Never Forget

I can hear Him say

Never forget that I was the one

Who watched over you like a hawk

When no one else cared

You were rejected and abandoned

I took you out of the mud

And cleansed you

I healed you and gave you life

Never forget that the love I have for you

Can be compared to no other

You might not understand it

And you might doubt it


Your doubt does not make it less real

Never forget that I can feel love

And grief

When you reject me and disobey me

I feel grief

Never forget that

Without me you can do nothing

And that rejecting my love

Is great folly

Never forget

That all I want is love

Worship and praise

Those who make it their aim

To always please me in love

Will not be disappointed

Because I am a rewarder of those who

Diligently seek me

Never forget

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