Stubborn Memories


When you left

I cried


You travelled far away

And married another

I cried


I grieved

And prayed

That you would come back

If not for me

For my children


When you left

I cried


I could not let go

I lived in the past

And tormented my weary mind

With the beautiful and stubborn

Memories we had formed

Together in the past


You left

But the memories did not leave


I tried to shake them off

But they remained


I tried to let go

But I couldn’t

Until grace found me

And changed me


Power from above

And time

Healed me



I am so happy

It’s unbelievable


I have found another love

Another joy

And another life


I cried


I cry no more


There are times

And seasons in life


I guess my season

Of sadness is over

And my season of joy is now



May it last

By your grace

Till I meet you in glory



A fictional narrative (story) poem



God heals broken hearts

No matter how gloomy it is

After a bitter and harsh separation

God’s grace is bigger

He heals hearts, emotions, homes and families


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