6 qualities of emotionally intelligent People

6 qualities of emotionally intelligent people

  1. They communicate effectively
  2. They show empathy because they can understand the pains of others
  3. They are self aware. They know their strengths and weakness. They are not self deceived
    4.They are not judgement or critical
  4. They accept their mistakes and make effort to change
  5. They know how to manage and resolve conflicts.
  6. They do not make decisions based on emotions. They make intelligent decisions. Their emotions do not rule over their intelligence.

Train yourself to be emotionally intelligent. You can. Read your Bible and read books on emotional intelligence.

The Bible is full of wisdom and secret keys to high emotional intelligence.

Jesus is the epitome of high emotional intelligence Also pray for grace.

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Get Rid Of Meaningless Relationships – Surround Yourself With People Who Love You

Message about surrounding yourself with people that love you and getting rid of meaningless relationships.

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The Spirit And The Word

Do not ignore the Holy Spirit. Be led by the Holy Spirit’s voice. Be filled with the Holy Spirit, and bear all the fruits of the Holy Spirit. If all we needed was the written word alone, God would not have sent the Holy Spirit.

You need both the Holy Spirit’s voice, and the written word.

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Desire The Living Water

May you always seek God’s face. May His glory and living presence become your passion, longing, thirst, hunger and desire.

God wants you to desire His living presence. Your heart was made for Him – for His glory. He wants to cleanse you and saturate you with His love and mercy.

He wants you to constantly put on your white garment. He is iknocking at the door of your heart. I pray that His glory becomes your food and desire, in Jesus name.

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Choose Your Friends Wisely

Choose your friends wisely. The company you meet matters. Iron sharpens iron. Be friends with those who will not mislead you. Biblical figures and examples followed this principle. Jesus, Paul and David followed this rule. Your close friends should be God fearing.

If you want your aura and white garment to remain clean and sparkling, stay away from people who are cruel and hate God. Also stay away from them for your own protection because they cannot be trusted.

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The Inner Room

Visions, Revelations and Messages

I was praying for a long time, seeking God’s face and waiting upon Him, then I found myself in a secret, inner room in Heaven. This is one of the inner chambers of God and He expects all His children to visit there often. I suddenly heard the Lord say, “Anything you ask of me I will do it. Anytime you are here, if you ask for anything I will do it.”

God wants all His Children to constantly wait upon Him and seek His face. In the secret place of prayer, you can visit the inner room and experience Him. There, you will be given different tastes of the Master. Jesus knew the secret of His Fathers’s presence and knew how to pray.

In the inner room, you will be so interwoven and intertwined with the will of God that you will actually pray in line with God’s will. There, you will pray for what the Holy Spirit inspires and leads you to pray for. “Anything you ask of me, I will do it” does not mean that you will ask for a million mansions on earth and God will do it. No. It means that you will ask the way Jesus asked and you will receive the way that Jesus received.

Jesus was dead to the flesh and married to the will of God. He was in constant union with the will of God. Constant union with the will of God, coupled with constant heartfelt, steadfast prayer and worship leads to intimacy and the glory of His presence. In His presence there is fullness of joy.

In His presence, you will know the secret of two hearts beating as one and as you pray in line with God’s will, God will answer you. He promised to give us good things instead of snake. He promised to give us the fullness of the Holy Spirit. One thing that you can ask Him for in the inner room, is the full, constant infilling of the Holy Spirit which we all know is in line with His will for us.

Believe me, if you have the constant manifest presence of God, you have everything. When you have the reality of His love and presence, all inordinate desires, passions and dreams will die by power and force. If you ask, you will receive, and if you do not ask, you will not receive. That is the word of God. 

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7

May great grace be upon us in Jesus name.

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Poems To The Heavenly Bridegroom

Poems to the Heavenly Bridegroom

Poems worship and prayers to Jesus

You are the one
That I was born for
The one that completes me
The one who saves me
My Heavenly Bridegroom
And my love

You are the only true source of love
The vast ocean in an endless space
The fresh breeze that wraps yourself around me

You are the light that lives in me
My resurrection and my life
My source of inspiration
Every time I feel down

You are the one that always sees me
My wine and my drink
My one and only true love

You are my all in all
My everything

You are the eternal prince
The hope of the saints
The endless water of life
The aroma of virgins

You are the one
That invigorates me
My flavor and spice
My hope
My life
My salvation

You are my all in all
My everything

You are the admiration
Of the saints
The crown of virgins
The beauty of the consecrated and sanctified

You are the light
That lives in me forever
The golden bridge that leads to heaven
The narrow way that worldly men despise

You are the one I long for
My hope and my inspiration
My excitement and my peace
The source of heavenly consolation

You are my all in all
My everything

You are the one
That holds the key to my heart
My passion and my hunger
My thirst and my food

You are my companion
And best friend
The shower that washes away my dirt
My golden clock when I walk
Through a fiery evil village

You are my all in all
My everything!

You are the one that defeats princes
And take us on journeys beyond the physical eyes
You are the captain of warriors
The fierce Lion that destroys evil

You are my golden sword and spear
The eternal presence that enlivens my soul
You are my beauty and my decoration

You are my all in all
My everything

You are the reason that I smile
My morning after a dark night
You are the journey of journeys
The wonder of saints
The delight of the sanctified
Countenance of safety

You are the love
that creates endless hunger for love
The golden love that feeds the simple

You are my all in all
My everything

The living spring in a desert
My consolation price
The eternal garden of blessings

You are the terror of sicknesses
The menace of demons
The living water of life
The mountain peak
The ecstasy of love
The ever shining sparkle of eternal light
Tree of life

Mantle of honor
Robe of delight
Robe of riches
Man of war

You are the mountain of transformation
The transfiguration Of The saints
The endless sea of love

The laughter at the pit of my belly
My overflowing stream
The breath of life to me
Garden of delight
The spice of life
The aroma of love

The race of the saints
The destination of our hearts
The shiny star that transforms
The madness of heavenly love

The one that makes my heart leap for joy
You are the passion of virgins
The glorious resurrection
The agony of love that yearns for completeness

You are the happiness of humanity
The ceaseless life that overpowers death
The conqueror of evil
The emperor of the universe
Garden Of pleasures
You dance with the pure

You are oil that heals my soul
The living breath that restores my soul
The freshness of love
The yearning of my heart
The strength of youth
The endless peace after a catastrophic storm
Spiraling wave of relief
Sparkling effervescent
Floral pattern in my soul
Crescendo Of Love and mercy
Release that brings life
Tornado’s vengeance
My confidence
The endless stream of life
Mighty God, so beautiful
Timeless rock of ages
The great builder
The author of life

Your beauty is complete
The one that takes care of orphans

You are the cloud of glory
The country of love
Garden Of pleasures
The right hand of God
Kingdom of hope
The companion of the righteousness
The invigoration Of The Soul
Worship unending

You are the honey that takes away bitterness
The aftermath of love
Your sacrifice ended other sacrifices
Your sacrifice is effective forever
Morning dew
Mist of life
Virgin of virgins
Perfect sacrifice
The after glow of divine fellowship
The embrace of pure love
The living ember in my heart

Your kiss refreshes
You glow transforms
Your gaze imparts life
Your hands heal

Your dew is endless in life

You are the dew of heaven
The enclave of peace
Sanctuary of calm
The itch of glory
The soft Beckoning of my soul
The freshness of youth
More than life to me
Endless love
Mighty counselor
You are my hiding place

The adventure of the curious
The adoration of the pure
The admiration of the simple
The respect of the humble
The searching eyes of the innocent
The dream of the weary
The purifier Of my heart
The guide of wanderers
The deliverer of vagabonds
The case that shield’s my heart
The morning dew
Endless worship

The keeper of destitute
The reward of beggars
The satisfaction of the ever searching
The yearning of the lonely
The food of the weary
The eyes of the Church
The head of the church
The beauty of the sanctified
The excitement of the eager
I live to praise your name
The hunger of the passionate
Your banner over us is love
My beautifier

