Desire The Living Water

May you always seek God’s face. May His glory and living presence become your passion, longing, thirst, hunger and desire.

God wants you to desire His living presence. Your heart was made for Him – for His glory. He wants to cleanse you and saturate you with His love and mercy.

He wants you to constantly put on your white garment. He is iknocking at the door of your heart. I pray that His glory becomes your food and desire, in Jesus name.

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May The Lord Himself Be Your Crown And Beauty

There is nothing as great and glorious as resting in the Lord. When the Lord becomes your wall, protection crown and weapon, you will taste heaven and the reality of Christ. You will know it experientially, that Jesus is Lord.

The Lord wants you to press deeper into Him. He wants you to draw closer to Him, so that He can draw closer to you. He wants you to experience the reality of His love and power. He wants to be your crown, beauty and crowning glory.

Seek the Lord and you will know His rest. Keep pressing deeper into Him, and taste the reality of His love and power.

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Vessel Of Honor

Some years ago, I was attending this Church that was using a rented place for Sunday services. I was new in the Church, then after some months the Lord spoke to me said, “ every Sunday you all gather and pray for my glory to descend, but I will not come down there. Do you know that after service when you leave that building, some other people use that building for rubbish and bad things.” I was perplexed because I knew nothing about that building.

Then, I spoke to a minister in church about that building and told Him what the Holy Spirit told me. Then he replied. “Sister, you are not the only one that has gotten that revelation. So many people in this church have received the same message. Do you know what this building is used for?” I said no because I was new to that church and knew little.

Then he said to me. “It is used as a nightclub and bar. People gather here, and do all sorts of bad things. They even commit fornication with each other in their gatherings. You can see that we have been asking for donations to buy our own building, and we seem to be urgent about it. That is the reason for the urgency. We want to leave this building as soon as possible. I was simply shocked.

The Holy Spirit is one. God’s glory does not dwell in dirty temples. Your heart is His temple. Your house is His temple and the Church is His temple. He longs for His glory to fill His temple. He wants you to be a vessel of honor. His Spirit lives in you but He wants His glory – His manifest presence to fill His temple. His glory is His blood or life essence. God is everywhere, but His glory is not everywhere.

His glory is what flows out of Him. His glory is what He releases into the environment. His glory comes from heaven through the Holy Spirit. His glory visits. His glory is heaven on earth. In the Spirit world, the glory of God appears and disappears, but His Spirit is always present and invincible. You can hear His voice through His Spirit and His voice precedes His glory. His voice is what will lead you and train you daily into experiencing His glory. His voice is what will take you to the glorious mountaintop of golden clouds.

When His glory appears, then you will experience God, but if His glory does not appear, you can be a Christian and be appressed by demons and other torments and afflictions. His glory is vital and essential, and you need His glory more than air, food and water. It is only by God’s grace and wisdom that you can recognize this.

You need God’s glory everyday, but your vessel needs to be clean and you need to learn how to seek God’s face and wait upon Him. God does not dwell in dirty temples.

May great grace be upon us in Jesus name.

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The Spirit And The Word

“Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” Matthew 4:4 NIV

The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you–they are full of the Spirit and life. John 6:63 NIV

See God through the lens of His word. Embrace His Spirit and His word. The Bible talks about the Spirit the water and the blood. They are all very important and vital for our Christian victory and success. The Spirit is the one who gave us the word of God, and still gives us His word by leading us moment by moment, and revealing secrets to us. He also gives us instructions.

The word of God is what you must eat constantly and walk by. The word of God builds you up and gives you faith, love, hope peace and other good fruits and products of the Holy Spirit. The blood of Jesus redeemed us and still redeems us. The blood of Jesus is also the glory of God and His manifest presence.

I will show wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below, blood and fire and billows of smoke. Acts 2:19

When you fully embrace these three spiritual concepts, and walk by them, moment by moment, you will be mature and victorious.

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Power In The Inner Man

God’s Power 8

I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, Ephesians 3:16

Most people are confused about the Holy Spirit, the power of God, faith and the Word of God. Some people automatically assume that they are all the same or some of them are the same.

