All My Life

All my life

I crawled.

Where others stood I sat

Where others flew

I was paralysed.


When others danced and rejoiced,

I hid and cried.

Favour was so far

And mercy was but a mirage,

As I stumbled

And groped in the dark,

Panting and longing for mercy.


One day,

I looked at the face of Jesus

And all I saw was mercy and compassion

And hope shot up in me

“Surely, I have hope,”

I said to myself.


Then I cried out for mercy

And Jesus appeared.

He said to me,

“I am full of love and mercy


Mercy will be your companion

And follow you all the days of your life,

For the King of glory says,

My mercy will never again depart from you

Because you called my name – Mercy!”


May we always recognise

That Jesus is the mercy of God

And always call on

His Holy name.

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