You are the power of Kings
The controller of everything
The passion of the seeking
The face of the saints
The song of my heart
Breath of fresh air
The dance of my spirit
The one that fills me up
The reason I sing

The presence that we yearn for
The destination of the pilgrims
The answer of the confused
The restorer Of lost heritages
The vision of great men
The knowledge of nobles
The bridegroom Redeemer
Endless beauty
I live to worship you

You are God above gods
Power above powers
The fascination of the deep
The golden surface of valleys
The one that lives beyond time
The journey of journeys
The fascination of your beloved
The endless calm and soothing of your brides
Air purifier
At your name every knee will bow
The soothing in my soul
The yearning of my heart
The wonder of wonders
The everlasting companion
The ever living spring
The terror of demons
The judge of evil
The perfect one
The righteous one
You are good you are kind
Your beauty is complete
You have risen from the dead
King of love
Nobody loves me like you
You are life to my soul
You are the living race of life
You are grace to my neck
Ever Beckoning light
Light beams of mercy
By you I walk safely
By you I will not fall
By you I will not be afraid
By you my sleep will be sweet
You never fail

The embrace of the pure
The path of restoration
The living food in the wilderness
The fist and the last
The beginning and the last
You abide me
The alpha and omega
The kiss of light
The meaning of love
Air sanitizer
You delivered Paul and Silas
The manna from heaven
The living stone
The fresh bread of life
You are bigger than all my problems
You give me victory
By you I keep the faith
You are my confidence
You keep my feet from being caught
You are splendor untold
A perverse person in an abomination to you
By you I am preserved
Your wisdom is the principal thing
You curse the home of the wicked
You bless the home of the just
You bring honor
You give crowns of glory
You have the issues of life
You establish all my ways
Your fountains are pure and holy
Your love enraptures
Your law is light
Your word is lamp for my feet
By you, kings reign
By you princes rule
Your fruit is better than fine gold
By you our days are multiplied
By you blessings are on my head
Your blessings make rich and add no sorrow
You set crown of pure gold on our heads
My glory is great in your salvation
You will make me exceedingly glad with your presence
By your mercy I will not be moved
You are exalted in your own power
I will sing and praise your power
You are Holy, enthroned in my praises
My praise will be of you in the great assembly
The kingdom is yours and you rule over all nations
You are my shepherd and I will not lack

You are our heritage and our hope
The vast empire of pure souls
The garden Of purification
The well of comfort
The cloak of righteousness
The garment of the redeemed
The consoler of the bereaved
The decoration I long for
The invigorating air of life
My golden spear
My shield and armor
My powerful spear
The comfort I long for
The lamb upon the throne
The lamp that lights my path
The lamp unto my steps
All heavens declare your glory
My wisdom and understanding
The giver of true knowledge
I bow my knees to worship you
You defeated dagon the idol
By you I lie down in green pastures
By you my head is anointed with oil
Your goodness and mercy will follow me
You are strong and mighty in battle
You struck the people of Ashdod with tumors
You are my sustenance
Salvation belongs to you
You turn my shame to glory
You accepts sacrifices of righteousness
Lift up the light of your countenance upon us
You put gladness in my heart
By you everlasting doors are opened
You are Lord of hosts
You show your secrets to those who fear you
My eyes are always upon you

You are the air that energizes the atmosphere
The ambience of the heavenly city
The gate of heaven
The satisfaction of the ever seeking
The magnetic pull of fiery love
Chariot of warriors

The changeless changer
Unchangeable God
The electricity of love
The warmth of comfort
The golden thread of love
You are the one that makes me dwell in safety
You do not take pleasure in wickedness
You abhor the blood thirsty and deceitful man
You will pluck my feet out of the net
Your works are wondrous
You are the only one keeping my life
Show me your beauty
Hide me in the secret place of your tabernacle
Hide me in your pavilion
Set me high upon a rock
You are my saving refuge
Your voice is powerfully
I will extol you
Your favor is for life
You turned my mourning into dancing
You take off our sack clothes
You clothe me with gladness and praise
You are my rock of refuge
You are my fortress of defense
You pronounce the wicked guilty
I will ever shout for joy
You are ABBA Father
You bless the righteous

You are the hill of escape
The forgiveness of the erring
The helmet of warriors
The divine presence in us
Glorious and worthy of all honor
Greatly to be praised

You are the uplifter of my soul
The one who strengthens feeble knees
The sleep of warriors
The rest that gives life
Pool of sparkling gems
The highway of holiness
The way of spiritual blessings
Road to the heavenly city

You are the living ocean in which my soul refreshes itself
The exhumer Of lost glory
The cost of salvation
You surround me with favor
You embrace me with mercy and grace
Your throne is established of old
You greatly trouble your enemies
You make the wickedness of the wicked come to an end
Answer to my dreams
The gemstone of life
The destroyer of evil
The puzzle that we strive to unravel

You are the one I always think about
My praise at midnight
My anchor and rest
The anchor of my soul
The champion of saints
The ancient of days
You are my rock and fortress
I will rejoice in your mercy
You are a great provider
My times are in your hand
Your goodness is great
You keep me secretly in a pavilion
You show me marvelous kindness in a strong city
You lift up a standard against my enemies
You are my hiding place
My glory and the lifter of my head
The eyes that I see with
The the righteous look up to The one the righteous look up to
You hear us from your holy hill
You set the godly apart for yourself
You established all authority
The belt of your loins is righteousness and holiness
The belt around your waist is faithfulness and mercy
You are the one that sustains us
Strike all my enemies on their cheekbones
Strike them in their tender spots
Break the teeth and power of the ungodly
You have the dazzling countenance
Let the light of your countenance be upon me
You establish us
You establish successful ministries
You are the God of heaven of and earth
You are my constant race
You test hearts and minds
Put gladness in my heart
You surround me with songs of deliverance
Your mercy surrounds me
Praise from our lips to you is beautiful
You love righteousness and justice
Your counsel stands forever
Your plans stand from generation to generation
Your eyes are on those who fear
You are my help and my shield
Let your mercy be upon me
I will bless you at all times
Your praise shall continually be in my mouth
Your angel encamps all around me and delivers me
I will taste and see that the Lord is good
Your eyes are on the righteous
Your ears are open to my cry
Your angels chase the wicked
Your loving kindness is very precious
Your righteousness is like the great mountain
You give me drink from your river of pleasures
With you is fountain of life
In your light we see light
To experience you is to taste glory
By you the meek inherit the earth
You break the arms of the wicked
By you descendants of the righteous will not beg for bread

You are decorated with praise
You are my crossing
You are the all sufficient one
Highly lifted up
Your name is sweet
The transformation of the eager
The ageless King
The courage of the timid
The motion of the motionless
The drive that makes us conquer
The author of life
The defender of the weak
The meaning of life
The cherish of my heart
You are my defense
The fans of love within my heart

You are the light of the dying
The rod of your mouth strikes evil men
The one that calms me
The meeting of heavenly love
The disillusionment Of The wicked
You save the upright in heart
The encouragement of heavenly warriors
The path that straightens crooked paths

You are my inheritance and foundation
You are a just judge
The price of heavenly love
The reward of the saints
The love that drowns other loves
The breath from nose kills evilThe breath from your nose kills evil
You transport us to Your holy mountains
You gave us godly inheritance
You give us words of prophecy
You crown us with spiritual gifts
You are the faithful witness
You give us pleasant places

The presence that I long for
The gem in my soul
The tickle of my heart
My laugher and joy
My happiness and my dream
The one that makes love manifest in a dark world

You are life divine
The illumination Of The saints
The restorer Of precious gifts
The ultimate gift
The one who satisfies my soul
The one that baptizes us with fire
You are angry with the wicked everyday
You have great bows and arrows
You are fire with fiery weapons
You return trouble to the sender
I love you so dearly
The one that anoints us
Only you can make us happy
You are the first born from the dead

