May This Dance Never End

I waited for you

And you came to me

You met me

At the Holy Mountain

The glorious spot

Where we usually meet

Your smile was sweet

Your look was captivating

Your face was radiant

Your countenance was charismatic

Your garment was sparkling

Your skin was translucent with light


Your fragrance was

The oil of heavenly love

You cleansed me

Washed me

And transformed me

You pointed towards my dirty grey rumpled garment

And in the twinkle of an eye

My gown was transformed to

A glorious heavenly white ball gown

Decorated with strips of gold

It was studded with diamonds

Rubies, sapphires, jasper, emerald, amethyst and onyx

I felt an itch

On my left arm

Just below my wrist

And I scratched

And felt something

Popping out from inside my body

And out of my skin

I pulled it out

And behold

It was a golden shawl!

You took it from me

And gently

Draped it

Around my neck and shoulders

In great ecstasy and shock

I exclaimed,

“Jesus! My Lord!”

I shuddered

And I wept for joy

I knelt before you

In great adoration

And worship

You opened your arms

Then, I got up and rushed into your strong, powerful arms

You held me close

And I held you tightly

Like a daughter

Lost and found

Then I got drowned

In your fragrance

And heavenly perfume

I felt rapturous praise

Erupting from my inner

Being like an unstoppable


Threatening to engulf me

In its awesome intensity

Of heavenly love and passion

I looked into your eyes

And I fainted

And fell at your feet

At your great power, love and glory

You picked me up

Like a little child

You led me to the highest mountain

And we danced

We danced and danced

As we became one

And you filled me

With your Holy Spirit

Heaven screamed with joy

The saints rejoiced

And angels sang

Sweet, golden Hallelujah

The melodious song

Of heaven


“You’ll never find another love

Like Jesus Christ”

Reverberated and filled the air

I whispered and groaned deeply

Into your diamond

Studded robes

Loving its feel

Hiding my face

In it’s glorious fragrance and warmth

“Lord of glory

May this dance last forever and never end.”

My eyes were pleading

And my face was bewildered

My breath was short

And gasping

My face was twisted

With the agony of

Knowing that

I was incomplete

Without your constant infilling

My groan was from

The pit of my belly

As my whole being shook

And reverberated

With a need beyond words

You raised my bewildered face towards you

To look at your face which radiated with great light

And my eyes shifted away from

Your eyes

In childlike shyness and confusion

I felt so unworthy

Because I was


Heaven on earth

And I felt ashamed of my awkward shyness

You smiled

and you said to me

“My child

I love your shyness

Wait upon me

Seek my face

Walk in my ways and will

Flee every appearance of evil

Rejoice in me always

Celebrate my love

Thank me in every circumstance

And pray without ceasing

And you will always dance

With me and in me

There is a price to pay

For my glory

Which is my dance

But when we meet in Heaven

You will

Always dance with me and in me

And rest in my arms

And love for all eternity

You bent your head towards my face

And kissed my right cheek

And said,

“I love you.”

Then you disappeared


You are fairer

Than ten thousand

And none

Can compare to you

May your Church

Delight to always

Dance in you

And constantly experience

Your great glory.”

A short story

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At The Junction Of Light

At the junction of light

I met my beloved

There we held hands

And embraced

His eyes sparkled of light

And His skin was gold

I held His right hand

And gazed at the golden skin

In awe and wonder


He smelt of honey

Love, joy, peace

And fruitfulness

I picked a purple fruit

From His chest

And ate



He watched as I ate

Smiling tenderly

With eyes full

Of love and mercy


My belly was filled

With joy from the holy fruit

As I burst and spoke in

The heavenly language

I could feel the river

Flowing from my innermost being

And heard myself call Him

Sweet, holy and tender names

My heart was filled with love

For my golden prince.


Then He laughed in delight as He said,


You have tasted my joy

Joy will be your companion

And best friend

You will never again know sorrow

Like you knew it

In the past

Rejoice in me

My beloved


My name is joy.”

Then a golden cloud covered Him

And He disappeared.


May grace, peace

Mercy, love and joy

Be ours in full measure.

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All My Life

All my life

I crawled.

Where others stood I sat

Where others flew

I was paralysed.


When others danced and rejoiced,

I hid and cried.

Favour was so far

And mercy was but a mirage,

As I stumbled

And groped in the dark,

Panting and longing for mercy.


One day,

I looked at the face of Jesus

And all I saw was mercy and compassion

And hope shot up in me

“Surely, I have hope,”

I said to myself.


Then I cried out for mercy

And Jesus appeared.

He said to me,

“I am full of love and mercy


Mercy will be your companion

And follow you all the days of your life,

For the King of glory says,

My mercy will never again depart from you

Because you called my name – Mercy!”


May we always recognise

That Jesus is the mercy of God

And always call on

His Holy name.

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The Heavenly Ballroom

I can remember

That night in London so well.



I had spent several hours

Thanking the Lord

For His precious blood

That set me free.


This thanksgiving was

In obedience to the revelations

He had given me

Several times

About the importance of gratitude

And thanksgiving and celebrating Him

For His great salvation

And redemption

Given to us

Through His precious blood.


As I made melody in my heart

To Him,

And thanked Him

With love and worship,

I fell into a trance.


I was suddenly

In a glorious and spacious ballroom

In heaven.


