Thorny Rose


Last Friday

I stumbled upon

A thorny rose

In a lovely garden

I picked up the thorny rose

To admire it

But I was badly pricked

Then I sat down

On the bench

In the garden

With tender tears

In my eyes

Full of contemplation

“Not all beautiful

And pleasurable things

Are good for us,”

I said to myself.”

Some sins

Are very pleasurable

But full of

Deadly thorns

Picking them up

Will not only prick us

But they will burn us badly

Sometimes with

Irreversible consequences

Do not pick up

Thorny roses

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My Song And Breath

You are

My first and last breath

My life and joy

My sustenance and peace

By you

I am preserved and protected

Your name is sweet

And precious

And at the mention

Of your name

Every knee must bow


May your name

Be my daily song

And prayer

May it be

My last prayer

And word

May it be said physically

And in my spirit


I know that

You are my first and last breath

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My Beautifier

My beautifier,

You polish me

And refine me

With love, pearls

Fire, gold, diamonds

And great care.


My beautifier,

Perfect in beauty,

With hands of beauty

Making the sons of men



My beautifier,

I wait on you

To make me beautiful.



Great beautifier,

Come upon me

And crown me

With your beauty.

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Falling Into You

I feel like I’m falling into you

I feel like I’m falling into you

I don’t know what has come over me

In this race of love

That I find myself in

As your love envelopes me in

Tender embrace


What has come over me?

What has come over me?

It is love, mercy and grace

I am invigorated

I am refreshed

I am enlivened

By the richness of your love.


Lord, keep me from falling

Lord keep me from falling


I love the way you love me

And humanity

And let your tender moments remain

And let me fall into you

The object of my affection.


Please, my friends don’t catch me

When I’m falling

Because I am falling

Into the arms of love

Where I will find perfect peace.


The Madness Called Love

You loose your senses

And fall in love.

It all goes well for a while,


When the test of love comes,

The object of your love and affection

Gets jittery and realizes

That the sacrificial part of love

Is hard work and unpleasant

To the emotions.



The object of that love

decides to pull away

And find the next rush

To His adrenaline – a pleasant shock to His system

Based on mere feelings without deep root.


So what is the meaning of love

Or falling in love?


Falling in love is wonderful

As long as the love grows

Deep enough to be sacrificial

And resolve conflicts.


If there is no giving, kindness

And the ability to sacrifice and work

Hard at making love work,

Then, all I can see is great folly

And madness.

Dreams Can Come True

Dreams can come true

Lions can become silent

Mountains can melt

Thunders can become mute



Dreams can come true

The lame can walk

The depressed can experience joy

The impossible can become possible


Scorpions can be trampled upon

Snakes can die by fire

Wolves can be tamed

Life can become joyful once again


Dreams can come true

Only by the power of God

That silences thunders

And melts great mountains

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He Gives Families To The Lonely

God sets the solitary in families;

He brings out those who are bound into prosperity. (Psalm 68:6 NKJV)


God will give

Families to the lonely,

Because loneliness is against His will.



The lonely will once again,

Have companions,

That will lead to great happiness.


God will wipe away

The tears and sorrows,

Of the lonely and unloved.


Those who were once called unloved

Will be called loved, blessed and cherished.

The blessings of God

Will overwhelm them.


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The Light Of Heaven

When it seams

Like all hope is gone

And mercy is absent

And denied



When favour and blessings

Look unattainable

And life seams bleak

And dark

That is the time to

Offer our knees in prayer

And cry out for help


It is not the time

To give in to depression

Hopelessness and despair

Rather it is the time

To cling to faith in

The blood of Jesus

And activate power

By prayer, praise and thanksgiving


It is the time to spend long

Hours in God’s presence

And wait upon Him

Until the light of heaven

Shows up


Praise God

For the gift of prayer!

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All Things

We can do all things

Because the great redeemer

Lives in us.


We can do all things

By the power

Of His grace.


We can do all things

Because we do not

Depend on our own strength

But on the power

Of Christ.


We can do all things

Because grace

From the throne of grace

Is constantly available

To those who trust

In Him.

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Goodbye To You




To you

Darkness in my soul

You were the voice

That confused me

And misled me


Goodbye to you

The enemy of my soul

Once glamorous to my eyes

Now disgusting

And ugly


Goodbye to you

Worldly pleasures

For I now love another

And I am on the Holy mountain

With Him


Goodbye to you

Because I have surrendered

My love and dreams

To the great One.

On this Holy mountain

We feast daily

With saints and Angels

Here, love rules

And peace pervades



Holy Spirit

My love and companion

Thank you

For heavenly visions

I pray that

All who long for Him

Get a taste of His glories

For nothing on earth

Compares to the Lord

And a fresh and constant feast

Of Him

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