Judgement On Catholics Bowing Down To Statues

Revelations and Messages 5

5: Judgement of death on statue worshippers

In this vision I saw a group of Catholics bowing down to statues and I said them, “show me in your Bible where it is written that you should worship statues. You made and molded this thing and you are bowing down to it.” They looked at me with confusion in their eyes and searched the Bibles that they were holding and saw nothing like that there. Then it looked as if they were just realizing that they had been deceived and I decreed, “Judgement of death is upon you.”

There were about four adults and two children. One after the other I stood in front of them in turns and made the decree. I went over to the two children in their midst and I said to the first child, “because you are a child, the Lord has pardoned you. You will not be affected.” then, I moved over to the second child and said the same thing. The two children were not judged and they escaped death by God’s powerful wisdom and mercy.

Points to note

1. There is an unseen spiritual world made up of humans and spirits. Whatever happens there must manifest physically. We all live in that unseen world and also live here.

2. I only decreed what the Lord moved me to decree

3. I was not in control, the Holy Spirit was in control

4. What ever I decree by the Spirit of God in a dream, trance or vision always come to pass. In the natural, it can come to pass immediately or after a while.

5. Idol worship is a very grievous offense against God and humanity because it is worship of death since idols are vain imaginations that do not really exist. The foundation of idol worship is human blood, witchcraft and cultism. What is being worshiped is destruction of human beings clothed and shouldered in the lies and smokescreen of idol worship.

6. We will all die but what matters is heaven. The judgement of death they received is both physical and spiritual. Now, spiritual death is really really horrible.

7. We must all shun and flee idolatry. It is just like consuming the worst poison that man has never been capable of contemplating or imagining.

8. We must exalt the word of God above man and doctrines of man. In this vision they were judged by the Bible that they were holding which they had scorned, looked down on and despised. The Holy Spirit who is the living word and also the Spirit of Jesus Christ – the word of God judged them.

The word of God is what will judge us. We are free but we not free to reject the word of God. Rejecting the word of God is death. The freedom is between life and death so if we reject the word of God which is the source of life all we have left is death.

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  • Laura I would like to know, can’t we also look at the issue of Catholics bowing to statues from another point, considering the fact that they don’t call it worshipping.

    • laurabon

      Thank you so much for the response and contribution. No, we cannot look at the issue of Catholics bowing down to statues from another point because our focus must be from God’s point of view and how God sees it based on the word of God.

      Men also view homosexuality, fornication, lies and gossiping from another point and say they are not sins. They contradict the word of God and exalt their own ideas and philosophies above God’s wisdom.

      We must base all our practices on the word of God, not how the practicer sees it. Those who oppose the word of God have been deceived by Satan so we cannot afford to look at it from their own angle, rather, we base our arguments, logic, point of view and focus on the word of God as the final authority.

      Let God be true and every man a liar. Thank you so much Obed, for the response, I really appreciate it. Blessings and love❤️❤️❤️

  • I would like to know, what happens if we don’t practise it but are liberal with it?

  • laurabon

    If we do not practice it, we must not be liberal with it because we are encouraging it by being liberal. We must not be ashamed of the word of God but speak it boldly. Some liberal views are directly against the word of God. Being liberal with anything that opposes the word of God is like siding with man against God. We are either for God or against God. Thanks for the response, I hope my response is helpful. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Spiritual death is truly horrible. Hell or the fire where captured bad and evil are held is full. Spirits are being terminated into nothingness.

  • laurabon

    Thanks for the insightful response. “Spirits are terminated into nothingness.” So true, spiritual death is horrible beyond imagination.

  • If this post is meant to suggest that the Catholic faith involves worshiping statues, you are sadly mistaken. I have no comment on your alleged dreams and visions, but to suggest Catholicism includes worshiping statues would reveal a frightful level of ignorance, or worse. I attach a link that will take the reader to the Catechism of the Catholic Church:


    I used to be an anti-Catholic rock-thrower. Now I am Catholic, because it’s true. True and good and beautiful. My testimony begins at:

    • laurabon

      This is not about ignorance, it is about a message which I am under obligation to deliver as a Prophet. You are free to preach your own message even if it contradicts my message, I will not be offended. This is not a personal issue, it is a matter of God wanting to save many lives out of great love. The Lord Himself told me that He loves Catholics very much and wants to save them from error.

      It is ok with me for anyone to call me names but I must do the work that I have been commanded to do and I do it out of love. I realize that some people will be offended but this is about saving souls not peoples feelings. I really appreciate your response and contribution to this discussion. Blessing ❤️❤️❤️

  • Amen! You know there was a time me and other Christian sister was talking about this same thing amidst a Catholic and she was quite offensive, but nevertheless we have to speak the truth and stand up for righteousness! Many blessings to you!

    • laurabon

      Yes, so true. We have to speak the truth with boldness that comes from love given to us by the Holy Spirit. People were so offended by Jesus and the Apostles that they killed and imprisoned them, however it is the enemy at work.

      This is about saving souls, so we must consider the good that will come out of salvation of souls instead of peoples feelings. The objective transcends fragile human feelings. Feelings come and go but once a soul is in hell, it is forever, followed by the second death in the lake of fire.

      Thank you so much for the beautiful contribution to this discussion. ❤️❤️💕

      • Amen very true! We must go through what our Savior went through for us when he came on the earth to die for us, to set us FREE from sinful slavery, if we are not up for the job then we will just be wasting time! We must stand up for Jesus Christ!

        Amen! So true, we love them just as God did and still continues to! It’s for there own good! Oh Lord turn us back to you I pray in Jesus Name!

        You’re welcome anytime! I wish I can meet you one day!

        • laurabon

          Thank you so much for the insightful, heartwarming response and prayer. Jesus went through a lot for us, so we must stand up for Him. I wish I can also meet you one day, my sister. I know for sure that we will meet in heaven. ❤️🙏🙏

  • Many people in various Christian Religions worship statues they clinging to them in desparation for help. The many others do not turn to them with prayer or adoration they just accept them.

    Though I would say in general children who are not following the teachings of Jesus will not be pardon. The two children in your dream/vision would be exempt because it is clear they were of goodness unlike the adults with them. Children will be judged as adults as the soul or being will not be exempt just because they are in a young physical form does not stop them from being bad.

    • laurabon

      Thanks a lot for the insightful contribution, Yes, children will definitely be judged as adults because being in a young physical form does not stop them from being bad. The children in this dream were really small, like toddlers. I think between the ages of 1 and 2.

      Children who are not following the teachings of Jesus will not be pardoned but I don’t know how God judges babies and toddlers. This is just how it was in the vision. This vision is not suggesting that children can go around being evil, stubborn and diabolical. We must teach children the word of God and go by the word of God as the final authority. ❤️❤️❤️

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