Perfect Redemption

O my soul

Praise the Lord

The Immortal King

He purchased us

With His blood

O my soul

Praise the Lord

What a perfect redemption!

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I Will Fly With You

I will fly with you

Into the glories above

To behold the golden clouds

And magnificent mountains

That adorn

Your glorious city.



I will fly with you

And pierce the heavens

To behold wonders untold

And love unspeakable.


I will fly with you

To behold your beauty

And your grace.

We will eat together

At the table of fellowship

And intimacy.


When the feast is over,

I will rest in you

And breathe in you.

Your fragrance will be

My garment,

And my face with shine

And sparkle.


Jesus, put your arms around me,

Let us fly together

Like we once did,

Into beauty beyond words.

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Let Me Fly



Let me fly

To the heights above

To dwell with the golden clouds

And sing with the Angels


Let me fly


Never to fall

Able to rise

Above circumstances

And situations


Let me fly

And embrace the Holy thoughts

Of the creator

Enshrined in His word

Never to look at circumstances

But focus on His ability


Let me fly

Father, let me fly

Because I was was created to fly

Surely, I will fly

Because I was created to fly

Pretty Boy

You stalk me

You freak me out

You are my fear

And dread

Everywhere I go

I see you hidden at the corner

Ruffling your wild hair,

Staring at me

With your pale blue eyes

That always haunt me

And I wonder why

Why pretty boy, why

You have your whole life ahead of you

What happened to you

That made you this way

I see your eyes

I see your pain

And I know that you are lost

Tormented and helpless

When I close my eyes

I only see your haunted eyes

Haunting me, tormenting me

Refusing to let go

Everyday I pray for you

To find peace

However I need my own peace

So badly

And one thing I’m sure of is this

I will definitely

Turn you in

This night

Lover For Life

Lover for life

So pure so good

You came into my life

And changed me

Lover for life

I love you

Because you love me deeply

You can lay down your life

A million times for me

Lover for life

Your love is so powerful

So strong, so real

So divine

It makes me tremble

Lover for life

You take away my breath

And you give me breath

With your staggering presence

Lover for life

My love for you will never end

Enthrone your love in my heart

And never leave


We are definitely lovers

For life

This Yearning Heart Of Mine

In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins (1 John 4:10 NKJV)

He loved us first
Yes He did
Even when we
Were unattractive
And lost in sin
He loved us
So that we
Can need Him
And go to Him
For satisfaction.

No where to go
No where but
At the feet of
The master

No where else to go
When I am hungry
When I am thirsty
When I am naked
I have nowhere
Else to go

I will run to you
For spiritual food
And water
To quench this thirst
Of mine
For only you
Can truly satisfy
This yearning heart
Of mine