When I Was A Child

When I was a child

I used to believe

In the goodness

Of humanity

And man.



I thought everyone

Was like me

Loving good

And hating evil

With a passion.


Then, along the way

as I grew up

I noticed that man was perverted – even kids

As they ganged up

And bullied the innocent.

I noticed that some kids

Derived pleasure in

Hurting their peers.


I used to believe

In purity

Until I saw wickedness

All around me

And men exploited each other

For ungodly gains

And pleasure.

They tore each other apart

Feeding on one another

Like voracious animals.

Then one hot afternoon

In July, I stared into the

Blazing sun and I said to myself


‘Some men are wild animals in

Human skin?’


Then I decided to transform

Into the greatest beast of all

To destroy all my attackers

And erase the wicked.


Then I heard a soft gentle voice

Speak softly into my soul

‘Don’t do it my child,

You were created good

And pure,

And your good heart

Has been a snare to you.

However, you must remain

Pure and good

Leave judgement and revenge to me


I am the destroyer

Of the wicked.’


Then I resolved firmly within me

To keep believing in goodness

And purity

And never give up

Because there is

A God in Heaven

Who is the judge

Of all mankind.

He is also a rewarder

Of those who diligently seek Him.

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Heaven’s Gate

A gentle pat on my left leg

And I wake up

To behold a mighty Angel

In my room.

He smiled,

And I smiled back.



Immediately I smiled back

I found myself at

Heavens gate

As I walk though the city,

I loose every memory of pain,

Heartbreak and disappointment.


The Lord Himself walks

Towards me,

In a golden garment,

Studded with gemstones,

Shining brighter than the sun.

Resplendent, radiant and overwhelming

In power and beauty,

He kisses my right cheek,

And says,

‘I love you.’

And I think to myself,

‘How wonderful the Lord is,

That He expresses love very easily

Without shyness or childishness.


His comfort in love

And words of love

Made Him more attractive

And alluring

As I gaze at Him – My big Daddy,

With beautiful brown, tear filled eyes.


Then I remember my own husband

Who can never say

‘I love you’

But would show me in a million

Ways how much he loves me.

I always wanted to hear

Those precious healing words

But my husband denied me that pleasure

Relief and comfort

Of the mind.


Then I recall that the Holy Spirit

Said to me in the past,

‘A blessed woman is a woman

Who hears I love you everyday.’

He also taught me the importance

Of expressing love

As He constantly says to me,

‘Express your love for me.’


Here I am,

Hand in hand

With my King

Walking on golden streets

Surrounded by His glory

Hearing the one word

I was always denied.


Tears drop down my eyes

As the Lord opens up His

Healing arms

And I rush in

Overwhelmed by a million

Positive emotions and love, joy, peace, consolation and comfort.


I hugged Him never to let go

Muttering ceaselessly into His chest

Intoxicated by His fragrance,

Which smelt like nothing on earth.


‘I love you Lord, I love you Lord,

More than everyone,

And anything

On earth, I will show you my love

By constant obedience and service.

Your will is my will, your pleasure is my pleasure.’


I kept saying this, like a glorious litany rushing

Like golden cascades of love

Out of my quivering lips.

This pleased the Lord greatly.


He holds my face in His hands

Wipes away my tears

Gazing deeply into my adoring tender eyes,

‘I love you my child,

You are a princess,

Don’t ever forget that.’


Then I find myself

Back in my room

Wishing He never let go.

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The Great One

Then I heard every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and on the sea, and all that is in them, saying: “To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory and power, for ever and ever!”


We bless Him,

We praise Him,


He is greater than

All our problems.



Our great and mighty God

Is sovereign;

Ruling over all creation.

All things must praise Him,


All Things serve Him

And His purpose.


Because of who He is,

What He has done

On the cross,

And what He can do,

We must constantly

Praise Him.


May all creation

Praise Him.

And may we always

Praise Him.

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Your Response To Trials

Trials are a part

Of everyday life.

They come and go

Leaving some wrecked

And damaged.


While some people

Respond positively

To trials

By clinging more to

God and depending

On Him,

Some are left devastated

And completely defeated.


Some even go into despair,

Loosing hope and faith

In God and humanity.