There were many of us

All dressed in extraordinarily beautiful

White garments,

Studded with indescribable



My gown was so breathtaking

In beauty that I still marvel

At the delightful recall.


We sat and waited

For that one special one

In eager anticipation

Of dancing with Him.



He appeared in that glorious


Breathtaking and powerful

In appearance and beauty.

Then I woke up

From my trance,


That the trance had lasted

A bit longer.


He appeared because

I obeyed Him,

And rejoiced in His salvation

With thanksgiving and love.


As a result,

The word of God

Penetrated deep into me

With His glorious presence

And cleaned my garments

Washing me

White as snow

Leading to intimacy and fellowship.


The word of God

Is glorious and powerful.

It is the word of God – the good news of salvation

That saves our souls,

As we accept it,

And cling to it

In thanksgiving, praise and worship.


May we constantly glorify

The word of God – the good news

Of our redemption and salvation



Hallelujah Jesus

Conquered death, sin, hell and the grave.

He has given us victory

Praise God!

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You were taken

By a vow

And a spirit

That I could not understand

Despite knowing

That we could never

Be together

I loved you

Like my own soul

I inhaled your spirit

Until obsession took over

When I realized the

Danger of obsession

I cut off

And went far away

To another land

Where I would

Never see you

However the scar

Had cut deeply

Into me

And all my dreams

Were about

Me by your graveside

Mourning the loss

Of your presence

The cords of obsession

Fought hard

To resist the resistance

I put up

As I realized that

I did not have the strength

To pull through

Because the more I fought

The more I fell apart

And became physically


Because my heart

Refused to obey

My head and logic

I cried out to heaven

And I was saved

By the mercy of God

With one lesson

Etched deeply

On my mind

“Obsession is bad

For the soul,

Reject obsession

At its early stages

Before it sprouts

Horns and tails

And turns into

A destructive

Monster to the soul.”

My Own Happiness

As I climbed the Hill

At Rock-berry drive

I remembered Harry

My ex husband

So happy

So loved up

With His new family

I hissed

As I heard a loud scream

And I realized that

I had fallen

Because I did not see

The white stone

By the pathway

A tear slipped out if my tired eyes

As I struggled

To rise up

From the muddy path

I picked up

A gold colored

Dry leaf

And I made a silent vow

To myself

Never to remember

Happy Harry

And focus on myself

My life, my path and my way

In order to carve out

My own happiness

Golden Mermaid


Golden mermaid

Despised and rejected

Afflicted and tortured

Buried alive

Cry no more



Golden mermaid

Idol and shrine

Perverted by men

Kidnapped and disfigured

Cry no more



Golden mermaid

Created perfect by God

Turned into a mermaid

By a human priest

Cry no more


Golden mermaid

Crying tears of blood

Emitting wealth, protection and prosperity

Healing the nations

Reject the evil decree and

Transform into your destiny



Golden mermaid

You are human not a mermaid

You belong to the light

That garment is a false


Put on your heavenly garment

To fulfill destiny


I was acquired today,

In a controversial case.

A very public spectacle,

And real life soap opera,

Where I was charged for the murder

Of my ex husband’s lover.

I was detained, chained and humiliated.

Even my friends doubted my innocence

My own parents and siblings

Privately pleaded with me to confess

Because they knew I despised my ex husband’s lover.

They reasoned that I must have gone crazy

For a split second.


After a while, I almost

Gave in just to have peace

I wanted to plead guilty and just die

Or remain in prison.


Of course there wasn’t enough evidence to nail me,

And I was acquitted.

But I tell you,

Today is the saddest day of my life,

Because in the eyes of the world I am guilty.

There are pockets of protests across

The country asking for a retrial.

You might say that I am free,

But now, I am in the biggest cage of all.

The cage of public and media trial,

The cage of intense hatred and isolation,

Where everyone is convinced that I am guilty.

Acquitted? Yes.

Free? No.

I Roam The Streets

I Roam the streets

Begging for food

I am lowly

And despised

But I was not always like this

I mingled with the wrong crowd

Who introduced me to poison

To cope with life

And the drugs took over

I am ravaged

I am helpless

I am sick

Please do not despise me

I need help

When you see me

Or another me

Help me

Or say a silent prayer

For me

Or another me

But please don’t despise me

Because I already

Hate what I have become




He took me


He violated me

With disrespect


And cold, cruel contempt

I cried until

I slumped

On the cold concrete

Close to a church

Wanting to die

My breathing, shallow and weak

I prayed,

“Take me Lord

I don’t want to stay here anymore,

In a cold cruel world.”

Then I heard voices

But they sounded like

Angels singing

Or a church worship session

The singing was angelic

“But surely

These are humans,”

My tired mind wondered

My mind reeling and spinning

I lay there

Bleeding and in pain

“I can’t loose my baby.”

My mind shrieked,

“No I can’t loose my baby,”

I suddenly wanted to live

For the sake of my baby

An unfamiliar groan sifted into my mind

“Who is groaning?”

I thought within me

Then I heard voices

This time closer to me

“She alive,” a female voice yelled

A male voice replied,

“Call 911, she will make it in Jesus name.”

“Yes pastor,” the female voice answered

The pastor held me and rocked me like a new born baby

“Jesus loves you, you will be okay,”

One year later

The pastor married me

And my baby is our baby

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