I Walked Upon The Seas

I walked upon the sea

I never could imagine

That one day

I would walk upon the sea

And live above fear and doubt


I walked upon the sea

When I saw your perfect love

And greatness

I became calm

And rested in you

I walked upon the sea

When the winds and waves

Of trials and affliction

Threatened to drown me

They said to me,

” We will make your life so miserable

That you will wish you were never born

Denounce Jesus

Because we will never let you

Preach the gospel.”

I shrugged and replied

” I don’t care.”

I walked upon the sea

When I was given grace

To fly above trials

And circumstances

And Trust in

Him, my savior

Lord may we

Walk upon the sea


In quiet assurance and peace

Knowing that

You will never leave us or forsake us

Give us the strength to focus on

Your love and power

Instead of the sea of circumstances and trials

Yes, may we walk upon the seas



  • And the whole sea is one.

    In the sea there is a rock, and upon it were two drops of water;
    Then came a wave and took one of the drops.
    The drop that remained on the rock asked: Where are you?
    And the other drop said: Now I am sea!

    Every drop of humility,
    every drop of mercy,
    every drop of faith,
    every drop of love,
    each atom,
    every soul,
                        Makes difference and interests …

    For the Lord the sea is like a drop of water in his hands,
    And our souls as a drop of water into the sea.
    A drop of water is like a universe, and the Lord unites the universes.

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