Power, mercy and life are the end result of union with the word of God, faith and walking and being led by the Holy Spirit. Jesus asked the Apostles to wait for power from on high.

To seek the face of God is to seek His power and to wait upon God is to wait upon the Lord for manifestation of His power. You seek and wait with faith, being led by the Holy Spirit and by union with the word of God. You also pray as the Holy Spirit leads you to pray.

Some people will tell you that it is your faith that heals you but in reality, it is the power of God that heals you. Your faith in the power of God will heal you. Your faith must rest on something but your faith should not rest on your own faith.

We must seek after God’s kingdom and His righteousness not a faith that does not encourage you to live in complete union with the will of God, rather that false faith leads you to seek mammon like pagans.

Somehow, people began to make faith into an idol or even the word of God into some form of idol that substitutes the power of God. Then people started chasing after faith or “the word” which they interpreted as a set of magical formulas that active power, wealth and money. Power without purity and prayer? – certainly not the true faith and the true word of God.

Note that those who practice those faith doctrines, do not emphasize complete obedience to the will of God, setting out time to pray, and being led by the voice and direction of the Holy Spirit. They also do not talk about the armor of God and crucifying the flesh by the Holy Spirit.

They preach another gospel, not the gospel that Jesus and Paul preached. In order to be a victorious Christian, you must test the false Apostle, false teachers, false prophets, false believers and false doctrines and find them to be false. You must test the spirits like the Berean believers.

That you have tested those who claim to be apostles but are not, and have found them false. Revelation 2:2

Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true. Acts 17:11

Jesus and Paul practiced total commitment, dedication, consecration and surrender to the word and will of God by complete obedience and a life of praying without ceasing to constantly experience the power of God.

Faith is very good and very vital but it can never take the place of God or the power of God. The more you rely on, and depend on God, the more faith you have and the more you rely on and depend on your own faith, the less faith you have because you have ignored God and His power. You started depending of your self and that is self worship.

Jesus and Paul never taught that, and they never lived like that. They were able to differentiate between all those concepts – faith, Holy Spirit, the power of God and the word of God.

And they recognized and gave each one its proper place.

The Word Of God

You believe in the word of God and walk in the word of God to maintain a healthy active relationship with God. You walk in the word of God – both His written word and the voice of the Holy Spirit to be obedient, know God and pray effectively. Understanding of the word of God builds faith.

You eat and drink the word of God with your mind so as to grow to maturity and know how to pray for the power of God to manifest the way Jesus did.


Faith in the good news, law of Christ and the power of Christ makes you obey God, trust Him for His power to deliver and also makes you have confidence in your assurance of salvation.

Faith is one of the armor of God that you need to put it on in your spiritual battle, so as the defeat the enemy and experience the power of God. You wear faith like a shield to go into spiritual battle and prayer. You don’t wear faith to be idle and not pray. You also wear faith to obey God.

While praying, your faith makes you persist and persevere with patience. Faith makes you hold on, press in and never give up. But you are pressing on, for something – power. Faith is not the end, manifestation of God’s power, glory, and presence is the end.

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is our helper, comforter, guide, teacher and Lord. He is inside us and constantly helps us in our battle, prayer and worship of God. He gives us the word of God as a shield and speaks to us constantly. Listening to Him, and obeying Him will make us pray effectively, obey God and experience the power and glory of God. He is a person and power is what comes out of Him from the throne of God.


The power of God is the raw manifest presence of God and the glory of God. That is what Jesus wore around Him like a garment and by the power of the Holy Spirit He raised the dead and healed the sick. Power is what gives us ability as Christians and we need the power of God everyday. Man’s power can never enable man to live like Jesus and do the works of Jesus

Jesus knew the word of God, the Holy Spirit, faith and the power of God. He never confused or substituted one concept for the other. A is not B, and B is not A. A is A and B is B. That is just how it is spiritually.

This is just a summary, and of course, it does not contain everything that I need to explain but it is enough to elucidate the points I have mentioned above.

God’s power is the only thing that can strengthen the inner man. God strengthens the inner man with power through the Holy Spirit that lives in us. Power or the glory of God increases in our inner man but the Holy Spirit is a person and He lives in us as a complete person, not as a person that increases or decreases.

