Lost In Time

She was so lost

In her problems

For several years

That she forgot

How to live


She woke up

To find that

Time had left her behind


She was so sad


She could not


The lost time


Then she vowed

That regardless

Of problems

She would live

Life to the fullest

She determined not to

Let problems steal

Her life, joy and future



She became so driven

And motivated

That she became

The best that she could be

And inspired millions

Around the world

By her outstanding success


She achieved all she did

In the midst of tough circumstances

Challenges and problems


A fictional poem


Never let

Your problems


Your life, joy, hope, faith

And future!


There is never a perfect

Circumstance for success


Most of the people

Who have made an impact

On humanity

Did so

Regardless of personal

Struggles, problems

And circumstances


Problems are not meant

To steal our will to live

And define us





And live again


You can never

Go back in time

And reclaim

Lost opportunities



The best use of


And tomorrow

Even in the midst

Of harsh



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  • Yes!
    Such wise words of truth
    Love this

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  • Love this message . I long for a day where we would stop pressuring others to performance. Would it be possible to love each other for where we are at.

    • laurabon

      Thanks a lot for the beautiful response. It is actually possible and better to simply love others for where they are without making them feel less or inadequate because they have not attained an โ€œacceptableโ€ level of success. For me, success is when I am in the will of God and following Godโ€™s plan for my life without yielding to discouragement and depression. We all have different definitions of success but any success that steals joy is not success. Blessings, my friend ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ™

      • Yes amen. My life never changed as long as people pointed out the wrong in my life. But when a few select t people in my life started believing in me even though nothing in my life was worth believing in, it gave me hope that maybe I could have a different life

        • laurabon

          This is so inspirational. You have hit the nail on the head. People around us simply need to believe in us instead of pointing out the wrong in us or transferring negative thoughts on us. I was just discussing this with my sister today on the phone and we both agreed that Parents, spouses, siblings and friends can actually help to bring out the best in people around them by helping them with encouraging words, even when people have lost hope and are filled with doubts and fears. Sadly, a lot of people project negative thoughts on people around them and reinforce negative thoughts that people are struggling with. If a spouse says, โ€œThat exam is so difficult, I can never pass it,โ€ we are the ones to believe they can pass it and make them believe they can pass it. Encouragement matters a lot. We must learn to believe in the people we care about. Thanks for the instructive and enlightening response.

          • I know right. A verse that has convicted and encouraged me is in proverbs where it says that both death and life are in the power of the tongue. We literally have the power to create either death or create life in everyone we meet. That is a huge responsibility for me

            • laurabon

              Yes, it is a huge responsibility for us all, but most people are not aware of the God ordained calling of love through emotional and mental support and encouragement. May God open our ears to know that it is a responsibility and see it clearly, the way you do.

  • Laura, love your message! โ€œProblems are not meant to steal our will to live and define us.โ€ When when embrace today and truly live, our lives are changed.

  • Amen! This really spoke to my heart indeed. I have been encouraged. Blessings and grace to you sis! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • laurabon

      Amen, my dear sister. I am so glad it spoke to you. Thanks a lot for the beautiful response. Blessings ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’•

  • Wise words of truth and inspiration, Laura. Beautiful poem.

  • Thanks for this message! Truth.

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