Your Response To Trials

Trials are a part

Of everyday life.

They come and go

Leaving some wrecked

And damaged.


While some people

Respond positively

To trials

By clinging more to

God and depending

On Him,

Some are left devastated

And completely defeated.


Some even go into despair,

Loosing hope and faith

In God and humanity.


Trials only expose

How vulnerable

We are as humans,

Because no one

Is exempted from trials

It is only wise

For us to determine

That trials will

Not make us bitter.


Rather, we decide

That we will develop

Positive traits even

In the midst of

The trials.


Trials should make

Us develop patience

Perseverance, endurance

Fortitude, hope, faith

Joy, kindness courage.


Trials should make us

Become more hardworking

And energetic, giving us

That I can do attitude

That will make us more

Than conquerors.


Trials should

Ultimately make us

Victorious in Christ,

If our response is positive

And right.

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He Gave Us Life

He gave us life

He washed us

He cleansed us

He purified us

He redeemed us

He saved us

He delivered us

He healed

He justified us

O what a mighty God

We serve

It is by His great

Love and mercy

That He saved us

Our sins are

Washed away

He has declared us

Not guilty

And He is not

Counting our sins

Against us

We have been cleansed

From past sins

Thank you Jesus,

What a mighty God

We serve

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I was plunged

Into a battle

I did not understand



The sun seemed to disappear

And the moon dimmed

And lost its alluring beauty


Suddenly I could not admire

The stars any more

Or gaze at the clouds

I love so much

From my bedroom


Suddenly my world

Became a battle field

As legions of demons

Roared, bellowed and beckoned


A fierce relentless battle

Enveloped me

A naive, sweet little girl



It was as if the light was

Switched off

And it was complete utter darkness

A darkness that made

Me scream out

To the Lord


That was when I grew wings

And horns

My fingers were taught to fight

And my spirit became very tall


I lost every trace of fear

And was made bold

Like a lion

I was given

A shiny white garment

Studded with beautiful precious gemstones



Never, ever fear trials


They lead to promotions


Our faith which is

More precious than gold

Must be tested

By fire

And be purified


May the Lord

Be with us. lead us

Guide, us and counsel us

In times of trials


May we get to the

Mountain of all grace

And taste the sweet love

And fragrance

Of His great glory



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