The Afterglow

I yearn and thirst

For that one special price

That is more precious than gold


The longing for

The constant presence of my

Eternal bridegroom

Is ever fresh and hot

Engulfing me

In its intensity

It is a holy hunger

It is pure


I yearn and long

Yet, I have not touched

The substance of what

I desire so much – His constant manifest presence

I see Him and I hear Him

But the ultimate

Is to bask in His constant glory

And live in the afterglow

Of His great love


I will never give up

As long as I have breath

In me

For hope is my oil

And propeller

Towards what I desire


Desire is what takes us

Into constant prayer

And setting out time

To wait upon Him


Desire, hunger and thirst

Will propel us

Into basking in His glory

And shining in the afterglow

Of divine kiss and fellowship


Never give up

On your hopes and dreams

Even when it seems unattainable

Because it is better to

Keep striving for success and glory

And never give up

Than never to try all

Or try and give up along the way


As for me

I press on

Towards the great price – The afterglow of His glory

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