Perfect Redemption

O my soul

Praise the Lord

The Immortal King

He purchased us

With His blood

O my soul

Praise the Lord

What a perfect redemption!

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All I Need

Holy Ghost, take over my life, completely.

I surrender all

I need you

I love you

My life belongs to you

In you

I see light

In you

I see love

In you

I see hope

Holy Ghost

Take over my life

You are all

That I need

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Teach Me

Holy Spirit

Revive me

Teach me

Lead me

I surrender all to you

I dedicate my life to you

It is so vital and important for us to constantly rely on the Holy Spirit. He is our Lord, teacher, guide, comforter and helper. He longs to help us become what we should be in Christ.

Holy Spirit, have your way in our lives🙏

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Poems to The Heavenly Bridegroom 4

You are the one I long for
My hope and my inspiration
My happiness and my peace
The source of heavenly consolation

I will sing of your grace
And mercies forever
"Break every Goliath in my life with a rod of iron;
Dash them to pieces like a potter’s vessel.’ ”

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