girls and asked.

“What is the meaning of this white you are wearing?”

She was reluctant to tell me.

Then I called her name and she was surprised that I knew her name. That was when she realized that I was not from her kingdom and was with a higher power than her kingdom.

I said to her. “I am a princess from the Kingdom above the galaxies higher than every other kingdom.” Apostles and Evangelists are Princes and Princesses. Paul was a Prince.

Immediately I said that, she was filled with fear, terror and dread and ran away without answering my question. She was scared that she would go crazy or die.

I noticed that the Kingdom had Palaces.

Then I started looking for someone called Justin and was screaming, Justin!Justin! I saw him somewhere very far away and wanted to meet him but it was a very long walk. I remembered that depending on the degree of anointing upon me, I could make myself speed faster than an airplane and get to my destination. I tried to move very fast but I could not. Then I kept trying and I was able to speed up towards Justin. I was stopped half way by a man holding a sharp knife. He tried to stab me but he could not. I called his name and he was very surprised that I knew his name. I told him that I was from a great kingdom and that he would have died instantly if he had stabbed me.

I came out of the vision.

Towards the early hours of the morning, the Lord showed me a glimpse of Heaven. I saw dazzling, amazing golden buildings and structures that are impossible to describe. The Kingdom we belong to as Christians is simply awesome and indescribable in beauty, magnificence and splendor

I was able to experience the Lord simply by setting aside time to fellowship with Him. Anyone can live constantly in the dazzling glory of the Lord. The Lord has perfected His salvation and given us the Holy Spirit. We are the ones who need to cooperate constantly with Him to experience the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We must desire spiritual gifts.

So many things are hidden but the Lord is showing me these things because I am an end time Prophet. He is working towards the Unification Of The Church and he wants to take back his church that has been hijacked by the queen of heaven. The Lord wants to rescue souls from that kingdom which is part of  the kingdom of darkness and death and translate souls to the Kingdom of light, life and glory.

What I took away from this vision

  1. Spending quality time in the presence of God brings down the glory of God.
  2. There are many kingdoms of this world and the kingdom above the sky in the cloud is one of them.
  3. The Queen of heaven has a kingdom directly above the sky just as she has a kingdom in the water and the seas. The Lord had previously shown me visions about that.
  4. She is the one that goes by many names such as star of the sea, ocean star and queen of heaven. She is a Principality and is notoriously nicknamed and baptized Mary by her fans, followers and worshipers.
  5. God wants to deliver souls from her hands.
  6. God loves fellowship and worship and the best form of worship is to simply love the Lord and spend time with Him without selfishness and expectation. He delights in pure love.

The greatest love of all is Jesus. Jesus is the manifest presence of God. He is the glory of God, the grace of God and the mercy of God. When Jesus comes upon us and moves by His Holy Spirit, we experience the greatest love of all. The greatest love of all is Christ in us the hope of glory.

May we all constantly taste and experience the greatest love of all.

Anyone Can Live Constantly In The Dazzling Glory Of The Lord

May God's great grace be with all those who follow inspired messages and love the Lord Jesus with undying love..png

Visions Revelations and Messages

Vision of the Reverend Father 

In this vision, I walked into the middle of a service. It was being led by a Catholic Reverend Father. I needed no permission to go in because I was sent by the Lord. Immediately the reverend Father saw me, he stopped the service and said with a very beautiful beaming smile, “Laura you are welcome.” I said, “thank you.” 

I looked around the pulpit and saw that the statues, images and idols were gone. Looking around the pulpit which was formerly an alter for sacrifices, I said to him, ” I see that you have followed my advise as revealed by the Lord and taken away the idols and statues. He was beaming with the most glorious smile as he said, “yes.” My heart melted with holy joy. He was such a lovely man and I still remember His face very clearly.  I said to him, 

“Watch and see the glory of God come down on this church as I minister.”  You are still Catholics, the only difference is that the statues and idols are gone. You have cleansed your church. Then I took the microphone from him and started preaching. I said,

“Anyone can live constantly in the dazzling glory of the Lord. It is not difficult, all you have to do is live the way that Jesus lived. He lived for God first, second for man and thirdly for himself. All you need to do is imitate Jesus in everything and live the way He lived and the dazzling glory of God will be your constant companion.

May God’s great grace be with all those who follow inspired messages and love the Lord Jesus with undying love.