May great grace be upon us in Jesus name.

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May This Dance Never End

I waited for you

And you came to me

You met me

At the Holy Mountain

The glorious spot

Where we usually meet

Your smile was sweet

Your look was captivating

Your face was radiant

Your countenance was charismatic

Your garment was sparkling

Your skin was translucent with light


Your fragrance was

The oil of heavenly love

You cleansed me

Washed me

And transformed me

You pointed towards my dirty grey rumpled garment

And in the twinkle of an eye

My gown was transformed to

A glorious heavenly white ball gown

Decorated with strips of gold

It was studded with diamonds

Rubies, sapphires, jasper, emerald, amethyst and onyx

I felt an itch

On my left arm

Just below my wrist

And I scratched

And felt something

Popping out from inside my body

And out of my skin

I pulled it out

And behold

It was a golden shawl!

You took it from me

And gently

Draped it

Around my neck and shoulders

In great ecstasy and shock

I exclaimed,

“Jesus! My Lord!”

I shuddered

And I wept for joy

I knelt before you

In great adoration

And worship

You opened your arms

Then, I got up and rushed into your strong, powerful arms

You held me close

And I held you tightly

Like a daughter

Lost and found

Then I got drowned

In your fragrance

And heavenly perfume

I felt rapturous praise

Erupting from my inner

Being like an unstoppable


Threatening to engulf me

In its awesome intensity

Of heavenly love and passion

I looked into your eyes

And I fainted

And fell at your feet

At your great power, love and glory

You picked me up

Like a little child

You led me to the highest mountain

And we danced

We danced and danced

As we became one

And you filled me

With your Holy Spirit

Heaven screamed with joy

The saints rejoiced

And angels sang

Sweet, golden Hallelujah

The melodious song

Of heaven


“You’ll never find another love

Like Jesus Christ”

Reverberated and filled the air

I whispered and groaned deeply

Into your diamond

Studded robes

Loving its feel

Hiding my face

In it’s glorious fragrance and warmth

“Lord of glory

May this dance last forever and never end.”

My eyes were pleading

And my face was bewildered

My breath was short

And gasping

My face was twisted

With the agony of

Knowing that

I was incomplete

Without your constant infilling

My groan was from

The pit of my belly

As my whole being shook

And reverberated

With a need beyond words

You raised my bewildered face towards you

To look at your face which radiated with great light

And my eyes shifted away from

Your eyes

In childlike shyness and confusion

I felt so unworthy

Because I was


Heaven on earth

And I felt ashamed of my awkward shyness

You smiled

and you said to me

“My child

I love your shyness

Wait upon me

Seek my face

Walk in my ways and will

Flee every appearance of evil

Rejoice in me always

Celebrate my love

Thank me in every circumstance

And pray without ceasing

And you will always dance

With me and in me

There is a price to pay

For my glory

Which is my dance

But when we meet in Heaven

You will

Always dance with me and in me

And rest in my arms

And love for all eternity

You bent your head towards my face

And kissed my right cheek

And said,

“I love you.”

Then you disappeared


You are fairer

Than ten thousand

And none

Can compare to you

May your Church

Delight to always

Dance in you

And constantly experience

Your great glory.”

A short story

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I Want Those Who Are Desperate For Me


Copy of He said to me,” I want those who want me, I want those who are desperate for me.”-3

Visions, Revelations and Messages

Two nights ago, after a long period of waiting upon the Lord all day and night, the Lord came upon me and revealed certain things to me. I want to specifically write on one of the things He said to me. He said to me, ” I want those who want me, I want those who are desperate for me.” The Lord had spoken to me several times in the past about hunger, passion, thirst, craving and need as relates to wanting Him and His divine presence. This time around He used a word that struck a deep chord within me – desperate.

Most of the time, we sing some of the worship songs about needing the Lord and being desperate for Him without any emotion or understanding. We sing those songs without realizing that underneath those songs lie deep spiritual wisdom and reality.

“Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” By this he meant the Spirit, whom those who believed in him were later to receive. Up to that time the Spirit had not been given, since Jesus had not yet been glorified. John 7:37-38

Let the one who is thirsty come; and let the one who wishes take the free gift of the water of life. John 22:17

To the thirsty I will give from the spring of the water of life without payment (Revelation 21:6 ESV)


God wants desperate men and women to cry out to Him in heartfelt, persistent, passionate desire for His presence. This prayer comes from a place of necessity and need. We need Him, period. Those who are not seeking Him with hunger and thirst are still blind to their naked state and need. They are not putting on their white garments but are content. They think they do not need Him but they are very wrong. 

“Because you say, ’I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing’ – and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked –   (Revelation 3:17 NKJV)

“I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich; and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see.  (Revelation 3:18 NKJV)

It is only a desperate man that will take great measures to seek the Lord. It is only a man that is aware of his desperation that will forsake all else and seek the Lord. We all need Him but unfortunately, we are not all aware of this desperation or need. Many of us are unconsious, asleep or in a deep spiritual coma regarding our spiritual need for the Lord. 

As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God. Psalm 42:1

As the deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God. Psalm 42:1

To pant is to be out of breath or short of breath. To pant is to gasp for air. The presence of God is our spiritual air and oxygen. The presence of God is our spiritual food and the word of God is our soul food. We need both.

The presence of God is our spiritual and living water. A wise man knows that he cannot survive without constant supply and intake of water. We cannot be spiritually healthy, strong and effective without our spiritual water. 

If you are not desperate for the presence of God, it will show in your nonchalant and lukewarm prayer life. Your prayer will not be hot, fervent, heartfelt and sincere. It will be cold, tepid or lukewarm. Those who are not desperate for the Lord are those who will spend every minute of their prayer lives asking for everything else and every physical blessing but will never ask for the constant infilling and overflowing presence of the Lord. Your heart will always be where your treasure is. Their treasure is not the Lord and sometimes you can not differentiate such believers from non believers. They are full of worldly desires, greed, cravings, lusts and needs but ignore the Holy Spirit. 

Desperation, passion, longing, hunger, thirst and desire are so important when seeking the fire or presence of the Holy Spirit. God wants us to want Him, need Him and be desperate for Him. Do we care enough to respond to this Holy call?

May great grace be upon us in Jesus name.

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Vision of Buses Taking Believers To Heaven

As I looked, some of the children at the refreshment center where I was, ran to me in excitement. I asked them, “What are you all doing here_” They replied,”we are on our way to heaven.”.png

Visions Revelations and Messages 15

I wrote about spiritual journeys yesterday and last night from midnight to early hours of the morning, as I was worshiping, the Lord began to give me more visions on spiritual journeys. I have noticed that sometimes, it is what I meditate upon that the Lord uses to give me revelations.

Sometimes, He would tell me what to meditate on or pray for. He would say, “meditate about heaven, pray to me to see heaven, or pray to see me.” If I meditate about Him, He would reveal more of Himself. He wants our hearts and minds to delight in Him and think about Him, His ways, words and His works. We should not meditate about demons and demonic activities. They will only create fear, open doors to bad dreams and deplete your aura and spirit.

The Bus With True Believers

In this vision I saw myself running up a platform to enter a waiting train that would leave at any moment. I jumped into the train very happy that I did not miss it. As I strolled down the aisle of this very beautiful train, I struggled to go to the front seat of the train. I wanted to see the scenery very well. The front seats were occupied, so I sat on the row behind the front seat. I gazed out of the window and there were beautiful long buses flying past me.

The Children At The Refreshment Centre

I gazed at the long beautiful buses all flying past my wondering, bewildered eyes – they were all heading to somewhere.They are much more beautiful in size and appearance than the physical buses – they were very long.

They had the number of kilometers of their destinations written on the sides of the exquisite buses. I read and saw that the number of kilometers was so big that I wondered how a bus could travel that distance. In the physical world, it was not possible. That was when I remembered that I was in a vision in the spiritual world.

