Saving A Mermaid Princess

For a while now, I have been having this encounter with a female superstar in the dream

but I never understood It because our lives are worlds apart. She is a superstar on earth

but a mermaid princess in the spirit world.


Normally the Lord takes me in visions and trances to transform people from darkness to light.

However visions of this celebrity puzzled me. The first time I saw her I beckoned to her and

said, “come to me, you are my sister.”


She had a dazed looked on her face as she looked at me and refused my call.


Last night it all made sense. This time around after a long period of worship songs

to the Lord, loving Him and thanking Him for His precious blood that set me free.

I had a vision – the female super star again.


This time around I called out to her as I said with authority, ” Mermaid princess,

come to me.” She had a confused look as she walked towards me.


Then I introduced myself, ” I am a princess, just like you. ” Immediately she heard

the word princess she became extremely frightened and ran away in terror. She must

have thought I was a princess from her kingdom with a higher power who had come

to destroy her. That is what mermaids do. I called out to her as she ran.


“Come back, come back, I won’t harm you!”

She stopped and came back.

Then I said,

“You are a mermaid princess, you harm and save. I am a princess of light – an Evengelist.

I only save, I do not harm.” My words comforted her and she became comfortable

in my presence. The Lord was with me.


Then I reached out to her and gently touched her shoulder as I said,

“The Lord loves you, He loves you, He loves you, He loves you. He wants you

to know how much He loves you. The more I said this, the more she softened

until tears came out of her eyes.


I said to her. “The Lord loves everyone so much. Those who go to hell go to there

because they harm and destroy their fellow humans and refuse to repent.


Even when they go to hell, the Lord loves them. They do not go to hell because God

sent them there, they go there by their own choice.”


She was crying as I said. “When you become born again, Christians around the

world are gonna be greatly inspired.” She accepted and left, then I came out of the vision.


The Lord is doing great things. He will save the highly influential to manifest His

kingdom on earth. Prior to this vision, I had been with a royal family in Europe in

a vision trying to save one of the princesses but I encounted great resistance.


Normally when they encounter me in visions they recognize my title as a princess

of light – an Evangest. They recognize a higher power at work in me and they

give me audience. However, they have a free will to resist my message of salvation or to accept it.


The Lord will definitely save the highly influential and pull their followers into His Kingdom. Amen.

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