Walking In The Park

Walking in the park

Thinking to myself

Some own the world

And some are victims


The bold, the brave

The cowardly and the weak

Have one thing in common

A changeable destiny



Walking in the park

I know for certain

That the cowardly

And weak

Can reign victorious

On earth

By faith prayer and persistence

If they truly dare.

Without You

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Without You
I am lost and helpless
I am lonely
I am sad

Without You
I can do nothing
Favor seems impossible
Fear rules
Mercy is distant

Without you
The world will stop in its axis
The demons rule
Darkness reigns

Without you
We can do nothing
And we are nothing



I am hidden
From the world

But I was born

To be a star

To shine

Brighter than diamonds

I am hidden

From the world

With a veil

That I despise


I cry out to God


Tear this veil apart

And reveal my royalty

Let the princess in me


For the world to see

That I am the daughter

Of the greatest King

My father rules over all

I am a royal princess

A blue blood

With a golden crown

On my head

I refuse to be


May all the hidden

Never give up

Dancing Shoes

I said to myself

Put on your dancing shoes

It’s Saturday night

I am pretty

I am young 

I am a city girl

In London

I will dance away the night

And drink away my time

A silent voice beckons

My child

I have called you

To greater things

Shun the darkness

Come closer

To heavenly delights

I will favor you

And bless you

Shun the darkness

And come to me 

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