Trials only expose

How vulnerable

We are as humans,

Because no one

Is exempted from trials

It is only wise

For us to determine

That trials will

Not make us bitter.


Rather, we decide

That we will develop

Positive traits even

In the midst of

The trials.


Trials should make

Us develop patience

Perseverance, endurance

Fortitude, hope, faith

Joy, kindness courage.


Trials should make us

Become more hardworking

And energetic, giving us

That I can do attitude

That will make us more

Than conquerors.


Trials should

Ultimately make us

Victorious in Christ,

If our response is positive

And right.

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We Will Run

We will run

We will fight

We will endure


The greater one

Lives in us.


He lives in us

To guide us

To protect us

To teach us.


In our Christian race,

He is constantly

Enabling us

And empowering

Us to greater heights.


When we run

We do not

Lose hope

Or get weary

Because the king of glory

Is with us and within us.

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All Things

We can do all things

Because the great redeemer

Lives in us.


We can do all things

By the power

Of His grace.


We can do all things

Because we do not

Depend on our own strength

But on the power

Of Christ.


We can do all things

Because grace

From the throne of grace

Is constantly available

To those who trust

In Him.

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Saving A Mermaid Princess

For a while now, I have been having this encounter with a female superstar in the dream

but I never understood It because our lives are worlds apart. She is a superstar on earth

but a mermaid princess in the spirit world.


Normally the Lord takes me in visions and trances to transform people from darkness to light.

However visions of this celebrity puzzled me. The first time I saw her I beckoned to her and

said, “come to me, you are my sister.”


She had a dazed looked on her face as she looked at me and refused my call.


Last night it all made sense. This time around after a long period of worship songs

to the Lord, loving Him and thanking Him for His precious blood that set me free.

I had a vision – the female super star again.


This time around I called out to her as I said with authority, ” Mermaid princess,

come to me.” She had a confused look as she walked towards me.


Then I introduced myself, ” I am a princess, just like you. ” Immediately she heard

the word princess she became extremely frightened and ran away in terror. She must

have thought I was a princess from her kingdom with a higher power who had come

to destroy her. That is what mermaids do. I called out to her as she ran.


“Come back, come back, I won’t harm you!”

She stopped and came back.

Then I said,

“You are a mermaid princess, you harm and save. I am a princess of light – an Evengelist.

I only save, I do not harm.” My words comforted her and she became comfortable

in my presence. The Lord was with me.


Then I reached out to her and gently touched her shoulder as I said,

“The Lord loves you, He loves you, He loves you, He loves you. He wants you

to know how much He loves you. The more I said this, the more she softened

until tears came out of her eyes.


I said to her. “The Lord loves everyone so much. Those who go to hell go to there

because they harm and destroy their fellow humans and refuse to repent.


Even when they go to hell, the Lord loves them. They do not go to hell because God

sent them there, they go there by their own choice.”


She was crying as I said. “When you become born again, Christians around the

world are gonna be greatly inspired.” She accepted and left, then I came out of the vision.


The Lord is doing great things. He will save the highly influential to manifest His

kingdom on earth. Prior to this vision, I had been with a royal family in Europe in

a vision trying to save one of the princesses but I encounted great resistance.


Normally when they encounter me in visions they recognize my title as a princess

of light – an Evangest. They recognize a higher power at work in me and they

give me audience. However, they have a free will to resist my message of salvation or to accept it.


The Lord will definitely save the highly influential and pull their followers into His Kingdom. Amen.

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Goodbye To You




To you

Darkness in my soul

You were the voice

That confused me

And misled me


Goodbye to you

The enemy of my soul

Once glamorous to my eyes

Now disgusting

And ugly


Goodbye to you

Worldly pleasures

For I now love another

And I am on the Holy mountain

With Him


Goodbye to you

Because I have surrendered

My love and dreams

To the great One.

On this Holy mountain

We feast daily

With saints and Angels

Here, love rules

And peace pervades



Holy Spirit

My love and companion

Thank you

For heavenly visions

I pray that

All who long for Him

Get a taste of His glories

For nothing on earth

Compares to the Lord

And a fresh and constant feast

Of Him

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