Refreshing Love


Your name is sweet

Your love is refreshing

Your breath is life

I bow before your throne

In adoration and worship

I love you

Never forget the love of God. It is His love that delivers you. It is His love that made Him sacrifice His only son for your salvation. Love is all that matters in life and God’s love is greater than every other love. Rejoice in His love, revel in His love, celebrate His love and thank Him for His love.

Make it your aim to experience more and more of God’s love everyday, because His love is His presence, glory and power!

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With All My Heart

Lord, produce in me, a character that is more pleasing to you.

Give me the grace

To know you more


Love you more

May I never

Stop doing good

May I walk

In all your ways

May I seek

You with all my heart

May I be lost in you

And found

In you

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Like A Shield

May God’s mercy be upon you. May mercy surround you, like a shield in Jesus name.

May God lead you

Into greater depths of His love

May you be filled with wisdom

And revelation

In the knowledge of

His word

May the Lord

Bless you

And keep you

May you experience

Great deliverance

In Jesus name

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Thank You For Your Grace

Lord, thank you

For your grace

For your protection

For your love

May your goodness always

Go before me

May your living presence

Always be with me


I bless your name

I thank you for your love

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Garments Of Light

May the Lord clothe you with garments of light, in Jesus name.

May He crown you with His beauty

May His mercy surround you

May He lead you day by day

Into His perfect will

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King Of The Ages

We bless you

Almighty God

King of the ages

You are glorious

And greatly to be praised

You took my sicknesses

And sorrows

You ransomed me

With your blood

Thank you Lord!

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Renew Me


I lift you up

I praise you

Let your living presence

Thoroughly cleanse me

Renew me

Refresh me

And make me whole again

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He has done great things

Christ defeated death for us

Let the earth roar His praises

Let Angels prostrate bow

He has given us victory



Bless His Holy name

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