Say Nothing

We all know that we tend to say rubbish, when we are fuming with anger and full of emotions. Emotions have no logic and must be ruled and disciplined by the mind and will.

When we are angry, it is better for us to be silent and say nothing, because we will most likely say wrong things, and things that we will later live to regret, and maybe never be able to erase from the other persons mind.

Words have broken up marriages and great relationships. There are some words, that some people never forget when you say them to them. They may forgive you, but those words linger and inhabit their souls, and remembering those words torment, torture and cause them pain until the Lord heals their minds. We just need to be careful with words, especially when we are angry.

Words can be very harmful, hurtful and damaging. Once spoken, it is difficult to reverse them or take them back. It is better for us to form a habit of processing our anger.

When you are angry, take time to process and work through your anger, and get your points streamlined and organized. Then, later talk calmly to the person who is the source of the anger, and articulately communicate and resolve the conflict. However, never ignore the conflict.

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