Life Skills 1 – Self Awareness

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Self awareness is very indispensable as a life skill. When we are self aware and understand ourselves better, we attain a higher level of inner consciousness. This higher level of consciousness will in turn help us to recognize negative and unattractive behavior patterns that actually repel others and cause conflicts and frictions in our professional and personal relationships with others.

With self awareness skill, we actually step aside to study ourselves and gainfully get the chance to observe ourselves, behaviors and personalities the way that others see and perceive us. With a high level of self awareness, we realize the necessity of changing and modifying our thoughts, emotions, behaviors to be more positive, attractive and appealing. This is very necessary for professional and personal success.

We must keep striving for and climbing the ladder of self awareness if we desire to enhance our emotional intelligence, quality of life and overall success.





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  • ytl

    How so very true. It is interesting to note that God actually expects us to do so, but gave us a reminder. God gave us (and yes, I mean the Christians also) a yearly cycle of “feasts”. One of those is commonly called, “the day of atonement.” On that day God commands us to ‘afflict our souls’. In this expression is the understanding to look at oneself honestly and deeply. Granted that this is only once a year, but doing so even once a year, your whole life, has amazing effects both on your life here and your life with God. God knows His creation and what we need. Thanks for the reminder!

  • laurabon

    Thanks for the insightful response. Yes, God expects Christians to be self aware. Glad to know that about the yearly cycle of feasts where we are expected to look at ourselves honesty and deeply. A Christian who has a high level of self awareness will quickly identify and acknowledge sins and renounce it. Transformation becomes easier. Thanks for the contribution. ❤️❤️❤️🙏

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