Vessel Of Honor

Some years ago, I was attending this Church that was using a rented place for Sunday services. I was new in the Church, then after some months the Lord spoke to me said, “ every Sunday you all gather and pray for my glory to descend, but I will not come down there. Do you know that after service when you leave that building, some other people use that building for rubbish and bad things.” I was perplexed because I knew nothing about that building.

Then, I spoke to a minister in church about that building and told Him what the Holy Spirit told me. Then he replied. “Sister, you are not the only one that has gotten that revelation. So many people in this church have received the same message. Do you know what this building is used for?” I said no because I was new to that church and knew little.

Then he said to me. “It is used as a nightclub and bar. People gather here, and do all sorts of bad things. They even commit fornication with each other in their gatherings. You can see that we have been asking for donations to buy our own building, and we seem to be urgent about it. That is the reason for the urgency. We want to leave this building as soon as possible. I was simply shocked.

The Holy Spirit is one. God’s glory does not dwell in dirty temples. Your heart is His temple. Your house is His temple and the Church is His temple. He longs for His glory to fill His temple. He wants you to be a vessel of honor. His Spirit lives in you but He wants His glory – His manifest presence to fill His temple. His glory is His blood or life essence. God is everywhere, but His glory is not everywhere.

His glory is what flows out of Him. His glory is what He releases into the environment. His glory comes from heaven through the Holy Spirit. His glory visits. His glory is heaven on earth. In the Spirit world, the glory of God appears and disappears, but His Spirit is always present and invincible. You can hear His voice through His Spirit and His voice precedes His glory. His voice is what will lead you and train you daily into experiencing His glory. His voice is what will take you to the glorious mountaintop of golden clouds.

When His glory appears, then you will experience God, but if His glory does not appear, you can be a Christian and be appressed by demons and other torments and afflictions. His glory is vital and essential, and you need His glory more than air, food and water. It is only by God’s grace and wisdom that you can recognize this.

You need God’s glory everyday, but your vessel needs to be clean and you need to learn how to seek God’s face and wait upon Him. God does not dwell in dirty temples.

May great grace be upon us in Jesus name.

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