Spend Time With God In Meditation, Communion And Fellowship

Message about the importance and benefit of meditating on the word of God

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My Inspiration


You are my strength

When I am weak

You are my source

Of inspiration

You are the one

That I cling to for help

I love you

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Magnificent Obsession

Holy Spirit

I love you

I need you

I long for you

Let your presence

Become my passion

My hunger

My thirst

My yearning

My need

My love and my

Magnificent obsession!

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With All My Heart

Lord, produce in me, a character that is more pleasing to you.

Give me the grace

To know you more


Love you more

May I never

Stop doing good

May I walk

In all your ways

May I seek

You with all my heart

May I be lost in you

And found

In you

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King Of The Ages

We bless you

Almighty God

King of the ages

You are glorious

And greatly to be praised

You took my sicknesses

And sorrows

You ransomed me

With your blood

Thank you Lord!

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Renew Me


I lift you up

I praise you

Let your living presence

Thoroughly cleanse me

Renew me

Refresh me

And make me whole again

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The Father Of Mercies

Praise Him

Praise Him

The Father of mercies

The King of love

Praise Jehovah



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Perfect Redemption

O my soul

Praise the Lord

The Immortal King

He purchased us

With His blood

O my soul

Praise the Lord

What a perfect redemption!

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All I Need

Holy Ghost, take over my life, completely.

I surrender all

I need you

I love you

My life belongs to you

In you

I see light

In you

I see love

In you

I see hope

Holy Ghost

Take over my life

You are all

That I need

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