May God Help Us

May God help us
When we are weak

When we are sick

When we are frightened

When we are in doubt

When we are lonely

When we are poor

When we are wrongly accused

When the darkness overwhelms us

When trials abound

When we want to give up our faith

May God help us

I Am Not An Object 

I am not an object
I am not a toy

I am not superhuman

I have emotions

My heart bleeds 

When you pick up your phone

And chat with numerous women

You ignore me

You deny me your love

And treat me like a toy

To play around with

If you are tired

Walk away 

And stop the torture



I should just end it 

For you

Because I now understand 

That your actions

Are your way of telling me

To walk away

Because you are too 

Weak to end it

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