Laura Bon is an evangelist and teacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is also an author. From an early age she received various revelations from the Holy Spirit. She was taught by the Holy Spirit and is tested and trusted. She has been called to teach the Church how to get to the mountain top of spiritual maturity as the Church waits for heaven.

She is also an accountant. She holds MBA and MSc degrees from University of Wales and is an ACCA-chartered certified accountant (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). In addition to writing, she loves reading, singing, and visiting new places.

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  1. Bassey Etim says:

    It has been a privilege meeting you via your blog. Your blog is really amazing. Please I will be sending you a private message through your contact page for some kind of assistance. And yes, I almost forgot, thanks for visiting my blog. I think you gave me the highest number of likes. Lol😀

  2. barimahblog says:

    I have loved a lot of good biblical facts here on your blog. God bless you. Thanks for liking my post recently.

  3. meenas17 says:

    Thanks for following Meenas Poems.
    You seem to be a multifaceted person with interests in religion and accountancy.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Thank you for visiting King of Kings! So great to see that we are co-laborers in God’s Kingdom. Blessings sister! x

  5. in says:

    Wow, u wear many hats. An accountant too? Good for u! God bless, dear. 🌱

  6. Thanks for following my blog, hope it inspires you! You may be interested in my professional blog where you can find out about my writing: local history, poetry and science fiction.

    • laurabon says:

      Thank you Ann Marie, so glad we are connected😊. Will definitely visit your professional blog.

  7. I confess I have no religious faith whatsoever and yet I so often see the numinous around me. I suppose I am a secular mystic by temperament. There is nothing quite like the Psalms sung quietly in plainsong to fill me with a sense of peace, or the beautiful words of the book of common prayer. Happily one does not have to have belief in a divinity to get a sense of serenity and joy out of such things.

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