I was acquired today,

In a controversial case.

A very public spectacle,

And real life soap opera,

Where I was charged for the murder

Of my ex husband’s lover.

I was detained, chained and humiliated.

Even my friends doubted my innocence

My own parents and siblings

Privately pleaded with me to confess

Because they knew I despised my ex husband’s lover.

They reasoned that I must have gone crazy

For a split second.


After a while, I almost

Gave in just to have peace

I wanted to plead guilty and just die

Or remain in prison.


Of course there wasn’t enough evidence to nail me,

And I was acquitted.

But I tell you,

Today is the saddest day of my life,

Because in the eyes of the world I am guilty.

There are pockets of protests across

The country asking for a retrial.

You might say that I am free,

But now, I am in the biggest cage of all.

The cage of public and media trial,

The cage of intense hatred and isolation,

Where everyone is convinced that I am guilty.

Acquitted? Yes.

Free? No.

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