As I gazed at the number of kilometers, I realized that the buses were headed towards a spiritual destination- heaven. The train stopped, and I found myself on a bus. The bus was a bus that had believers and there were no children on the bus. Some believers had covered their hair with scarves and some did not. They were all dressed modestly. I sat quietly like every other passenger. I liked the look on their faces.

We travelled and got to a stop for rest and refreshments. The place was so beautiful and I found myself in a section of that refreshment center that had many children. I did not know these children physically but I recognized only one child that I know physically. That refreshment center was so big and beautiful with exquisite ultra modern structures better than most structures on earth. I looked out of the window of the refreshment center and saw a glorious modern scenery with water fountains.

The water from the fountain was purple in color, and I immediately thought that we were in heaven, but as I looked around, I realized that we were not in heaven. Heaven is much more glorious and beautiful than that. I looked up at the sky, and the cloud was purple. That was the presence of the Lord.

I knew that to get into heaven, we would have to pierce through those purple clouds to get to the Kingdom above. As I looked at the fountain again, the water changed back to normal water color. It was no longer purple. It seemed that the purple color had come from the purple cloud in the sky.

As I looked, some of the children at the refreshment center where I was, ran to me in excitement. I asked them, “What are you all doing here?” They replied,”we are on our way to heaven.” And as I wondered about them and their words they continued, “All children go to heaven.” They were all little children, so I believe that they were talking about little children. I was talking with three of the children. The children looked out of the window and saw the beautiful scenery and asked, “ Are we already in heaven?” They had become confused because of the lovely sight.

I replied, “no, but we are on our way there.” After a while, it was time for everyone to go back into their buses. Remember that I was in the section that had only children. The children started going through their gate to get to their own buses. I followed them and said to them, “when you get to Heaven, tell Jesus about me. Tell Him to remember my case.”

They said they would. Then I gave my full name to them. One of the children said my middle name and last name and another child said my first name and last name, but I strongly objected and said my full name to them again. I insisted that they must get my full name right and they did. They said the full name and I was glad. “Use my full name when you tell Jesus about me.”

Then they entered their gate and I started entering their gate with them and they asked, “have you forgotten that this gate is for the children’s buses only? You cannot go beyond this point.” I realized that they were right. I could not get into their gate or enter their buses. Then I came out of the vision.

Brethren, we are all on a spiritual journey. We are pilgrims on earth traveling towards Heaven.” We are all also traveling to a place of spiritual maturity, rest and glory even while still on earth. We can dwell in glory and in Heaven even while living on earth. The Kingdom of Heaven is within us. May we never forget that. May God’s grace lead us into His glorious manifest presence.

Visions, Revelations and Messages


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I Have Been Waiting For You On This Mountain

And the Lord was there at the top of that mountain. He said to me, I have been waiting for you on this mountain.”.png

Revelations and Messages 14

I was praying in the middle of the night some time ago, and the Lord’s presence became manifest towards the early hours of the morning. Suddenly, I was sitting on top of a great mountain, and the Lord was there at the top of that mountain. He said to me, “I have been waiting for you on this mountain.” When He said that, I was shocked – I just never imagined that the Lord would be waiting for me. I replied, “Lord, you came, I am so happy that you are here.”

Brethren, there is another world out there – a spiritual world. A lot of things happen there and that is actually the real world. However, we do not get to know what is happening there or see the events or our lives as they unfold and play-out there. With prayer and worship, that world begins to get real, day by day. It is possible that I had been meeting the Lord on that mountain, in the past, but was not even aware of it.

There is a hidden spiritual life and journey that most believers are not even aware of. God wants us to become more spiritually sensitive and aware. That can only happen as we wait upon the Lord and seek His face.

God wants us to climb mountains, and great mountains, as we undertake the journey of journeys – the journey to Glory. He is waiting for us, but are we waiting upon the Lord? Are we waiting for Him. If we wait for Him, He will definitely meet us, not just half way but all the way. He will manifest Himself and His saving presence. Yes, His presence is a saving, liberating presence.

When He appears, every dirty presence and power must melt and flee. Glory to God! Praise God for our amazing God who keeps waiting for us to climb holy mountains.

May you persist in prayer and worship, with steadfastness as your belt until you experience His glory.

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