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I Was In Heaven

And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.-3.png

Visions, Revelations and Messages

Vision of two young girls 

In this vision, I saw two beautiful young girls talking with each other. I interrupted them as I joined them and sat beside them. I said to them, “you don’t need to be transported physically to visit that place, you can visit there spiritually. I blew on one of the girls, with air expelled out of my mouth and she was gone. She was sitting down on her chair transfixed and her eyes were open and blank without movement. She was no longer with us because her spirit had travelled. She was in a state of rapture. She came back after a few minutes and was full of smiles.    

“Where were you?” I asked her.

She replied, “I was in Heaven and was being clothed in blue and white robes.” I smiled and said to her in excitement and joy,  “anyone can visit heaven when the glory of God comes upon them.” 

And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit. 2 Corinthians 3:18

This girl’s spirit had an encounter with glory and heaven. I do not know her physically but the Lord is transforming her. The Lord wants us to know that Heaven is not a far away place. It is just a heartbeat away. He wants us to visit Heaven in the Spirit. The more we are in contact with the glory of God and Heaven, the more transformed we will be. It is the glory coming from the presence of the Lord that transforms us from glory to glory.

May you be transformed from glory to glory in Jesus name.

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They Are Pretenders, They Are Not Christians 

2 Timothy 2_19.png

Visions, Revelations and Messages

In this vision the Lord took me into a Church. In that Church, I saw some of the people that write awful things and comments on social media. They were part of the congregation. These were people that openly supported and urged the killing of people that were not of the same tribe, race, ideology, religion and belief system like themselves. I was very shocked to see them in Church and I exclaimed, “ Lord, are these not the same people that openly support and encourage the killing of people who are different from them on social media!”

The Lord replied me and said, “don’t mind them – they are pretenders, they are not Christians.” I was very shocked and came out of the vision. If you really think about this you will realize that no true Christian will support any form of injustice or killing. My spirit was shocked because I could not reconcile their words and actions with their presence in Church as Christians. But the Lord eased my confusion with clarity and truth – they are not Christians. 

He said “don’t mind them” because He does not want us to pay attention to their words, actions and works and be confused, deceived or discouraged. 

Nevertheless, God’s solid foundation stands firm, sealed with this inscription: “The Lord knows those who are his,” and, “Everyone who confesses the name of the Lord must turn away from wickedness.” 2 Timothy 2:19 

Brethren, the Lord truly knows the pretenders and the real, the true and the false, the original and the fake, the authentic and the counterfeit. He knows those who are His and who belong to Him. If you live your life in hatred and still believe that you are a Christian, then I feel very, very sorry for you. 

Do you know why? It is because that is the worst form of self deception and it is the type that leads to death, hell and the grave. Heaven and Hell are very real and unfortunately, some people who think that they are Christians simply because they mention, mouth and do lip service to the name of Christ will be deceived and disappointed. 

They will go to hell if they don’t repent and it won’t be God’s fault. That is the word of the Lord. God did not disappoint them – they disappointed themselves with hatred. God’s grace is greater than sin and hatred and it is available. The only thing we need to do now is to choose love and reject evil and hatred. 

Our fruits and works will always be an evidence of what we believe and worship. It does not make sense hiding under the canopy of Christianity and misusing the name of Christ yet be full of the worst form of abomination, wickedness, evil, greed and hatred – it does not make any sense. No amount of hiding, pretense and self deception will save us from judgement. God sees every form of pretense by man. He wants every man to be saved but we must choose good and reject evil. 

The heart of man is very wicked and deceitful. We have to constantly pray against every form of self deception. 

What I took away from this vision is that:

  1. The Lord knows those who are pretenders and that word He called them is very effective in conveying the true nature of these supposed Christians.
  2. It is possible to believe that you are a Christian, yet you are not a Christian but a pretender.
  3. Anyone who calls the name of the Lord must keep away from hatred and sin. He must hate hatred and evil in order to be a real Christian instead of a pretender.
  4. Christian means Christlike so it is great folly to be Satan-like, devil-like and demon-like and claim Christianity.
  5. Christianity is not a label or tag – it is a way of life that manifests itself and bears fruits. Wisdom is known by its fruits. 

May God’s great grace be upon us and lead us always. May we always bear fruits to the glory of God. Amen.

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