He took me


He violated me

With disrespect


And cold, cruel contempt

I cried until

I slumped

On the cold concrete

Close to a church

Wanting to die

My breathing, shallow and weak

I prayed,

“Take me Lord

I don’t want to stay here anymore,

In a cold cruel world.”

Then I heard voices

But they sounded like

Angels singing

Or a church worship session

The singing was angelic

“But surely

These are humans,”

My tired mind wondered

My mind reeling and spinning

I lay there

Bleeding and in pain

“I can’t loose my baby.”

My mind shrieked,

“No I can’t loose my baby,”

I suddenly wanted to live

For the sake of my baby

An unfamiliar groan sifted into my mind

“Who is groaning?”

I thought within me

Then I heard voices

This time closer to me

“She alive,” a female voice yelled

A male voice replied,

“Call 911, she will make it in Jesus name.”

“Yes pastor,” the female voice answered

The pastor held me and rocked me like a new born baby

“Jesus loves you, you will be okay,”

One year later

The pastor married me

And my baby is our baby


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