Into Your Radiance


Into your radiance I will run into,

Finally becoming

Who you created me to be.



The shadows bow to you

Lord of life and glory

They tremble and fumble

They quake and quiver

They stumble and mumble

Echoes of fear,

Fleeing your light,

And disappearing into the night.


The shadows are so afraid

That they hide in the thick bush

Remaining there day and night

Afraid to face the daylight

And your radiance

In the lives of men

Knowing that the Lord of glory

Is about to torture them

And silence them.


Into your radiance

I draw near

Hungry and thirsty

Hopeful and expectant.


I run to you

The source of salvation

For the fresh living water

That will quench my thirst

And merge with with your radiance.


Into your fullness I will drown

Drunk with your presence and new wine

Swimming in wonder

Enraptured and overpowered

Drenched with your glory

Delighting in love and mercy

Rejoicing in your salvation.


Into your radiance I will rest,

Ceaselessly expressing my love for you

In triumphant adoration.

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