The need of the discerning
The hunger of true lovers
I will praise you according to your righteousness
The unseen companion of my heart
My guide and my counselor
My comforter and consoler
I glorify your power
The life that i long for
The divine life that I yearn for
My respiration and my hope
The genesis of life
You are the ruler over the kings of the earth
Nothing can happen if you have not decreed it
I sing praises to your name
You direct our steps
It is only your counsel that can stand not the devices of men’s heart
You make all things work together for our own good
You lead us to spiritual maturity
Nothing happens without your permission and purpose
You were disgraced, ridiculed, abused, betrayed, beaten, humiliated, abandoned, tortured and falsely accused for my benefit
Your throne is the throne of grace
You show us the way to heaven
You help us develop godly character
You conform us to your own image
You chasten your children
You are the author and finisher of our faith
The great comforter
By your blood you crushed principalities
You loved us and washed us from our sins
Your name is excellent
My offering to you is thanksgiving

You are my living passion and dream
The golden prince shining with light
The mesmerizer Of the redeemed
The joy of my heart
My constant happiness
My song in a dark night
Your glory is above the heavens
You made us kings and priests to God
You are the ocean divider
The confidence of tomorrow
The future of the saints
The hope of virgins
You are tomorrow’s King
You lead in Holy paths
The great conqueror
The changeless changer
My hope divine
The constant living water
The path of faithful
The walk of holiness
The step of the righteous
My unspoken song
You come with clouds
You walk in the midst of the seven lamp-stands
Your head and hair are white as snow
The silencer Of The heartless
The menace of the wicked
The emperor of the universe

The fascination of nations
The wonder of the world

I love having your presence around
I love the way you love us
I love your mercy and your grace
The passion and the peace
That you bring
You silence the enemy and the avenger
I praise you with my whole heart

You are mercy and grace
You are glory and love
Your feet are like fine brass
Eternal hope in a dark night
The golden hand that shatters gray mountains
The crash of the undiscerning
Your works are marvelous
The wisdom of the foolish
Creator of all creatures
The terror of darkness
The stone that smashes the wicked
The firm foundation
The living rock and stone
I put my trust in you
In you I stand secure
Your word is faithful
My ever living hope
You are marvelous and amazing

My master and my best friend
My father and my brother
My bridegroom and love
My heart and my dream
My joy beyond words
My endless love
My constant passion
My mutter in the dark
All creation bows before you
My living desire
You are stunning and breathtaking
You are amazing and astounding
You are astonishing and awesome
You are sensational and remarkable
You are spectacular and stupendous
You are staggering and stunning
You are wondrous and incredible
You are splendid and magnificent
You are superb and glorious
You are lovely and delightful
I will praise you with all my heart
You judge in righteousness
You established your throne for judgement
You are my refuge in time of trouble

You reign
You are the rock of my salvation
Your voice is like the sound of many waters
You hold the seven stars in your right hand
The restorer Of my life
You are worthy to be praised
Worthy to be glorified
You are a refuge for the oppressed
You dwell in Zion
You avenge blood

My longing of love
The master of the universe
The hope of nations
The constant inspiration
The song of midnight
The companion of virgins
The endless love that satisfies
Out of your mouth proceeds sharp two-edged sword
Your countenance is like the sun shining in all its strength
You are He who lives and was dead
You do not forget the cry of the humble
You are known by your pure judgements
You turn the wicked into hell

Tomorrow’s vision
Paradise of love
Channel of deliverance
Mediator Of The new covenant
The eternal high priest
You are blessed
The chosen one
Tomorrow’s light and hope

You are the constant passion of a tired soul
The strength of my life
The one my heart beats for
My heartbeat and my future
My glory and my pride
The one who lifts me up
The only true God
You are alive forevermore
There is no greater honor than to honor you
God of gods
All the gods bow down before you
You are the only God, all other gods are idols
Powerful beyond imagination

You are the horn of my life
You are our first love
You give over-comers food from the tree of life
You give us the crown of life
You are the rock that holds me
You fight with the sword of your mouth
You make my expectations not to perish
You put nations in fear
You repay trouble and grief to those who love it
The teacher of the confused
You give overcomes hidden manna to eat
You give over-comers white stone
You give over-comers new name written on white stone
Forever your word is settled in heaven
You are the sanctuary of the helpless
The helpless cling to you
The understanding of the confused
The Lion Of The tribe of Judah
Bless us with holy conversations
Bless us with heavenly dreams and visions
You cast the unrepentant on sickbeds and great tribulations
You judge the churches
You kill and you give life
You kill the unrepentant church’s children with death
You are He who searches minds and hearts
You give over-comers power over the nations
Over-comers will rule the nations with rod of iron
Over-comers will dash nations to pieces like porters vessels
You give over-comers the Potter’s vessels
You have the seven spirits of God
You come upon the unrepentant like a thief
You make the sanctified walk with you
You are the helper of the fatherless
You make us vessels of honor
You are Holy and true
You have the key of David
You make over-comers pillars in the Temple of God
You will write on me the name of God and the name of the city of God
You will write on me, your new name
You are the Lord almighty who was and is and is to come
My God that never sleeps
You are the Amen
You are the faithful and true witness
You are the beginning of God’s creation
You vomit the lukewarm out of your mouth
You are the one that we must buy gold refined in fire from from
You make us spiritually rich
You are the one we must buy white garment from to cover out shameful nakedness
You are the one that anoints our eyes with salve to see
You rebuke and chasten those you love
You grant us repentance
You break the arm if the wicked and evil man
You make us zealous
You stand at the door of our hearts and knock
You make over-comers sit with you on your throne
By your will all things exist and were created
The twenty four elders fall down before you
The four loving creatures fall down before you
You were slain and you redeemed us to God by your blood
You reveal our true spiritual conditions to us
My only source of life
You are with me always
Lily of the valley
The living Lord of life
The meaning of love
The wonder of my soul
My hearts journey
And the ultimate price
The hidden treasure
The precious stone
The cloud of glory
You are King forever and ever
The oppressed look to you for justice
The rock that holds me
The rock I stand on
The living one

Fountain of my heart
Your throne is in heaven
You soul hates the wicked and one who loves violence
Overflowing stream
Shepherd of the universe
Creator of all things
The aura of life
You made us kings and priests to God
The voice of many angels sing your praises

Precious Lamb Of God

My breath whispers one name only – Jesus
My thoughts magnify you
My heart sings your name
My mouth whispers your Holy name in awe
In the midnight I adore
You are the later rain
My eyes see only your love
You pour down coals, fire, brimstone and a burning wind on the wicked
Your countenance beholds the righteous
You set me in safety
I yearn for your living presence
Your words are pure words
Your comfort is my food
The merciful one
You healed Peters mother in law
You took our illnesses and bore our diseases
You have called me into your banquet of love
You rebuked the winds and waves
Many angels, the living creatures and the elders worship you
Give us more rain
Let us be soaked with the later rain
Fill this temple once again with the latter rain
Fill my cup Lord
Your words are seven times purified
I trust in your mercy
My heart rejoices in your salvation
I will sing to you always
You are with the generation of the righteous
By you the children of the righteousness will not beg for bread
You are the refuge of the poor
You dwell in Holy Hills
You are the hope of the faithful
You preserve your own
I belong to you
My goodness is nothing apart from you
By you the sorrows of the idol worshippers will be multiplied

In your embrace I long to dwell
In your eyes I drown
Your fragrance invigorates me
And your aura is my food
You are worthy to receive riches

I give myself to you
For your love
For your glory
You are the portion of my inheritance and my cup
You maintain my lot
For your pleasure

You are the pride of life
Every creature in heaven on earth and under the earth praise you
You are the one who will judge and avenge the blood of matyre
You move like a mighty wind
No one can stand your wrath
Salvation belongs to you
We wash our robes and make them white in your blood
You are the Lamb in the midst of the throne
You will shepherd me and lead me to the fountains of living water
You will wipe away our tears
You put godly seals on our forehead
You are emmanuel
There is no one like you
Glorification of the saints
The magnet of true love
The portion of love
The charisma of the redeemed
The winds and waves obey you
Demons obey your command
You torment demons
Demons beg you
Demonds quiver and tremble in fear of you
Demons and sicknesses flee at your name
You healed the paralytic
True worship and true life

