What A Beautiful World

What a beautiful world it would be

If we can forgive

The way Christ forgave us


Forgiveness is holy

It is pure

It is kindness

And great strength



Only the strong in grace

Can forgive

Let us pray

For great grace

To be upon us

Just as it was

With the Apostles


It is only great grace

From the throne

Of grace

That will enable

Us to forgive

As Christ

Forgave us.


“What about judgement

And justice?”

Some may say,

“If we forgive,

There will be no justice

Or judgement.”


Do not worry about

Justice or judgement

Vengeance belongs to God

And He alone knows

How to execute judgement

It is our duty

To love and forgive

That is what we

Owe each other

It is God’s duty

To judge

And execute vengeance



We must never

Take laws into

Our hands

By acts of revenge



Is the hallmark

Of a lawless existence



Touch His Garment 

Touch Him, touch His garment

When you are sad

When you are lonely

When you are weak

Touch Him, touch His garment

When you are dry

When you are thirsty

When you are hungry

Touch Him

He will fill you up

Touch Him, touch his garment

When you are broke

When you are afraid

When you are unprotected

When you are sick

He will heal you

And He will become your wall and garment

Touch Him, touch His garment

Because His garment

Is His living presence

He is clothed with power

And wears robes of light!

Touch Him in prayer, faith, worship and praise

Remain at the mountain till you touch Him!

Perfect Works

He loves perfect works

He loves faith

He loves maturity

We must never be deceived

We cannot please Him without faith

And we cannot please Him with imperfect works

We must keep striving to please Him

We must keep trying

And never get tired

It is the trying that

He considers love


Love is not convenience

But great effort

Love requires

Great sacrifice

Let us wake up

In prayer

To revive our

Love for Him

And grow

To maturity

And perfect works

City of Cities

The city of cities

Made of gold

Heavenly wonder

Glorious in splendour

Palace of the redeemed

City of cities

Home of Jesus our king

We your citizens

Contemplate the beauty

And wonder above

City of cities

Spun and crafted

With the love of God

We long to see

The throne of God

And the lamb

And walk on

Streets of gold



The Miracles of Jesus 1

We notice in the scripture above that Jesus was preaching the gospel and healing. His focus was the gospel, and he healed.

He was not preaching miracles and then healing. He was preaching goodness, righteousness, mercy, justice, liberty and the Kingdom of God, then He also healed.

He was a healer and is the most amazing healer of all time. He still heals by His Holy Spirit.

He can heal you during fellowship in the quietness of your home and He can heal you through an anointed minister.

Jesus is a miracle man. He said, “a little while you will not see me, then you will see me.”

He came back as the Holy Spirit – The same miracle worker except that you can’t see Him and touch Him physically, however,  you can touch Him by your spirit with faith, worship, prayer and obedience.

Jesus is alive, he is right beside you and in you.

Dare to touch Him by constant fellowship and faith and watch the miracle worker unravel before your eyes.

Dare to touch Him in praise, worship and faith , He heals!


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He Directs Our Hearts

By His supreme power He can direct our hearts into the love of God and make us Holy. God is love and the source of love.

If we don’t cling to Him and lean on Him, we will find it difficult to love. It is only by His grace that we can love others.

Love requires power because human nature is selfish. Only the power of God can enable us to love.

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Power Belongs To God

Must humans crave power. They want to satisfy their  selfish ego and appetite but God Himself is Power.

God is selfless and only uses power to help man so He can never abuse power, however most men can only abuse power.

Power is so intoxicating that it corrupts and pollutes the selfish and greedy.

God does not need to prove Himself to anyone that is why He is the only one that can never misuse power.

It is because power is not foreign to Him and is His nature.  Power belongs to God and looks good on Him because He wears it comfortably.

He is clothed with power.


Revenge might seem sweet but it is evil and offensive to God.

It is wickedness and ignorance that makes humans want to satisfy themselves by avenging offences.

Humans do not believe that God executes judgement and justice.

This is lack of faith in His word because the Bible clearly portrays God as a God of justice and judgement.

God will avenge and execute vengeance on people who harm others.

He is not weak. However, most people do not believe in the power and justice of God, that is why they make sure that those who hurt them pay to the last cent.

That is rendering evil for evil and it makes us guilty before God.

We must never render evil for evil.

See that no one renders evil for evil to anyone, but always pursue what is good (1 Thessalonians 5:15 NKJV)

Let The Word Of God Be Glorified 

The word of God can only be glorified when we constantly exalt it about our own thoughts, ideas and opinions.

We need to make sure we do not add or subtract from the word of God, that is the only way to preserve the potency of His word.

When we dilute the word of God we feed people with poison and poison kills.

The word of God is fresh clean water that refreshes, cleanses and purifies the soul. It makes us grow spiritually and strengthens us spiritually.

When the word of God penetrates deeply into the soul, we begin to bear fruit and manifest the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

It is only by the level of fruits you bear that you can measure your true spiritual growth.

If the fruit of the Holy Spirit is abundant in you, then you are spiritually mature to the extent that God will now empower and anoint you.

So it all starts by abiding in  and cherishing the word of God, that is why we must glorify His word above our own human thoughts.


The word of God is our lamp

And Light,

Our sword, our shield

May we never

Depart from its light.

May we value it more

Than bread, water 

And wine.


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