All I Need

Holy Ghost, take over my life, completely.

I surrender all

I need you

I love you

My life belongs to you

In you

I see light

In you

I see love

In you

I see hope

Holy Ghost

Take over my life

You are all

That I need

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Day By Day

May the Lord manifest His power in your life.

May the Lord

Keep you


Bless you

May His favor

Visit you

May He lead you

Day by day

Into glorious victory

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The Perfect Fall

Oh I’m falling

I think I’m falling

My head is in turmoil

And my heartbeat

Is fast and unsteady

It feels like

A whirlwind

Has engulfed me

Pushing and pulling me

Into directions unknown

Lord catch me

For you are my life!

In you I live and move and have

My being

Pull me into you

Let me fall into you

And rest in you

Make me experience

The best fall of all

Falling out of myself and

May ways

And falling into you

And your ways

May I fall gloriously in love

With you and your ways

In the perfect fall

Of all

A narrative poem


Trust in God at all times

He is your hope

And confidence

Regardless of

The rage and roar

Of all enemies

By My Side

I will cling to you steadfastlyKnowing that with youBy my sideGiving me guidanceStrength, hope and inspirationI will get to my heavenly destinationTo enjoy your never endingGlories.png


Though the journey

Seams long and arduous

With winding roads

And thorn bushes

Along the dusty trail

I will cling to you steadfastly

Knowing that with you

By my side

Giving me guidance

Strength, hope and inspiration

I will get to my heavenly destination

To enjoy your never ending


Closer To You


I am very thankful

For the hard times

And trials that

Brought me

Closer to you

My trials gave you no pleasure

Because my pain

Is your pain

But in your sovereignty

And grace

You permitted them

You were

Always there

With me

In the storm

And through the storm

Thank you Lord

For your help

Grace and mercy

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