You made the lines fall in me in pleasant places
You gave me good inheritance
You give me great counsels

I admire you
I appreciate you
I respect you
I acclaim you
I cherish you
I love your personality
I am attracted to your good Spirit
I am crazy and mad for you
I esteem you
I am in awe of you and your character
You are my prize
You are my treasure
I applaud you
I recognize you
I value you
I treasure you
I am grateful to you
I elevate you
I applaud your fame
You are the most important person
I love you more than everyone and everything
You are my joy and satisfaction
You are my pleasure and dream
You are my daddy
You are my superstar
I salute you
I follow you
I seek your face
I wait upon you
You are my high calling
I stand amazed at you

Because you are at my right hand I will not be moved
By you my heart is glad
By you my glory rejoices
You show me the path of righteousness
Your path is the path of life
You are the Holy crossing
In your presence is fullness of life
At your right hand are eternal pleasures

We. bow before you
We fall prostrate at your feet
We bless you forever
The living spring of life

Let my vindication come from your presence
Let your eyes look upon me

Become my fascination
Let me be engrossed in you
Let me be captivated by you
Absorb me into you
You hold my interest
You are very interesting and dynamic
You are enchanting and exhilarating
You are enthralling
By you I am enraptured
You are entrancing
You are spellbinding
You are magnetic
I like you so much and I can’t explain it
You are my ecstasy and delight
I can’t forget you
Without you, I am down
You transfix me
You are engaging
You are compelling
You are gripping
You are thrilling
You are irresistible
You are extremely attractive
You are delightful
You are intriguing
You are entertaining and interesting not boring
You are lovable and sweet
You are charming
You are heavenly and divine
You are my romance beyond the veil
You are so dazzling
You are the dazzling beauty
You are gorgeous
You are appealing
You are smashing and dashing
You smile is enthralling and engaging

Capture my heart
Captivate my heart
Fascinate my heart
Arrest my attention
Draw me to you
Occupy my mind
Unite our spirits

Show your marvelous loving kindness by your right hand
Keep me as the apple of your eye
Hide me under the shadow of your wings
Cast my enemies down
Use you sword to deliver me from the wicked
Fill me with your hidden treasures
Let me see your face in righteousness
Let me awake in your righteousness and be satisfied

You are my strength
You are my rock, fortress and deliverer
You are my shield, the horn of my salvation, my stronghold
By you I am saved from my enemies
You will hear me from your holy temple
Let my cry come before you to your ears

Smoke comes out of your nostrils

Your presence blood fire and thick smoke
Fire comes out of your mouth
You ride upon cherubs
You fly upon the wings of the wind
Thick clouds of the skies cover you
Brightness goes before you
Thick clouds, hailstones and coals of fire go before you
You send your arrows to scatter foes
You send your lightenings to destroy enemies
You uncover the foundations of the world
The blast of the breath of your nostrils heals me
You will take me and draw me out of many waters
You will deliver me from my strong enemy
You deliver me from those who hate me
You are my support
You will bring me out into a broad place
You delight in me and will deliver me
You are my reward and you will reward me
You show yourself merciful to the merciful
My life is available to you
You show yourself blameless to the blameless man
You show yourself pure to the pure
You show yourself shrewd to the devious
You are savior of the humble
You will light my lamp
You enlighten my darkness
By you I climb tall walls
By you I run against troops
By you I leap over walls
Your way is perfect

You are refreshing and pleasant

The imagination of fiery hearts
You set heats on fire
You are my help in time of need
You are God with us
You became flesh and dwelt among us
You are the living word
You are the spiritual rock that followed the Israelites
Angels descend and ascend upon you
You are the ever-living God
Before Abraham you were
He who has seen you has seen the father
You and the father are one
You decorate me with strength
You make my way perfect
You make my feet like the feet of deer
You set me on high places
You teach my hands to make war
You are the express image of the father
You had glory with God before the world was
You were there before time began
You deserve all the respect
You command my eternal respect
Your sinless death is priceless
Your resurrection life makes eternal life possible
You led Israel through the wilderness
The new law is your law
There is no other god beside you
All the gods bow down before you
In the council of the gods you give your decision
All other gods are the works of men
By you my arms break bows of bronze
You give me the shield of my salvation
Your right hand holds me up
I love you from the bottom of my heart
I love you from the depths of my heart
I love you from my innermost being
You gave me the shield of your salvation
Your right hand holds me up
Your gentleness makes me great
You enlarge my path under me
You chase my enemies and overtake them
You decorate me with great power for ministry
You subdue enemies under me
You give me the necks of my enemy
You are my one and only friend who loves me and care for me
You put our names in the book of life
We are your temple and tabernacle
Your glory illuminates my life
Your living presence destroys every yoke
You are the supernatural doctor
You are my light
You make me walk in your light
Your presence is the pure river of water of life
You are the tree of life
Your leaves are for the healing of the nations
In Heaven, I will see your face permanently
Your name shall be on my forehead
You will come with your reward
You are the alpha and omega
Are the beginning and the end
You are the one who opens wombs
You are the first and the last
You will dwell with us and be with us
You and the father will dwell with us
Beat my enemies as fine as the dust before the winds
You live forever and ever
Jesus you are blessed
Blessed be the rock my rock
Let the God of my salvation be exalted
You are the one who avenges me
I know only one name Jesus
You will be with us and be our God
You will wipe away every tear from my eyes
You will make all things new and there will be no more death or sorrow
Your words are faithful and true
You make those who overcome inherit all things
You will make your bride and wife sparkling and beautiful
You are the magnifying glory
The street of your city is pure gold like transparent glass
There will no temple in the new Jerusalem because you will be our temple
Let your glory illuminate my life
I cling to you
You lift me up above those who rise against me
I will give thanks to you O Lord among the people
I sing praises to your name
You are the giver of great deliverance
The heavens declare your glory
The firmament show your works
There is nothing hidden from you

You are the sole desire of my heart
You are the refresher of my spirit

You make the world disappear
The things of earth fade away
And heavenly visions appears
Your law is perfect converting the soul
Your testimony is sure making wise the simple
Your law is right rejoicing the heart
Your commandment is pure enlightening my eyes
I like you too much
The fear of you is clean, enduring forever
Your judgements are true and righteousness altogether

I long for you
More with every passing day
I forget lost love
And I focus on you
Your love invigorates me
Transforms new
And gives heavenly dreams
And tastes of glory

You are more to be desired than gold
You are my love my life
My eternal beauty
My eternal inheritance
My honey
You are finer than gold
You are sweeter than honey and honey comb
By your words I am warned
The is great reward in you
There is life in you
There is great sweetness in you

Cleanse me from secret faults
Keep me from secret sin and jet them but have dominion over me
You are everything to me
You are my darling and sweet heart
Let my words and meditations be acceptable to you

You are my strength and my Redeemer
May your name always defend me
You send help from your sanctuary

You are sweeter that honey
And purer than fresh wind
You wrap yourself around me
To give me heavenly life

Only you can satisfy
The deepest needs of our soul
You are my comforter and love
Faithful in love
Pouring Living water on me

You are ever full of life
You are the fountain of living springs
Victorious warrior
You strengthen me out of Zion
You remember all my offerings
You accept all my worship
You grant my hearts desires
You fulfill all your purpose
I can’t help liking you
I am helplessly devoted you you
You are my only love forever
I will rejoice in your salvation
In your name, I will set up banners
Fulfill all my petitions
You answer us from your holy hill
Your right hand is powerful
You are riveting
Rock of life
My own heart

You reign upon your throne
The holy one
The true one
The radiator of love

Lord of everything
You are my shelter
My canopy
And my cover
You are ceaseless grace
The crown of life
The Beauty of saints

