Desire The Presence Of God

Message about the importance of attracting the presence of God through desire and craving

Present Your Petition To God Without Anxiety Laura Bon

Message about being specific in your requests to God and praying without anxiety — Support this podcast:
  1. Present Your Petition To God Without Anxiety
  2. It Grieves God When You Don't Hear His Voice
  3. Living Faith
  4. Ceaseless Praise
  5. The Word Of God Is All That Matters

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Desire The Living Water

May you always seek God’s face. May His glory and living presence become your passion, longing, thirst, hunger and desire.

God wants you to desire His living presence. Your heart was made for Him – for His glory. He wants to cleanse you and saturate you with His love and mercy.

He wants you to constantly put on your white garment. He is iknocking at the door of your heart. I pray that His glory becomes your food and desire, in Jesus name.

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