You are my my song
You are my reason for singing
You are my strength and my song
You are the strength of my life

Melt my heart into your heart
Bind us together in mighty great love

Touch me
Hold me
Heal me
Mend me
Beautify me

You are my boldness and confidence
My laughter

May I swim in you
May I rejoice in you
May I delight in you
May I dance in you
May your joy be my constant stream

You are the living fountain
Master of the saints
Redeemer if the lost
Power without limit
Conqueror and captain
Life without end

You are true
Ever loyal
Ever strong
Ever loving

You are the bright and morning start
The true light
The sweet counselor if light
The Prince of peace

Melt my heart in your fire
Keep me in worship
And in need of you
Become the strength of my life

You are the one that teaches my fingers to make war

Your love has overpowered me
I am helpless with love for you
Your love refreshes and invigorates me
It propels me to heights unknowns

There are higher depths of love that you will enable me cross
By you I will pass the narrow sea
And the golden sea
The deeper depths of your love
Carry me love
And transports me to the divine
You lift up a standard against the enemy

You are
Lord of the heavens
Lord of the angels
The glory of resurrection
Magnificent and majestic
The empire of glory
The fortress of the righteous
Holiness personified
Worthy to be served
And praised

You are my dream
The love of my life
The fascination that we cling

I can’t take a move without you
Every step I make is for you
Every breath I breathe is for you
Every move I make is for you
You are the heartbeat of your Church
You are the glorious salvation

You are
The fascination of the Church
Our magnificent obsession
Our strength and shield
Our rock and shelter
Our eternal Redeemer

You are
Our pardon and forgiveness
The deliver of my spirit
You rejoice over us with singing
You rejoice over us with dance
You rejoice over us with gladness
You delight in us
You are with us

You are the pride of life
The invigorating aroma of divine love
The fragrance of grace
The kiss of love
The touch of the divine
The radiance Of beauty
The spindles Of love
The axis of my heart

The shepherd of the universe
Creator of my heart

I will glory in your strength
I will delight in you
I will dance for you

You are the Lord of the dance
The King Of the ages
The ravishing beauty
The handsome and glorious prince
The dazzling Lord
The mediator of the new covenant
The strength of my life
You preserve me in great love
The fear of you is the beginning of wisdom
You are a graceful ornament to my head
You are the chains about my neck
In you there are precious possessions
By you I will always walk in your way
You are the great wisdom that calls me
You will pour your spirit on me
Yo will make your words known to me
You fill me with your fancies
You are my great treasure
Mighty are your miracles
I seek you as silver
I seek you as a previous stone
You are great gain to those who find you
Your proceeds are better than profits of silver
Your gain is better than fine gold
You are more precious than rubies
There is nothing that I desire that can compare to you
You are the giver of wisdom
Your mouth gives knowledge

When I am weak
I will celebrate you
And dance for joy
At your awesome power
And eternal salvation

You inner peace
The sanctuary of life

There is no friend like you
The one that knows all
You are more beautiful than diamond
You give long life
In your right hand are riches and honor
Your ways are ways of pleasantness
All your paths are peace, mercy and joy

You know all my struggles
You know my hopes
You know my desires
So I will constantly
Look up to you

Your mercies we proclaim
Your fame we shout
Your deliverance we long for
Your heart we yearn for
Your river of life we pant after

You are our praise
Our deliverance
Our glory
Our exaltation
You are love eternal
You are boundless favor

Sing a joyful song
Unto the dazzling prince
Sing a joyful song unto the God
For He Alone is King
He alone is savior
You are a tree of life to those who find you

Praise Him
Lift Him up
Magnify Him with pianos and guitars
And rejoice in Him
For You alone is God

You are
The faithful one
The Holy one
Those who retain you are happy
You established the heavens
The just and true one
You are the light of nations
The joyful dance of the universe

You are the one
That I love

I run to you
I run into you
To taste you
To revel in your love
To swim in you
To drown in your mercy
To delight in your mercy
To experience your grace
I will eat and drink of your love
And never grow weary
I will faint with love
And wake up again
To eat of your river
Of pleasures forevermore

You are the right hand of God
The glory of righteousness
The pleasure of God
The blessed one

You called me out of miry clay
You carried me on eagles wings
You refreshed my soul

You are the strong tower
The first and the last
The eternal throne
The ruler of the ages
The destroyer of demons

You are glorious resurrection
The way of the saints
The hunger of the redeemed
The happiness of creation
The crown of life
The hope of glory

You lead me along glorious paths
You hold me high
You are the sweetness of love
The passion of life
The heavenly romance

You are the man from heaven
The man on Fire
The mighty God
The heavenly man

Every tongue will tremble
At your name
The birds will chirp
The mountains will bow
And crooked paths will be made straight
By your great glory I overcome

You crown me with joy
And surprise me with great deliverance

You are infinite mercy
The rock of my salvation
The weapon of the exhausted
Glory personified
You are God

You are the admiration of the saints
You are the eyes of fire
Ocean divider
The destiny of pilgrims
The route of excellence
The change we long for
The passion of my soul

You are the Lamb of glory
My constant fascination
My Sanctification
My beautifier

Your throne is established of Old
Your hands emit fire
Your nostrils breathe out living water

You are the great shepherd
You are my future and my end

I see my future in your eyes
My pains in your blood and mercy

My brightness and my Sanctification
You are the healing rain
The power above powers
The name above names
My kinsman Redeemer

The golden pathway
The mirror of hope
The gladness Of weddings
The lens I see with
My spiritual graduation

You are my eyes
My race
And my bed

You are the flower of my youth
The magnifier Of Faith
You pluck my feet out of troubled water
You are the flower of youth
God of heaven and earth
The golden basket of gifts
The patience of the afflicted
The life giving spirit
King above all the earth
Sweetest name I know
You have conquered all

The spice of life
Virgin of virgins
The purest of them all
You are great and greatly to be praised
The confusion of the crafty and shrewd
The judge of heaven
The author of life

Your love is wonderful
Your mercy is marvelous
You are the cleansing fire
You are the pure purifying blood

The one that gives the power to make wealth
You are the distant horizon that I long to embrace
The fire that quenches Fire
The stone that crushes evil
The slippery slope for evil men
The true counselor
My only confidence
The man of war
The bight morning star
You ram at Abrahams’s alter
The perfect sacrifice
Revelations song
My battle axe
My weapon
Eternal spring
My deliverer
The author and finisher of our faith

You give life
The word made flesh
Mercy personified
The constantly running water of life
The mighty God
The eternal beatitude
The lamp that makes us see
The oil that lubricates my soul
I am amazed at your glory
I am in awe of your power

The fresh water of cleansing
The blood that gives life
The cloud of glory
Dampness to a dry soul
The love that removes the ache of loneliness
Eternal pleasure
Indescribable joy
Magnificent beauty
The parade of glory

The Matchless one
You have risen from the dead
The refreshing oil
The lamp for my feet
The great helper
The healing flood
I am embraced by your mercies

The cleansing power
The price that I seek
The hidden treasure
The glorious foundation
My house and shelter
The restorer Of lost heritage
There recovery of the sick
The hope of lost wanderer
Pilgrims’ paradise
My eternal destination
• The garden bed
I am amazed at your glory

The one my heart belongs to
The one I owe love and thanksgiving
My constant praise
The earthquake that destroys evil kingdoms
The river that flows from the Holy Place

The enduring waterfall
Bless the Lord o my soul and all that
I will sing of the mercies of Lord forever
Rejoice amen rejoice amen, glory be to God Jesus I Rejoice in you over and over again amen rejoice amen, glory be to God
Your word is settled
The one that quenches my thirst
The flute that beckons the golden ravens
The morning cry of the zealous
The awesome wonder
My beautifier
The transformer of my inner garments

The puzzle of the world
The fear of nations
The tiger of youth
The strength of the aging
The grand empire discovered by the seeking
Your name is wisdom
The King in the city of lights
You are precious and priceless
My recovered heritage
The box of treasures
The matchless one
All glorious above
Decorated with praise
The golden fall
The dazzling beauty
Touch my life
We declare our everlasting love for you
Your miracles bring us joy
My soul longs after you
The new wine
The resurrection and the life
The narrow way
You are almighty God and I bless you
Surrounded with splendor

You were there before the world began
The Angel Of God’s Presence
The perfume of love
The scent of glory
The price that was paid for my salvation
The irreplaceable one
The one that fills the empty void in my heart
You have authority over me
That dance of pure virgins
Echoes of mercy
The whispers of divine mercy
The searcher of men’s hearts
The giver of the Holy Spirit
Truth without shadows
Everlasting is your name
You break the depths

Let your Kingdom be established in our praises

Knowledge goes before you
The dispelled Of shadows
The disaster of demons
Your fruits are Holy and Invigorating
My Christian maturity
The one that leads me to the golden Hilltop
My hilltop
The right hand of God
The one with many tiltles
You are crowned with many crowns
The source of true humility
The changeless beauty
You are the only one I recognize
You are Elshadai Lord God almighty
Adonai Lord, Master
Jehovah Nissi the Lord my banner
Jehovah Raah the Lord my shepherd
Jehovah Rapha the Lord that heals
Jehovah Shammah, the Lordis there

Jehovah Tsidkenu the Lord my righteousness
Jehovah Mekoddishkem, the Lord who Sanctifies me
You are Qanna, Jealous
Jehovah Jitendra the Lord will Provide
Jehovah Shalom the Lord is peace
Jehovah Saboah, the Lord Of host

You walk among the seven lampstands
You have the eyes of fire
Extravagant grace
Overwhelming mercy
The Passover Lamb
Fully dependable provider
Faithful and true
In you God’s faithfulness was revealed
The eternal high priest
The perfect sacrifice
The vision of love
The revelation of God
City of lights
Breaker of chains
Bondage breaker
Footprint of love
My realized dream
The footstep of the eager
Hunger for righteousness
Hater of sin
Lover of righteousness
Conveyer Of the good news
The conference of Heaven
The congregation of the saints
You disarmed principalities and powers
My secret garden
My chamber of love
Heavens answer
From age to age you are still the same
The great mansion that covers me
The tower of the righteousness
Strong tower
Mighty fortress
Sweet destiny
The purifier of prostitutes
The Catcher of thieves
The visible likeness of the invincible God
Manifest presence of God
Genesis – Ram at Abraham’s alter
Exodus – Passover Lamb
Leviticus – high priest
Numbers- cloud by day and piller of fire by night
Deuteronomy- city of our refuse
Joshua – scarlet thread at rehabs window
Judges – judge
Ruth – kinsman Redeemer
1st and 2nd Samuel – trusted Prophet
Kings and chronicles – reigning King
Ezra – faithful scribe
Nehemiah – rebuilder Of everything that is broken
Esther – modecai sitting faithful at the gate
Job – Redeemer who ever liveth
Psalms – my shepherd and I shall not want
Proverbs and Ecclesiastes- our wisdom
Song of Solomon – beautiful bridegroom
Isaiah – suffering servant
Jeremiah and lamentations – Jesus that is the weeping prophet
Ezekiel – wonderful four faced man
Daniel – fourth man in the midst of the fiery furnace
Hosea – my love that is forever faithful
Joel -Baptizes us with the Holy Spirit
Amos – burden bearer
Obadiah – our savior
Jonah – great foreign missionary that takes the word of God Into all the world
Micah – messenger with beautiful feet
Nahum – the avenger
Habakkuk – watchman that is ever praying for revival
Zephaniah- the Lord mighty to save
Haggai – restorer Of our lost heritage
Zechariah- our fountain
Malachi – som of righteousness with healing in His wings
Matthew – thou argh the Christ the son of the living God
Mark – miracle worker
Luke – son of man
John – door by which every one of us must enter
Acts – the shining light that appears to Saul on the road to Damascus
Romans – justifier
1 Corinthians- our resurrection
2nd Corinthians- our sin bearer
Galatians – redeems us from the law
Ephesians- unsercaneable riches
Philippians- supply our every need
Colossians – the fullness of the Godhead bodily
1st and 2nd Thessalonians- soon coming king
1st and 2nd Timothy – mediator between God and man
Titus – blessed hope
Philemon – friend that sticks closer than a brother
Hebrews – blood of the everlasting covenant
James – the Lord that heals the sick
1st and 2nd Peter – Chief Shepherd
1st 2nd and 3rd John – Jesus who has the tenderness of love
Jude – Lord coming with 10,000 saints
Revelations- king of kings and Lord of Lords

Golden spindles of endless love
Water of life
Glory inexhaustible
Mirror of hope
Mist of
Dew of
Sin purger
Stain remover
The glory that appear to the sanctified
The blameless one
Davis sling and stone
Our fearsome missile
Enduring faith
The one I swim in
Blessed river
Kings and chronicles
Costly sacrifice
One who sits on the throne
Glorious and greatly to be admired
Meek and gentle
Humble and true
The road that opens up glorious roads
The footprint of mercy
Endless worship of good men
Words are not enough to describe you
You inhabit my praises
The circle of endless revolving hope
Generous with love

You triumphed at the cross
Not stingy at all
The one who enlarged my coast
My intercessor
You hold my hands
The terror of princes
King of kings
Lord of lords
God of gods
All the gods fear you and brown down before you
The waterfall of endless glory
The golden mountaintop
The armour Of believers
The faithful lover
The perfect husband
My Father God
The mechanism of holiness
The orchestra of perfect melody
My uncomposed melody
My endless poem
Prayer partner
Faithful intercessor
Divine energizer
Endless fountain of love
Ocean of mercy
The sanctuary of heaven
The temple of the blessed
Our uncompromising faith
By you, clouds drop down the dew
Lord please never depart
The way we walk in
The bridge to heaven
Pilgrims rest
Garden Of hope
Fortitude of believers

You surround me like a mountain
Your angel will encamp around me and deliver me
You will come upon me and I will become another
man like Saul
You take away ungodly appetite
Matchless in power and beauty
Highly exalted
Your bed is filed with golden roses
Rose Of Sharon
Aroma of righteousness
Lord of the dance
You help us climb great mountains
Those who know you do great exploits
Sweet Snelling aroma of life
Undeniably handsome
Completely irresistible
Irresistible one
Height of heavenly passion
The one who wakes me up
Son of the morning
The journey of love
You embrace and encase men
You cover men with gifts unimaginable
You lead us out of narrow winding roads
Your name is conqueror
Destroyer of destroyers
Mountain Dew
You make our life whole gain
Omnipresent Father
Father of mercies
Lord of all comfort
Giver of consolations
Let your living water flow over my soul
Let your living water make me whole again
Are in control of everything
Fill this temple once again
You washed me white as snow
By your death my sins were forgiven
You are the sin bearer
The legend of compassion
The legendary lover
Full of love and compassion
You clothe me with the garment of praise
Your mouth is filled with wonders of mercy
Sound of melody
Melodious harmony of love
In you we are complete
In you we are forgiven
You are the son of God slain for us
You carried my sins and burdens
You endured the cross for us
The dawn of redemption
You carry me on eagles wings
The bread of heaven
The living stone
Surround me with favor
You are the rain that falls on my heart and makes me new
Please don’t deny me yourself, your very powerful presence
It’s my dream to be the one you want me to be
You are the river that flows from the throne of grace
The mercy from the Holy Place
You are welcome in my heart
You grant the barren woman a home like a joyful mother of children
The lily of the valley
The rose Of Sharon
The bright morning star
The fairest Of ten thousand
Altogether amazing
Altogether glorious
Wonderful to me
Lovely and full of love and beauty
Beautiful beyond measure
My protector
My battle axe
My provider
My best friend
My healer
My sustenance
My redeemer
My Prophet
My priest
My King and my savior
My deliverer
My medicine that will cure me
My hope
My help cones from you
My keeper that never sleeps
You uphold me
You keep me from stumbling or falling
All the gods brown down before you
Eternal loyalty
Total consecration
Your blood is precious
Only you can make me whole again
Your blood washes away my sins
Your precious blood was sacrificed for my sins
You are Emmanuel
Glory to your name
Honor to your name
The pillar that holds my life
Everlasting king
Your grace is available to me
You have done great and mighty things
Your name is Holy
You are Alpha and Omega
Mediator of the new covenant
You abolished death and brought life and immortality
You do not live in man made Temples
You accept living sacrifices of praise and worship
You are the one who treads down our enemies
You are clothed in wisdom
You still the noise of many demons
You stifle evil waves
Through your greatness enemies submit to you
You hold the heart of Kings in your hands and turn it to any direction of your choice
Your enemies shall submit themselves to you
You are head of every principality and power
I am complete in you
I have full life in you
You deserve the lifting of our hands to you
My praise goes to you like an evening sacrifice
My thanksgiving goes to you like sweet incense
You will beak the arms of the wicked in our lives
In anger cast down our enemies
Make our enemies flow away like water
You bend your bow and destroy the evil in our lives
You cut sour enemies weapons in pieces
You make our enemies bend like snails that melt
You make our enemies like still born that do not see the sun
You destroy burning thorns of our enemies
You take our enemies away as a whirlwind
Sicknesses flee at your name
Your living wrath consumes evil
You reward the righteous
Judge if the earth
Your Holy Oil anoints the sanctified and thirsty
Your arm strengthens me
In you the enemy will not outwit us
You will beat down our enemies before our face
Yup plague those who hate us
Your faithfulness and mercy will with us
Death could not hold you captive
In your name my horn will be exalted
You will set my hand over the seas
You hand covers great rivers
Your face terrifies the deep blue seas
The land of dead scream for fear at your sight
Your name divides rivers
You manifest the anointing
Even in the grave you are Lord
You cut my enemies off
You are the bondage breaker
You are the wound binder
You are the rock of my salvation
You never sleep
Covenant keeping God
You give distress to evil men
Age to age you are still the same
Infinite wisdom
You are praiseworthy
You are able to carry me through
You bind our wounds
You are the golden cloud
My help comes from you
You are my keeper that never sleeps
You loved me and died in my place
Head above principalities and powers
You shield us from deception
Rich in mercy
In you, God’s great love made me alive
You will the enemy’s swords pierce their own hearts
You ensure that none of my steps slide
Through you, we will push down enemies
Through your name our enemies are trampled
You are fairer than the sons of men
Grace is poured upon your lips
You break the bows and cut the demons in pieces
He burn dangerous chariots in fire
By you the arms of the wicked are broken
You many our enemies fiery ovens in your wrath
Your fire devours enemies
Your breath consumes enemies
Your footsteps are elegant in great battles
Your arrows overwhelm our enemies
You are exalted in your power
You are greatly to be praised
You are enthroned in our praises
We marvel at your great grace
You are the shepherd and overseer of my soul
You will execute perfect revenge on the destructive
It is by your Spirit that we are delivered
Shepherd and overseer of my soul
Soul provider
Divine providence
My destiny and future
You gave yourself as a ransom for us
You forgave all my sins
Your blood makes me white as snow
In you we are more than conquerors
Your blood has made us victorious
The sun that shines ever bright
The ever living one
Destiny changer
Praise belongs to you
Effervescence of Love
Floral beauty in my soul
Constantly magnified in heaven
City of refuse
Tower of hope
Light of the morning
Princely beauty
Ray of hope
Vibrant beauty that has captured my soul
Power if divine love
Vitality of youth
Mighty man of valor
When I was lost, you made me whole
You made me whole at the cross
By you my night was turned to day
You give us great words of testimony
You did marvelous things in for and for me
We were justified by your blood
You are the great baptized
You are the ancient of days
You hold the keys of hades and death
You hold the seven stars in your right hand
You are my confidence
You walk in the midst of the seven golden lamp-stands
Your eyes are like a flame of fire
Your feet are like fine brass
You are Holy and true
When you open a door, no one can shut it
You have the key of david
You will never leave me or forsake me
You are the amen
The faithful and true witness
The Lion Of The tribe of Judah
The root of David
You are our Passover Lamb
The lamb that was slain
You have the seven spirits of God
You are the alpha and omega
The beginning and end
The first and last
The root and offspring of David
The bright and morning star
The water of life
My sins are forgiven for your name’s sake

You made me free from the law of sin and death
You bore my sins in your own body

The government is upon your shoulders
Your name is called wonderful
Mighty God
Everlasting father
Prince of peace
Of the increase of your government there will be no end
Your name is the sweetest
You are always the same
You judge the poor with righteousness
You decide with equity for the meek of the earth
The rod of your mouth strikes the earth
Your breath destroys the wicked
Your belt is righteousness
You love righteousness
You hate sin
You are the root of Jesse
You are our banner
Your resting place is glorious
Destroy the tongue of evil rivers
Your mighty wind consumes Kingdoms
By you we died to sin
By you we live for righteousness
By your stripes we were healed

You name is faithful and true
You fight your battles with righteousness and justice
All living things worship you
All things serve you
You have authority over death and the world of the dead
God reconciled the world through you
Your sacrifice set me free
You endured our suffering on the cross
You carried our pain
You were wounded for my sin
Beaten for the evil we did
I am healed by your punishments
I am made whole by the blows you received
The Lord made my punishment fall on you
You were put to death for my sin
You deserve the lifting of my hands
You are awesome in my life
It is good to praise you
Your grace is available to me
You have done great things
We bow down before you

Holy is your name
You are great Jehovah
You are great God Jehovah
You are the highly exalted king
I sing praises to your name
Angels adore you
The mighty man in valor
At the mention of your name
You are the most high God
From east and west there is no other God
You Jesus the most excellent
Manifest your goodness and compassion
You are excellent in my life
Let not our enemies triumph over us
We have come to be renewed
You delivered Paul and Silas
You are my portion in the land of the living
You are the shepherd of the Church
You are the ruler of the righteousness
You baptize with the Holy Spirit and Fire
You preached repentance
You made Th apostles fishers of men
You proclaimed the gospel of the Kingdom
You healed every disease and every affliction
Heaven is your throne
The earth is your footstool
May your Kingdom come
Soon coming King
Beautiful beyond our understanding
Angels fall prostrate before you
We hail your power
Your name is higher than any other name
My provider
Holy Spirit breathe upon me fill my life with your presence
Your presence makes me whole
You are tender hearted
Wonderful supplier
You are alive forever
Excellent name
Jesus we enthrone you
We proclaim you our King
Spirit of the living God fall afresh on me
You established Samuel as your prophet
You struck the Egyptians with plagues in the wilderness
Take me
break me
mold me
use me
The redeemed worship you
Give us our daily bread
All the angels are are crying Holy to the Lord who sits upon the throne
Let your living water flow over my dry soul
In your presence there is life
In your presence there are expressions of life
In your presence your power and might is revealed
May your kingdom be established in our praises
You are my song and joy
You gave me a brand new day
You are my daddy, hero, superstar
There is wonder working power in your blood
No one can touch my heart like you
You broken the gates of brass
You destroyed iron bars
You are the never ending story
I am justified by your precious blood
You are worthy to be gloried
You were with Samuel and let not of your words to Him fall to the ground
Lead us not into temptation
Jesus prepare me your sanctuary
No one loves me like you
You never fail
You abide with me
There is no rock like you
There is no one besides you
There is no rock like
You are the invincible God
Deliver me from all evil
You are the God of knowledge
By you actions are weighed
You break the bows of the mighty
You gird the weak with strength
You eliminate the hunger of the hungry
Forgive us our mistakes
You feed the birds of the air
You clothe the lilies of the fields
You give good things to those who ask
Your fruits are good
You healed the leper
There is nothing too difficult for you
By you the barren bear many children
You healed the Centurions servant
You kill and you make alive
You bring down to the grave and you make alive
You gave child to
You make one low and you lift up
You raise the poor from the dust
You lift the bigger from the ash heap
You set to beggar and poor among princes
The wicked shall be silenced by you
You will guard the feet of your saints
Your enemies will be broken in pieces
You make the lowly inherit the throne of glory
The pillars of the earth are the Lord’s

Heal the sick
Confirm your word
Your word is yes and amen
When you say yes, no one can say no
Let all I am always magnify you
Let my every breath worship you
Give me the latter rain
Everlasting is your name
You are the Lord that stood beside Samuel
You are the same from age to age
From generation to generation we praise
You will thunder from heaven against your enemies
You will judge the ends of the earth
You give strength to your beloved
I sing a love song to you
Nothing compares to the promise I have in you
You are brighter than the morning star
In your presence I am content
You exalt my horns
You gave child to Hannah Elkanah
You honor those who honor you
Those who despise you will be lightly esteemed
You called Samuel
You revealed your word to Samuel

Wash Me Fill Me
Crucify our flesh completely
Wash us white as snow
Make us die to sin
Lead us by your Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit move over me
I’m hungry for you
I’m thirsty for you
Holy Spirit make my life whole again
Show me the way
Change me
Renew me
Restore me
I want to see your presence in my my
Let me experience your love and your mercy
Let your glory overshadow me
Show me your face
Let your power flow over me
Wash away my pain
Teach me to trust you completely
Touch my spirit
Heal my mind
Let your precious blood heal me completely
Restore my dreams
Lift me up from grass to grace
From ashes to the clouds
Let your fresh anointing come upon me
I’m weak without you
I’m helpless without you
I need you
Spirit of the living God fall afresh on me
Break me
Mold me
Fill me
And use me

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Jesus, My Love

I love it most when we are simply enjoying each other’s presence and not asking anything from one another. That is what I love the most.”.png

Visions, Revelations and Messages.

Did you see Netanyahu?

For the past two days I was spending sixteen hours a day on digital painting and art. When I start, I just can’t seem to stop until I finish. This particular painting was really complex and would take about 5 days to complete. I am a qualified accountant so my work involves complex financial forecasts and analysis with financial engineering and mathematics. However, I love to paint, write and produce music. I am still going through a learning curve in the art, writing and music world. I painted from 7am to 10pm for two days, while playing praise and worship. I also do another type of work at night and get just a little sleep. I did not pray and fellowship with the Lord as usual with Bible study, pouring out my heart to Him and singing to Him. I only listened to praise and worship as I painted. Then I developed a bad headache.

I simply took a break and stopped the painting to give my eyes a break from the bright invincible rays coming from my MacBook Pro screen which I believe was causing the head ache.

Then, from 7pm yesterday night, I went into prayer. I knew that all I needed to do was to relax and refresh myself in His presence. I then talked to the Lord and sang praises, thanksgiving, love and worship to the Lord. I apologized to Him for ignoring Him when He had commanded me to spend a lot of time in His presence daily for fresh infilling and glory. I said to Him,

‘Lord, I know it was wrong of me to ignore you and spend so much time on digital painting, Please forgive me.”

I kept fellowshipping, worshipping and praying. After about three hours, the Lord came upon me and I went into a trance. He said to me. “I love you. I love you with the greatest love of all”  This made me very happy. The Lord expresses love so easily. He is never shy. I am shy with love but the Lord has taught me how to be more expressive with Him. He loves tender and sweet names. He continued,

“My love, no amount of pen pressure (His code name for digital painting) is worth my presence, I love it most when we are simply enjoying each other’s presence and not asking anything from one another. That is what I love the most.”

I said to Him, “ Jesus my love. I love it when you come upon me. I love it when you move, I love you.”

He talked to me about future events that would happen in my life.

He showed me the map of an African country and what would happen to it.

He said to me, “Did you see Netanyahu? He is a strong man. He is stronger than eight Western leaders put together. I had read an article with a picture of Netanyahu during the day. After about an hour the Lord came upon me again and continued talking about Netanyahu, He said to me. “I am with Him. “ Wow, I was shocked. But I should not have been shocked. Even though many Israelites are not Christians, God made a covenant with them.

Then, I saw the cloud that represents God’s glory. This time around, it was blue in color. After that, I saw myself up in the sky and I went  into the cloud above that houses a kingdom. The Lord was with me. I was now in the middle of the clouds just like when an airplane is flying in between the clouds. Next thing, I was in a kingdom.

The Kingdom was in the cloud and mixed up with the cloud and part of the cloud was still visible. Then the clouds disappeared and it was just the Kingdom. This kingdom was beautiful. I observed the structure of the buildings, streets, topography, hills, landscape and trees. We were on a street above looking at a street below. It was spectacular. I turned to the person beside me and she is someone I know on earth. She was also staring around her in surprise. I said, “ We are just behaving the way someone from a third world village who just came to America for the first time would behave.” That place looked like earth but the leaves of the trees and the buildings were just more sophisticated.

Then I saw some Reverend Fathers and I also saw people of many races. I saw three old white women and two young black women. They were all wearing white. I wondered what the white signified in that Kingdom. I approached one of the young girls and asked.

“What is the meaning of this white you are wearing?”

She was reluctant to tell me.

Then I called her name and she was surprised that I knew her name. That was when she realized that I was not from her kingdom and was with a higher power than her kingdom.

I said to her. “I am a princess from the Kingdom above the galaxies higher than every other kingdom.” Apostles and Evangelists are Princes and Princesses. Paul was a Prince.

Immediately I said that, she was filled with fear, terror and dread and ran away without answering my question. She was scared that she would go crazy or die.

I noticed that the Kingdom had Palaces.

Then I started looking for someone called Justin and was screaming, Justin!Justin! I saw him somewhere very far away and wanted to meet him but it was a very long walk. I remembered that depending on the degree of anointing upon me, I could make myself speed faster than an airplane and get to my destination. I tried to move very fast but I could not. Then I kept trying and I was able to speed up towards Justin. I was stopped half way by a man holding a sharp knife. He tried to stab me but he could not. I called his name and he was very surprised that I knew his name. I told him that I was from a great kingdom and that he would have died instantly if he had stabbed me.

I came out of the vision.

Towards the early hours of the morning, the Lord showed me a glimpse of Heaven. I saw dazzling, amazing golden buildings and structures that are impossible to describe. The Kingdom we belong to as Christians is simply awesome and indescribable in beauty, magnificence and splendor

I was able to experience the Lord simply by setting aside time to fellowship with Him. Anyone can live constantly in the dazzling glory of the Lord. The Lord has perfected His salvation and given us the Holy Spirit. We are the ones who need to cooperate constantly with Him to experience the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We must desire spiritual gifts.

So many things are hidden but the Lord is showing me these things because I am an end time Prophet. He is working towards the Unification Of The Church and he wants to take back his church that has been hijacked by the queen of heaven. The Lord wants to rescue souls from that kingdom which is part of  the kingdom of darkness and death and translate souls to the Kingdom of light, life and glory.

What I took away from this vision

  1. Spending quality time in the presence of God brings down the glory of God.
  2. There are many kingdoms of this world and the kingdom above the sky in the cloud is one of them.
  3. The Queen of heaven has a kingdom directly above the sky just as she has a kingdom in the water and the seas. The Lord had previously shown me visions about that.
  4. She is the one that goes by many names such as star of the sea, ocean star and queen of heaven. She is a Principality and is notoriously nicknamed and baptized Mary by her fans, followers and worshipers.
  5. God wants to deliver souls from her hands.
  6. God loves fellowship and worship and the best form of worship is to simply love the Lord and spend time with Him without selfishness and expectation. He delights in pure love.

The greatest love of all is Jesus. Jesus is the manifest presence of God. He is the glory of God, the grace of God and the mercy of God. When Jesus comes upon us and moves by His Holy Spirit, we experience the greatest love of all. The greatest love of all is Christ in us the hope of glory.

May we all constantly taste and experience the greatest love of all.

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